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My Journey to Power

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Another success for me, another success for TPM:

I've been hired in the new position in this larger regional hospital (other region, other "canton"). Just got the email.

So again PU, TPM work. A big, big, BIG shoutout to @transitioned for his superb article on job interviews. It was also instrumental in this success.

Edit: so now I don't have anything to lose at the current job, I can do the diplomatic confrontation to one of my boss and a nurse. Learning is coming.

I'm coining the term "diplomatic confrontation" as I think it could be in the dictionary. It means you have a "difficult conversation" with someone but still make it smooth and respectful as we learn here and in PU.

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Lucio BuffalmanoJackTransitionedKavalierPower Duck

Congrats John they chose.....wisely

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Lucio BuffalmanoJohn FreemanKavalier

Hahaha, thanks I know the reference. 🙂 (I'm an old man as well).

Love the bit you chose, intense!

Seems I've been penitent enough!

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Congratulations John!!! 🙂

And also love the idea for that new term.

Rock on! 🙂

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John FreemanKavalier
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Thank you thank you!

For both!

Actually when writing it, I felt inspired by you. For real.

Because this diplomatic confrontation is a mix of:

  • Power protecting
  • Face saving
  • Rapport building
  • Assertiveness

I was thinking of De Niro in "Once upon a time in America" (on top of my head): "First, I want to tell you that I respect you and..."

An example: recently my hairdresser cancelled the same day of the haircut was planned because he was drunk the night before and still too drunk to function. I used to tell him: "It's all good no worries" but now it's the second time and he cancelled a few other times for other reasons.

So I'm not warm in my message on WA. I'm very matter-of-fact and I go:

John: Otherwise, we need to discuss this because it's not working for me like that.

Yes, I display walkaway power but it was not a threat nor a warning. A fact: if I cannot get a haircut when I need it, I have to re-evaluate our professional reationship.

And later I realize I was a bit too strong, I go:

John: We're going to find a solution together. I hope you're feeling better. Have a nice week-end! 🙂

So it's not the perfect example. But it's a mix of warmth and assertiveness.

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KavalierPower Duck

Congratulations, John!! I feel really happy for your success, man!

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John Freeman

Thank you very much Kavalier!

Team TPM! 🙂 We'll meet one day brother! (on my travel list).

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It'll be a pleasure to meet you, John! And I'd also like to visit Switzerland one day! 🙂

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John Freeman

That would be cool! You have a place to stay in Switzerland anytime you want of course. 🙂

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This morning, after speaking about odds on multiple topics here. And also after the breakup.

I now understand I’m going for the rare and exceptional in life. That does not make me better as it would be social climbing. No. It’s about strategy. And my life strategy is high risk high reward.

As I wrote, plenty of men would be glad to be in relationship with this girl. They would feel they hit the jackpot. In a way they would have.

But, as we established now people doing self development SMV is undervalued. That means that people doing self development have a value that is not accounted for. Generally speaking.

To me this value is constant improvement over time. Of course everybody improves over time. The difference is the rate of improvement.

It’s like an investment. Knowing that they have the same risk would you invest in a 2% or a 12% fund. Well, by doing (real not the masturbatory or woo woo stuff) self development we become like a high ROI investment. It looks like it’s a scam but it is not. We become rare. Therefore valuable. The advantage is huge as now time becomes our ally rather than our enemy.

I was afraid of having more trouble finding women as I age. I now realize how ridiculous it is. Of course diminishing returns. But I now understand that in one year I’ll be smarter, wealthier, with more experience, more socially intelligent, better connected, etc. In short I’ll have more value.

So it’s not that women’s value depreciate over time. It’s more than the things that we value them the most for in terms of reproduction/sex: beauty and youth depreciate over time.

So a man’s reproductive value lies in part in his ability to provide survival. This value will increase over time as his ability to gather resources and keep them will increase. (So with work added:)

Time is on my side.

Also, regarding power. A new source of power for me is walkaway power. I don’t need this so if you give me shit I’ll go elsewhere. My hairdresser, this girl, my “friends” (who above all like to play board games, drink have fun and to eat at my place: she was right. But I don’t hear much from them in between. Thought they were high quality now with time I feel like I’m flying miles above.), jobs.

Actually it’s interesting to start lower power as one can see the real face of people when they’re power up. The nurses, the women, the friends. It was actually good I met them as low power. Now I know. So this is encouraging for me to continue self development in all aspects. I am going hardcore in a way. And in a way not. But I have only one shot at this. So why not go hardcore?

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Lucio Buffalmano
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