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How male pride can lead to domestic violence and abuse

If you read around here, you will realize that:

  • I very much dislike feminism
  • I very much dislike machismo and/or excessive "male pride"

Batterers tend to seek power and buy into the concept that men should be the head of the household.

There is nothing inherently wrong with that belief: you can rest assured that I also want to be the leader of my relationships.

But when that drive is coupled with the inability of being the leader, then men high in egotism and with weak ago feel under threat.
And they lash out in violence to defend themselves -yes, from their point of view it's to defend themselves-.

So it's this combination that leads to domestic abuse from men:

  • Belief in some sort of "male superiority" (toxic masculinity)
  • Egotism (high but wavering self-esteem that needs to be shored up)
  • Inferiority or feeling of inferiority in some meaningful realm of life (ie.: she's better educated, makes more money and/or communicates better)
  • Violent and/or aggressive tendencies
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