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Mist's Journal

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Quote from Mist1102 on October 12, 2021, 3:23 am

Sometimes I just want to say " This isn't even a conversation. Why are you addressing me like this? Is this doing anything for you? What is your aim?"

I don't think she is a bad person, but she is very irritated with me.

At this stage I fear our relationship is only being held by my stoicism and being quiet.

I don't want war, nor do I particularly desire respect, I don't really care about her opinion at this point.

Hey Mist,

Those lines are powerful.
Not wanting to pull a judge power move here :D, but it's quite impressive.
It's an enviable attitude to being able to look at things with this much detachment, and to separate the behavior from the person.

Feel free to share some dialogues / examples of the interaction if you want more accurate feedback.

From the feel of it, it might be that asking her for feedback on your work and then working to improve your work output based on her feedback might go a long way to improve things.
Might also be worth it to ask for feedback on how to work better together (= the socially smart way of asking "am I doing anything wrong that you don't like?").
She might share something important about some of your behavior that is annoying her. And you might find out it's all a big misunderstanding or something you can easily change (or it might be not, but knowing it is half the battle and the frank conversation goes a long way to improve things by itself).

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Matthew WhitewoodMist1102Transitioned
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Hi Mist

I think you're doing the right thing building the skills and attitudes you need for success.  However I'd also say get the resume out there and look at the market a bit.  I had the experience this year of resigning one step ahead of being fired.  Nasty bit of politics I didn't see coming that happened in forums I wasn't included on.  After month 1 Big boss and my boss said I was doing wonderfully - great start.   Month 2 they were out to get me.  Within a month got a new contract paying the highest rate I've ever got.  Now been shoulder tapped by a program director I know for a senior project manager gig paying well into six figures.  The job market seems quite hot globally with the Covid rebound.  I'm thinking jobs are similar to romantic relationships - hard to turn around once disrespect has crept in.  You may find a mix of people and culture elsewhere that brings out the best in you.  Of course it won't happen without hard work.  So absolutely keep working on your skills while you're dipping a toe in the market.

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Lucio BuffalmanoMatthew WhitewoodMist1102

I have found LunchClub to be quite good in networking around.
It's a platform that helps pair you with individuals for 1-to-1 video conferencing sessions.
It does all the work for you so you only need to turn up to the session at the organised time.

Although I would argue that, if you know what you want, more focused networking options and job hunting would be more effective.

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Lucio, Matthew, and Ali I thank you all very much for your practical advice and support.

I'm in the middle of it right now so there isn't much of an update, but this week will be pretty big concerning that part of my life.

On the brighter side, I finally have my LLC name reserved.

I'm deeply excited because I want to open up a blog for my music and build. 🙂

Feels really nice to have done this stepping stone. I'm naive on business and what other steps to take, but it's a process and project I'd really like to throw myself in while I'm young  and have more time than ever to build.

Not going to gush, but I'm very excited for me to build. Even if this business duds the lessons will be invaluable for me.

I intend to be The Architect of my life.

So many blueprints. For those willing to accept that their life is wholly theirs the sky is only a pit stop to even broader horizons.

Mist The Architect Of His Life.

Not so bad. Not so bad at all. 🙂

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Ali ScarlettMatthew Whitewood

Let's thank Transitioned for sharing his experience in building a career too.
He has lots of experience in IT & project management.

That's a huge step towards your business and passion :).
Starting a new business is always exciting!

Mist The Architect Of His Life.

Sounds very cool :).
Great leaders view themselves as great architects of their environment and life.

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Ali ScarlettMist1102

Phase 2

Going for a weekend trip over halloween and the end of October.

Going to sleep in my car unless I can pull a same day lay through my current abilities with seduction and crash at hers.

Throw everything at the wall in because I'm a complete nobody where I'm going.

I'm excited, but I'm honestly more excited for the man after this weekend.

I think it'll be a very formative experience.

Already got my Santa Hat for the weekend of debauchery! Muhaha!

Wish me luck 🙂

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Lucio Buffalmano

Good luck mate.

May you not reach 4am, tired and sleepy, with only one really bad prospect left in the bar 😀

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Happy new years guys 😀

Not really going to make this long, just rebuilding my journal habit as it'd be a shame if I let this die before it's taken off.

( This here is me talking about pickup. Ngl my biggest focus rn is getting laid. Improving my sex life and having fulfilling interactions with women. That's numero uno in my self development aim.)

My Pickup
I'm not weeded out just yet and I'm still confronting my problems escalating (Physical escalation, and Isolation-Extraction-Escalation stage). Been chilling in the chat room with some seducers and scaling back my scope and material to work on.

Fundamentals and basic socialization is so so so so so important. I laugh at the older me looking into managing a rotation, getting threesomes, and SDL when he wasn't even getting dates, going out, or following up on numbers. It's basic shit and it really does account for something.

Anyway not going to write too much for now. Been thinking a lot about concepts like mental masturbation, keyboard jockeying, internet seducers.

This weekend planning a Hail Mary effort to get laid before going to school. Maybe it happens or maybe it doesn't but my focus is squarely there. Daygame, Nightgame, Ping Remaining leads. It's on man.

In closing I'm finding validation, approval, ego, fear, insecurity, perfectionism, posturing....None of these things spell out pussy.

And a wise man once said

"Give me pussy or give me death."

Now onto power. In general I have some refresher work to do and I have a lovely course (Power University 😉 ) that can help me with that. My aims are getting laid, but I also have other aspects of my life.

It's difficult in all honesty because as a self development guy putting "Get Laid" ahead of nearly everything else is tough for me to reconcile. Good Looking Loser has good info on this "Wannabe Player's Guilt".

It is what it is though. Just a phase and one that'll build a skill that is more than worthy of all these L's.

Sorta feeling like I'm living life like a social gambler and or stock trader with all the ups and downs haha


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Lucio BuffalmanoZenDancer

Cheers Mist!

Good seeing you mate.

What's the "Wannabe Player's Guilt" you're feeling in two sentences.

Like you feel bad for prioritizing women above all?

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Wassup Lucio! You're the GOAT man. A real Inspo for my self development. I gotta start being more actionable though so I'm not letting you down with this awesome content man.

Ok on "Wannabe Player's Guilt".

  1. The guilt of doing your own thing and getting little success.
  2. Putting something you know impacts you before the things others tell you matter.

In this case it's my sex life/dating life. So you got it sort of. Women are prioritized sort of, but even deeper it's prioritizing you. Which I struggle with. I'm in a twilight zone between "ME ME ME" and "THEM THEM THEM".

Really asking myself "Do I have the guts to stand on my desires and to earnestly pursue my ends? To refuse all the narratives and take my life and it's story in my hands?"

I can't just say yes to that either. It's something I have to live by and show myself everyday.

There has to be a better frame. Hopefully action will absolve me of this insecurity and then success will embolden me further.

Freedom is the aim.

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