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TPM YouTube channel feedback: what do you think?

Even though it's no longer a priority for Lucio right now, I had a recent thought.

I've already shared my thoughts on the headlines / copywriting, and Lucio acknowledged before how important that is for YouTube SEO.

This is thought is more from a "content presentation" perspective:

Content Quality + Presentation Quality = More Views

I think we intuitively understand this, but I'm not sure if the "presentation quality" aspect is being thought through enough yet.

Lucio: "Ultimate Power is not the type of book to read on a beach or sitting at Starbucks. Well, to be accurate, you can read it on a beach or at Starbucks or anywhere you want but it’s not the type of 'reading to enjoy' ebook."

That might work for a book. But, in the case of YouTube videos, there needs to be a "watching to enjoy" element in order to reach a broader audience for a higher view count.

And, that got me thinking, since the content is already heavy in advanced material, it can be overwhelming from an education perspective if the presentation of that content is in a teacher-style.

So, what if it was animated?




Christopher Canwell took this approach and it's only one of many.

Another example is Proactive Thinker:



Could be a good test for one or two videos.

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Lucio Buffalmano

I think it's a cool idea, Ali.

I can already imagine a first video experiment for that. Maybe with the title "power dynamics for dummies", mimicking the famous line of books.

That approach doesn't make the video-making process any easier though.

For a one-man show with no expertise in that type of video format, this is a project of a few weeks long.

Something I cannot afford right now with months-long of booked higher-prio stuff like website tweaks still going, sales funnels set up, PU upgrade, Ultimate Power upgrade, Seduction University launch.

BUT, here's where it can get interesting:

Anyone Wanna Give it a Try?

I throw it out there:

If anyone wants to give it a go at an introductory video on topics such as:

  • power dynamics
  • social strategies
  • dating strategies
  • office politics
  • frame control
  • ...

I think there are already several people on this forum that can add value with a video.

And very possibly do even better than I do.

So I'm happy to find a way to profit-share and make it win-win.
Starting for example with: all revenues from the video people make goes to them, for the whole lifetime of the video.

The offer also extends to "camera facing" video.
Happy to have a new face on the channel from someone who's also come a long way working on his emotional/social/power intelligence.

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Ali Scarlett
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