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Kellvo's Journal - Seduction University

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After the experience with the lady mentioned in my other journal, I was inspired to seek out God again, pursue major self-improvement and most importantly ask a simple question: What kind of woman do I REALLY want? I knew I wanted something long-term and that I wanted something truly extraordinary, not just romantically and sexually, but in every aspect of life. When I did The Grand Life Plan, however, even I was shocked - for the better! - by what kind of woman I TRULY sought.

So without further ado, here it is:


With the dating phase, that's easy - I want to keep casual dating as short as possible and ideally bypass it entirely. Obviously, I'd want to know if she's great material and we get along, but I'm a busy man and I know the woman I'd want has big goals too. For finding a very high-quality mate, I give it two years; for settling down and marrying, five years. I am currently 31; my aim is to start building a marriage, family and legacy around 35.

For my terms with casual dating, they are threefold:

  1. Filter deeply, deliberately looking for extremely high-quality women.
  2. Find and lock down the highest-quality lady (especially long-term) I can.
  3. Create amazing dating experiences, including sexually if we have genuinely bonded, make each other better and are viable long-term.


My terms for settling down are these - I am looking for a partner who is very eloquent, graceful, generous, kind, bright, happy and chaste; she connects well with others, is an important member of her community and has greater ambitions, goals and a Sacred Purpose of her own. She wants to serve others, is a positive example for others and leads in a feminine way; she is loyal to her man, is disciplined and committed, is great with the home and children, is productive and can manage when necessary while still being comfortable with masculine leadership. She is fashionable, lovely and beautiful (inside and outside) in a modest and unique way, is very religious (but not dogmatic) and compassionate to everyone.

Similar women I am thinking of include Audrey Hepburn, Jacqueline Kennedy and Amal Clooney.

We live in a very upper-class neighborhood surrounded by other extremely high-quality people, mixing with high society and (de-facto) royalty. We are actively moving to make our place and the world beyond a better place, with strong healthy traditions and culture along with big positive action-backed ambitions for the future. Our home is a large mansion both fashionable and enduring, able to house many children and even extended families. We host high-quality galas, arrange charitable events and create social movements. This neighborhood is thriving in every way; it focuses on creating prosperous families, businesses and cultures. It is at the forefront of positive social change.

Asking for 4-5 things that are most important to me, the things that come to mind are:

  1. God is essential in her life in every way; She worships him deeply and sincerely. She embodies His example in every way she can. And she pursues a Sacred Purpose of her own.
  2. She creates a truly wonderful home to come back to after a day conquering the world. She is deeply nurturing, generous and kind, yet with a spine of steel and expects to receive as well. She brings that into all areas of her life - as a mother, while hosting our gatherings and in moving our community.
  3. She is highly driven herself, in a way that combines femininity with value-adding power. She is always looking to build herself and others up. She knows how to manage herself and her resources well while being feminine.
  4. She thinks extremely long-term; her plans and visions span across decades and she executes plans to carry them out. She thinks in terms of lasting legacy with God, family and community. She seeks to leave the world a better place than she found it.
  5. Finally, she is extremely passionate sexually, within the context of a committed relationship. She also knows how to direct that towards creating things, including children. She is deeply romantic and loving and we stand by each other through everything.

As for children, of course! I want lots of them. I'm totally okay with adopting too once we have a few of our own.


Naturally, the next question is 'what kind of man do I need to be to get such a woman?'. Obviously, someone extraordinary, but that's no issue with me at all - I want that anyway, woman or no woman, and am willing to put in the work to get it. And I've always been inspired by extraordinary women to be the best man, the best person I can be anyway. I welcome the challenge and am looking forward to learning more!

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Lucio Buffalmano

Awesome stuff, Kellvo.

Aiming very high, and very inspirational.

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Likewise! Your course rocks. Let's keep flying and forging forward!

Today, I'm keeping momentum going by working on the mating plan. In summary, I found out that, while I'm doing things right in being attractive, it is not well-calibrated for the kind of women and relationships I want. I often create strong sexual attraction without even intending to just by unapologetically expressing and being myself, but I often frighten more relationship-material women even as they are intensely aroused by me. Clearly, I need to change my strategy (while also giving space for self-expression, of course). Without further ado, let's begin!


The type of women I want to date want:

  1. A man who has their shit together in general, who is a high-status and value-adding member of their community, who is very ambitious himself and driven to improve himself and others.
  2. A man who is masculine in a way that also sticks around and is good with children, who can be both a powerful leader and warrior and a dad and husband who sticks around; he puts his masculine essence into total service to God and a larger Purpose.
  3. They want a man who is desirable, definitely, but even moreso they want a man who makes them feel SAFE (a big thing lacking here); they want to know he will stick around, be patient and steady and able to be trusted with all their heart.
  4. The type of men they get together with are social movers and shakers; high-level businessmen, politicians, religious figures and other high-status men who actively affect change in the world - or at least are on the way to that.
  5. Finally, they want a kingly man, a man who embodies nobility in every turn of that word and every way; they want a strong and virtuous man who handles Power Dynamics well and in a win-win way; they want a man who they know will secure their legacy long after they die.

They overwhelmingly prefer well-dressed; although, naturally, they want a man that can also adapt to many settings as well while still standing out in a high-status, value-adding and masculine way.

With them, TOO direct is a bad idea; while they may be aroused by and respect the masculine strength and courage involved, they would also likely be intimidated and/or think he only wants something short-term. A more indirect approach, working through their social circles and adding value to them as a whole, is a far better idea.

The markers of high-status and high-quality, especially in my area, are dressing well, strong and dominant posture combined with a degree of detached warmth, a steady and calm presence, having their life together in general and actively leading their community and/or organizations in some way. Compared to them, at my best I am far more bold, dynamic and energetic, direct, engaging and raw; I have nerves of steel yet am constantly in motion, am building my life and am working to be a positive leader in my life and others'.

However, with this goal (subconsciously) in mind, I observe myself becoming more grounded, stable, slower-moving, speaking less and more firmly/authoratively, showing interest with steady gazes and calm, warm, dominant demeanor, being highly observant of others and their dynamics, watching body language closely, being more mindful of my own body language, looking for dominance hierarchies and roles within groups and above all trusting my instincts. I'm also thinking of how I can productively lead others, what long-term value I can create (writing articles on my areas of expertise is a good place to start) and where my behavior and mindsets supports my goals.

My competition is where I am strong; I am definitely well above most men and continuing to grow. I definitely gain a lot more female attention than basically any other guy I know, including more physically attractive and well-off ones. Other men tend to lean significantly more towards Provider than I. With the exception of the gym and occasionally at school, the men I noticed seem mediocre or somewhat good at best.

I am doing better and continuing to grow. I also value differentiating myself. I want to represent a truly one-of-a-kind mythic, Biblical man who is also still connected to his primordial heritage, both virtuous and wild. I want him to be the best manifestation of my essence, in a way that is also attractive to the kind of woman I am looking for. I have never been contented with going average; I want to be extraordinary for its own sake!

I can increase my value in these broad areas: Physical Fitness, Looks and Fashion; Social Skills, Game and Power Dynamics; Working towards business - writing articles, dispensing advice, learning and relaying from my books, life insights and adventures. The goal is to become a proactive teacher, mentor and coach.

My method of standing out is to combine the civilized and wild; the goal is being able to appeal to both security and primal desires respectively. I'm envisioning a mixture of holiness and wildness, being civilized yet an animal at heaat, nurturing firmly with the capacity to fuck shit up when necessary. I'm envisioning someone who relentlessly pursues bold ambitions, yet sincerely connects with people and invites them into them, helping with their stuff as well. This person is bold and extroverted, yet he is able to calibrate and he is also happy with himself. He has a stable foundation without giving up his adventurousness; he works within and leads a relationship, sincerely loving her from a place of strength, neither becoming gelded nor abusive, but creating something mutually wonderful.


In the marketplace, there are definitely more women, and especially high-quality women, than men (especially high-quality men) in the places I frequent. Church and college are both great spots already. Other great locations probably include female-centered fitness, libraries, charities, hospitals and social/town events in general. Attracting the highest-league women is definitely something I have done already and continue to do; I only need to learn how to calibrate, to mix in some warmth with power and to acquire the skills necessary to effectively execute on my vision. Of course, becoming even more attractive is a great idea too. 😉

My facial hair is a big part of my identity and one way I stand out; the long beard, mustache and sideburns, shaved on the sides to bring out my face, is a deliberate message that communicates what I stand for - masculinity, a definite wildness, but civilized and self-respecting enough to groom it too. Combined with a healthy and quite muscular body (continuing to grow), a strong face and confident posture, I have no problem covering physical attraction - which is intensified by the inner strength, presence and centeredness I give off. Depending on how I present it, it can lean towards Lover (if done more wildly) or Provider (if grown out long, trimmed and done as part of an overall eloquent style).

Fashion adjustments - I am on the right track, dressing a degree or two more formally than most, color-coordinating and dressing to stand out and deliver a statement. I also add accessories such as an outdoorsy hat, a cool leather jacket, sunglasses, leaves and twigs and somewhat torn-up leather shoes from my adventures, all of which shows my more wild and raw side in a fashionable way. It occurs to me that this is better for communicating Lover qualities than Provider; altering dress to emphasize longer-term qualities such as industriousness, civilizedness, intelligence, preciseness and mature masculine power, while still subtly showing off physical features beneath, is a great idea.

The culture here leans longer-term and conversative (At least on the surface), although I've seen quite a few women (especially at the gym) who give off more promiscuous vibes as well. The men overwhelmingly seem long-term and conservative.


With locations, I excel in highly social and energetic places - my church, parties/festivals/large gatherings, out about on town, etc. Approaching women is easy. Starting and holding conversations is simple and fun. Being grounded, calmly strong and social in highly energetic, crowded and even frantic places like grocery stores is easy for me. I have nerves of steel and find it easy to stay calm under pressure. Staying present and strong and clear in my identity under even the most intense testing is easy for me.

At the same time, I am NOT looking for alcohol, drugs or casual sex; I like HIGH-QUALITY social events.

My favorite type of women are sociable, kind and supportive; churches, charities, more wholesome parties, more classically feminine classes (college and fitness) and higher-class social gatherings in general are all great choices for meeting them.


With types of approaching, I am most comfortable with bold, direct and sincere approaches, where I put myself out on the line and engage her completely, honestly and strongly. I find it easy to remain cool under fire (both with women and life in general), am completely comfortable with rejection and am able to honestly express myself regardless if she likes me or not. I am completely okay with polarizing; I am okay with being disliked, being considered intimidating and even being fought against, although I don't set out to do these things.

In fact I enjoy doing so as a form of shit test - 'are you congruent and confident enough in yourself to handle a strong and bold man, coming at you calmly and warmly, in a both confident and friendly way?' I have cultivated genuine strength by overcoming traumas, forging a life out of the ashes, confronting challenges, facing my fears and even successfully navigating deadly situations head on; while I'm willing to calibrate, I'm not apologizing for my strength to anyone.

The type of women I want, however, respond far better to less intense and more indirect approaches, typically done through a social circle and/or over time instead of directly. This disconnect has likely been at the root of many of my problems with women.


Finally, I am drafting my action plan for greatest impact.

I need to become more patient, compassionate, slower-paced, considerate, tactful, indirect, discreet, graceful, refined, calibrated, etc., all while maintaining the capacity for decisiveness and boldness where appropriate. This is tough because I am extremely driven, relentless, passionate, etc., in all areas of life. I'm usually to approaching life from 'if you got a really big hammer, everything looks like a nail' philosophy - an approach which is not the best for seduction, and especially not for the long-term.

Slowing down, taking time away from pursuing my purpose and honestly considering the person when engaging a woman is essential. Recognizing the gradients of respect and not, along with how much and what kind of dominance I need is important; God knows I've aggravated, intimidated and bulldozed quite a few of the more high-power women before. My overt strength, confidence and conviction has often frightened ladies, especially those looking for more long-term engagements. Keeping and honing my natural dominance, while refining it with warmth and the knowledge gained here, will go a long way towards making sure such tragic situations do not happen again. I take no joy in, and sincerely take accountability for and action to resolve, the times when I - sometimes really badly - hurt ladies simply looking for strength, love and value this way.

Towards self-development, when engaging women I need to slow down and consciously observe myself and her; I'm sure some compassion and meditation will go a long way. With my mating plan and processes, play to my strengths - talk with lots of people, build bonds, gather a lot of interest - then narrow down on a few from there. Also, curiously enough, I think a bit of a 'feminine touch' would go a long way, especially for comforting women, connecting with them and lowering their defenses; I know very masculine men can often be both arousing and terrifying firsthand, and playing up just a bit of my more female qualities (nurturing, an interest in fashion, intuitiveness) would go a long way.

I've learned a lot today, and I am looking forward to learning from tomorrow.

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Lucio Buffalmano

On the topic of male seducers, I decided that this was the perfect time to penetrate this topic in depth. Not just what I'm most like, but most unlike and why I've chosen that either way.

First of all, I am absolutely NOT a Sensitive Artist or Pick-Up Artist. I'm not one to brood and mope - if life's bringing challenges your way, fucking face them, don't cry and write a song about it! I'm all for creating things, and the arts in all their forms are a valid expression of that, but it should have a purpose and vision behind it. Letting yourself be buffeted by your emotions is a sign of weakness and instability.

Similarly, I'm not looking to be a Pick-Up Artist because they enslave themselves to women and place them above their purpose, vision and higher truths. They're addicts with a fancy coating; it's no coincidence that dedicated PUAs tend to have turbulent lives as well. That said, there was a time when I was in the Natural and Party Animal subcategories, but seducing women was never the intention in those states; I was just having fun. Then I decided to grow up and DO SOMETHING with my life.

And the Feminine Man? NO. Just no.

Now to the types I do resonate with. I'm sure no one who reads my posts frequently is even a bit surprised that I vibe strongly with the Overachiever Alpha. Putting your purpose and self-development first? Not chasing women nor putting up with games? Draw lots of women by virtue of both cultivated value and expressed personality? All me. And I'm naturally extremely driven too, with an intense focus on my goals; I honestly don't chase because I AM that hyperfocused on them and honestly couldn't care if I lose some. Of course, they sense that and become even more attracted (and pissed off and/or afraid too); you know the drill.

And the potential for toxicity? Ha! Have you read my posts recently? Strong women not being comfortable with me (in an 'I want you but hate you' way)? Naturally vibing with submissive women? Yeah, that's all me. Thankfully I've built my ego on much more lasting and positive things (personal validation, overcoming challenges, making the world a better place, stoic principles and a relationship with God) as well as a central focus on self-development and further increasing SMV. Haven't been in a relationship yet, so can't testify on the master/puppet dynamic, although I want a woman who has her own spirit and purposes in life; if she submits, it's out of voluntary value, not because she has to.

The Outlaw is there beneath the surface - not so much a criminal (although the potential for violence - physical and otherwise - and crime are definitely there) but the most wild, feral and 'dark' side of me. Those who read my other journal know full well just how cruel I can go. I own it and do my best to direct it towards my purpose, towards achieving goals and being of service to others in a high-power way. Similarly, the Rocker does have a degree of appeal in that he is passionate, unfettered and utterly expresses himself without apology, and I do see the value of learning an instrument, but ultimately I seek a more focused passion in more civilized environments with the intention of gaining long-lasting social power.

The Muscular Man is well in progress. I am reasonably toned, thin and strong and getting better still, with a good-looking face and style to back it up. While I do, of course, value the women attraction brought this way, that is only one reason; health, self-respect, personal accomplishment, the Halo Effect and above all having the energy, strength and prowess to accomplish all the very many things I want to in this life.

The Intellectual, to a small degree. Intellectual Dominance is well worth mastering, as is learning useful skillsets for life overall. I most access this form when writing articles, dispensing advice and helping others learn about themselves and face their challenges in life. I do resonate with the calm serenity and detachment of this type however and do value knowledge for its practical (especially social) applications, so the potential is there.

The Charmer is what I want to develop, especially his refined social skills and all that comes with it. I am able to get a lot of people liking and attracted to me through raw intensity, energy, power, warmth and personal presence; high self-confidence, a more wild side, personal drive, a larger purpose and a policy of living life to the full gives me a strong edgy form of it. Semen Retention certainly helps too! 😉

As for the Narcissist, no. I do see the value in maximizing looks, projecting an image and cultivating real, lasting personal strength, charisma and self-confidence. Reinforcing that with achievement too is great. But if anything, I'm pursuing ego-death via Stoicism, my relationship with God and total devotion to my purpose. I do see its value as a seductive strategy however and kudos to those who do pull it off.

Among the other types, the Alpha Male Strategy and Daredevil resonate with me. The first for the same reasons mentioned above; the second because I am a risktaker in many ways - I like doing risky stunts and taking on challenges while hiking, cold approaching anyone (including ladies others are too afraid to), deliberately pushing out my comfort zone and facing my fears and more.


Overall, I'm doing quite well; the biggest thing I can do next, besides doubling down on what I'm already good at, is to add some of the more refined social skills of the Charmer and intellectual dominance of the Intellectual - both of which Seduction University seems to do.

I have, ever since I started Seduction University, seen a dramatic improvement in the way I am received by the more conservative, religious, long-term women I am going for - women which also, quite happily, tend to cultivate other high-quality traits too. I am also able to see long-term potential in women I haven't noticed before. Finally, I noticed something very interesting about myself - I am definitely attracted to women who also embody leadership qualities while being feminine at the same time. I noticed, in this strong and masculine yet stable and father-like state, I am able to earn both their attraction and trust; they feel aroused yet safe around me. I am able to be the rock and foundation they need while also energizing and inspiring their lives. The result is that they are verbally, nonverbally and energetically opening up to me in ways they haven't before.

I really feel like a King getting his life in order in every way, who is also expanding that outwards to others. I am making the world a better place. And I am aiming towards a Queen I can build a lasting dynasty with. I love women who really go out of their way to look after others, to take responsibility for their lives and to make a positive impact on their surroundings. And I notice that I am definitely influencing others - especially women, and especially the really feminine women. They naturally adapt to what I put out. I consider it my responsibility to make sure that influence is for the better - and that, of course, begins here.

Not coincidentally, my mindset, words and actions have been changing in other ways as well. I have been slowing down and looking towards steady growth in the long term; I am still ambitious and determined, yet much more relaxed now. I'm seeing where I need to improve - being more deliberate, patient and refined - and I am doing it. I am more willing to emphasize and take time with women, consider my impact on them and stay in conversation with one longer. Finally, I have steadily been putting in the work to start a blog and social media platform where I can add value by dispensing wisdom, giving tangible strategies for self-improvement and offering inspirational material. My goal is to help raise up a new generation of men, as well as guide older men who need it.

I am still studying Seduction University and intend to keep posting the results here.

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Lucio BuffalmanoMatthew WhitewoodZenDancer

Seduction University really is having a tremendous impact on my life. Not only have my relationships with women improved but, inspired by them, I am really ascending to the next level of positive, mature manhood. Before, I was a barely-veiled savage, relentlessly pursuing my goals with ferocious momentum, blowing through obstacles and casting women on the wayside. I commanded great sex appeal, even when not trying (and when I did try, much more so) while giving off wild, hearty, powerful, untamable and dangerous vibes. I definitely gave off strong 'bad boy' vibes, I see clearly now. I let myself be utterly swallowed up by my 'dark side'; I fully embraced my primal masculinity, but in the process forgot the more civilized man that women need as well.

I'm still that man, by all means. I'm not safe, gelded nor tamed. And I need that primal masculine energy not just to arouse women, but to give that raw motivation, passion, drive, vigor, charisma, determination, ambition and more. But what Seduction University, our members here and the lessons from the women in my life are teaching me is to lead said energy in a civilized direction - still owning it without shame, but being more than that too.

What I learned is this: We need both the civilized and the wild. A man who fully embraces his primal masculinity, without controls and civilization, is just a beast; conversely, a man who is only socialized and good, without his raw power, is just a shell. I experimented with both poles, and I can testify - neither is a complete man. We need the whole package, not just for women, but for life.

My fellow brothers (and sisters too) reading this - do get it when you can. If you come to it with serious intention, it will transform you for the better, I promise you.

With that little manifesto out of the way, it's time to continue relaying my studies into Seduction University.


My dating goal is very simple - find a partner to raise a family with. I am glad to spend time on this - maximizing my value, expanding my social reach and refining my Seduction and Power Dynamics skills. My aim is to shoot for the upper class in town and beyond - to be a very high-quality man in every way who runs a business positively affecting the lives of others, successfully mixes with high society and social elites and actively leads and supports initiatives to bring about bold, decisive and positive change for our community.

The essential goal is to be a value-adding celebrity on social, religious and philanthropic grounds. I consider the Seduction skills I am learning now, the business I am making inroads into and the self-improvement I am pursuing all as means to execute on this end goal, which is meant to affect positive change on a massive scale.

About my weaknesses, and specifically what I can work on, several things immediately come to mind:

  1. Personality traits such as excessive and inappropriate (underlying) aggression, ruthlessness and feral, amoral instinct are always going to be there. I'm a natural psychopath and I cannot deny it. But I can see the positive personal benefit in de-escalation, creating win-win solutions and remaining grounded, strong and compassionate with women who seek to push my buttons, seeking dominance and love, instead of steamrolling them and going onwards. I've had plenty of karmic blowback from doing the latter, believe me. I may feel no remorse at all, and abandoning morality is easy for me, but I can choose to be a Good Man the best I can be.
  2. On the other hand, weaknesses such as impatience, constant activity and not being present with women (because I'm on the mission) are things I can address. Similarly, I am rapidly covering ground in Power Dynamics and more refined Social and Seduction skills in general; I've already shown a great natural talent for high-power situations, overwhelming other, much more experienced power players (including Machs and Narcs) through empathy, instinct and sheer ruthlessness.  I just need to refine it and use it for good. Finally, I am much more of these dynamics in action than before; I have started journalling them and intend to start another journal dedicated to them.
  3. Finally, physical tweaks such as teeth, posture, voice, fashion, movement and more, aligned specifically with my purposes, is something I can address more immediately. Simply by focusing on the man I know I have become and bringing him into the present, I see myself speaking deeply and melodically, commandingly and calmly, slowly looking each person in the eye. The dominance is there, I just need to turn down the temperature from 'burning hot' to 'pleasantly warm' and slow movement a bit while also grounding and deepening it. Move less like a warrior and more like a king - and this advice, I think, is appropriate for all areas of my life.


Finally for today, I highlight my attractive traits:

  1. Defining them - I have a good-looking face and a reasonably strong and toned body, along with healthy facial hair. I'm great at advertising myself and what I stand for with my fashion, posture and voice. I'm got a naturally powerful, energetic and vivacious personality that's great at boldly engaging and connecting with others; I can also shift to being more grounded, stable, present, firm and centered when I want to go slower-paced. The former is better for social events and social proof, the latter for actual seduction. I'm great at building massive momentum towards my ambitions and projecting the vibe of a man who is winning as well as someone who's calm and collected in the two states respectively. I'm great at engaging groups and I can talk fearlessly to any woman; I am cool under extreme pressure, both while being tested and life in general.
  2. How can I better advertise them? I'm good at showing my appearances and personality already. Learning what to play up in which situations is a good idea - with the type of women I want, a firmer and slower-paced personality will both show dominance and set them at ease. The more energetic form is better for meeting new people and pursuing my goals. I can nonverbally show great qualities like ambition, intelligence and drive by the way I walk, actively bring out others' qualities and encourage them to do more, a larger vocabulary, by dressing well and holding myself in that way - indeed I've been compared to an executive twice in the past. As for my fearlessness, women very interested do that for me; staying calm under pressure is a great way to turn them on fast.
  3. Should I further work on them? I'm doing good fitness-wise and intend to do more (although I am focusing on this tonight) and I can handle my hair better by trimming my beard and getting a great haircut. I can learn to be more patient with women, more attentive and focused on them even if I do want to pursue my mission all the time; a good, complementary woman furthers the mission anyway, so win/win. I can be more restrained while still being strong when women are seeking to test my boundaries, remaining grounded and deescalating after; similarly I can be more compassionate while remaining strong. Finally, keep getting my life in order in general and let that reflect outwards.

I'll keep making progress on this soon.

Quote from Kellvo on December 23, 2021, 12:59 am

My aim is to shoot for the upper class in town and beyond - to be a very high-quality man in every way who runs a business positively affecting the lives of others, successfully mixes with high society and social elites and actively leads and supports initiatives to bring about bold, decisive and positive change for our community.

The essential goal is to be a value-adding celebrity on social, religious and philanthropic grounds. I consider the Seduction skills I am learning now, the business I am making inroads into and the self-improvement I am pursuing all as means to execute on this end goal, which is meant to affect positive change on a massive scale.

Nice going, Kellvo.

Putting an idea out there:

A possible goal / timeline / higher-level strategy for you might be to:

  1. Look for long-term partner when you're closer to the level/status you aim at a few years down the road
  2. Date around and/or learn and/or focus more on yourself until then

Cool avatar!

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Thanks man! Got inspired by your Eagle metaphor and chose something similar.

Your plan is sound; it's what I was moving towards anyway, to be honest. I'm leaning towards the 'learn/work on myself' area since I know I am perfectly happy single and can meet my needs by converting sexual energy towards my goals, loving myself and pursuing a higher mission.

Gonna keep on trucking!

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Matthew Whitewood

I am continuing to learn well; Seduction University teaches many great things. I have honestly assessed and corrected mistakes. Not only have I become more dominant in a grounded, socially aware and knowingly win/win in my interactions, but I have successfully de-escalated and created more fruitful interactions with the women I collided with as well. I realized I'm having a huge impact on a lot of ladies, especially the very feminine ones; their moods, energies and engagements follow my own. I am taking active responsibility to lead them in a positive direction.

This is rapidly becoming about more than (eventually) locking down a very high-quality woman and starting a family with her. This is about being the leader, rock and example they need from a place of both very high value and great love. I want to bring those under my influence in a positive direction. I want to see them reach their fullest potential. I want my church, gym, school and other venues I am at, and the people within, to prosper, and to take a proactive role in doing so for both my benefit and theirs'. I am acting as a seed by which a better future is forged.

To do this, I am planning out the means to cultivate lifelong value in all areas of my life. I intend to hit the New Year running; already I am working on building healthy routines and habits while ingraining knowledge of Power Dynamics and Seduction skills. I am reigniting my exercise regimen while contributing value on here and other high-value forums. Above all, I am cultivating my spiritual foundations with God, pursuing my Purpose and building new virtues.

To do this, I am going into Monk Mode for two weeks; not only am I constricting social contact to the few places directly relevant to my progress as a man of high value, but I am deliberately cutting away distractions and simplifying my life. I am cleaning my space (physically and otherwise); I am practicing dopamine detox (cutting out music, fancy foods, etc.); I am deliberately exposing myself to austerities (intermittent fasting, cold showers, time bare on the floor, etc.).

The goal at the end is to be a man fully committing 100% of my Thought, Word and Deed to my purpose. I am building the foundations for high-value social circles, a successful business and a lifestyle of continuous growth, leadership and virtuous living. I intend to reenter from a place of even higher value, integrity and commitment to my cause, with the tools to fully capitalize on it.

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Lucio BuffalmanoKavalier

Nice man.

Quote from Kellvo on December 28, 2021, 7:00 pm

I realized I'm having a huge impact on a lot of ladies, especially the very feminine ones; their moods, energies and engagements follow my own. I am taking active responsibility to lead them in a positive direction.

This is great.

When you get that "man to woman vibe", you can allow yourself to be more genuine and cut out most or all the games.

Those cold showers man! I can't stand cold, but (almost) every time I end up closing that hot tap and opening the cold one.

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