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Observation of Lucio's Hand Gestures in Latest Video on Red Pill

I think it's slightly off-topic from Ali's thread
TPM YouTube channel feedback: what do you think?

I opened a similar thread in the past on Lucio's review on the Red Pill:
Open Discussion on Latest Red Pill Video

I think Lucio spun out this video as an abridged version of the longer video.

Hand Gestures Usually Follow Your Emotions

I think it's normal to use hand gestures that follow your emotions.
In this case, Lucio mentioned that he feels very strongly against abuse.
As such, his hand gestures will likely be stronger as a result of strong emotions.

From what I observe here, Lucio seems to gesture a lot more and with more force.
I think it can come across in many ways:

  • Some people may view this as more charismatic because there's more conviction
  • Others may feel that it is a bit aggressive

Hand Comes Close to the Camera at the Start of Video

At the start of the video, Lucio's hand went straight towards the camera.
It triggered a mini flight or fright response when I started the video.

Not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.
I think sometimes you want to shock the audience.
It may awaken them and get them interested to watch more.

The downside is that people may not follow the content of one's speech so well.
Because they are more swept up by the emotions and initial shock.

Hands Are Quite High Up & Take the Focus

Lucio's hands are generally quite high up throughout the video.
His hands move a lot and with a lot of force so I often ended up focusing on his hands rather than his face.

Fingerpointing Can Be Intimidating

The finger-pointing here feels a bit intimidating as well.
It makes it harder to focus on what Lucio is saying.

Then again, back to the point of a charismatic speech, it may be wise to use these strong gestures to make a point.
It uses Pathos, the emotional dimension of persuasion.

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Thank you for the feedback/review, Matthew!
Sounds quite on point to me.

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