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Examples of high-quality men

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Thank you very much for changing the title!

Here are 2 other examples. See how people are talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger. Also note at one point how one of the interviewees compares his attitude and the one with the people who are taking (around the script).

See below how at 6:34, Georges Saint-Pierre goes to encourage one of his potential future rivals and says "You're the best". That's something we can all get inspired by.

Also when he wins against Bisping, how he's talking about his opponent. He's giving value. Notice at 3:40 how he insists to take back the microphone only to say good things about his opponent. Role Model of the Hero identity: 100%.

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Lucio Buffalmano

Just discovered this former mobster.

He's both high power, and smart.

Not an accident he thrived in the mafia business, and was able to quit and stay alive:

Look how he moves, how he looks at people.
His stares are super intense, and he gives 100% attention when listening, fully present in the moment.
And notice how he holds the silences, no pressure whatsoever, no need to smile or speak, or crack a joke.

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I'm putting Steve-O, yes. Watch this interview. In short, I think Steve-O:

  • Has a purpose
  • Climbed the top of his hierarchy of daredevils/stunt-men/exhibitionists
  • Is very honest: it seems like he tells the truth most of the time
  • Is humble (downplay his defense of the lady)
  • He's a positive and kind of spiritual guy

I also watched his downward spiral with drugs, so I know about this. But that makes him even higher quality. He conquered his demons. I'm also aware of his masochistic tendencies, otherwise he would not do this. But he did not let it destroy him. He went inside of this, through it and he emerged as a new man. The Hero parable.

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Lucio Buffalmano

I want to read mafia democracy!

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Lucio Buffalmano
Quote from Stef on January 11, 2021, 7:36 am

I want to read mafia democracy!

Funny you say that, when I heard of that book I immediately looked it up if it was already available :).

I've also noticed, and had to make a video-example out of it, how having such a high-value dad influenced the daughters when it comes to dating/interacting with other men.

It's the concept of "alpha widow", but applied to fathers:

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John Freeman
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Hello guys,

here is another one: Mike Tyson. Lucio, you used him as an example of someone who's been abused and manipulated. I agree. He also used a lot of drugs. He grew up in a very very difficult environment. However, he survived. He was able to outgrow these bad conditions, including the emotions inside of him. He did psychotherapy. And now at 54, here is the kind of man he was able to become:

Less false self, more real Mike. I'm very impressed by the work he did on himself. To me, this is the kind of discipline that is worth being a champion in.

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Lucio Buffalmano

Fedor Emelianenko

Previous an example for "see through you" gaze, Fedor is a lot more than that.

He's a fantastic example of a high-quality man.

You don't even need to pick any particular interview, any of them will do.

But this one is particularly representative:

Interviewer: (long convoluted form to basically ask): what do you do if you meet rude and aggressive people in the street
Fedor: I don't find myself in such situations
Interviewer: what if you see 5 people attacking one guy
Fedor: I've never been in such a situation
Interviewer: injustice happens, what if you run into it...

The interviewer tries so hard to make him brag, or talk about fights, but Fedor has no interest in picking up that thread of discussion.

Later on, he even says:

Fedor: of course I've met rude people, but if you talk to them, they usually understand

He refuses any opportunity for an easy brag.

And he may be annoyed by an interviewer that is the opposite to what he stands for, but shows nothing.

However, eventually, he reveals his values as a "force for good":

Fedor: then, as an Orthodox Christian, when I see injustice or violence, I have to stop it
evil has to be stopped

The more interviews I watched, the more I admired him.

There's the little caveat that he's close to Putin and said good things about him, as well as being quite nationalistic.
That may be particularly problematic if he still feels the same with a war raging on.

But outside of that, Fedor is a top role model, and a true eagle.

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Great example / stance / mindset of a quality man:

Him: I had people message me and say like laughing about this (<---- quite a turkey behavior) and I don't find this funny ( <--- high power, not afraid of shaming those same people who messaged him) this is not funny

Some elements of high-quality:

  • Mission-based, very high power, "alpha", but value-adding
  • Lots of power, anger simmering beneath the surface, even finger-pointing in the end, but for a value-adding cause, while still being...
  • Empathetic "I don't find this find this funny"
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Thanks for sharing it’s powerful.

I feel the same as in my job some health issues are trivialized (bullying, obesity,etc.). Some of these health issues seem benign but actually kill people as he said (and I cannot imagine the suffering before that). About eating disorders having the highest mortality among all mental diseases it’s a fact.

So he is indeed doing important benevolent value-adding work for the community (large audience). His rationale is 100% on point. People like him (I don’t know his background) are healthcare professional in the same capacity as I am or a nurse in my eyes (“coach” or not the title matters little). He cares about people’s health and well-being. So he’s on a mission and it shows.

He thought about it, he experienced it so it gives him a strong frame.

I saw that you read “Lover, Magician, etc.” from Gillette (awesome and foundational book I agree, love the neo-jungian archetype and use them to  correct myself) so I’ll reference it. He’s definitely in his hero archetype: “I’m fighting for this cause and I’ll take the blows if necessary”.

High quality man as you said and he’s inspiring: an example.

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