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Short Thank You's and Feedback

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Thank you Lucio for 2 things:

  1. About 6 month-1 year ago I wrote the darkest post that I ever wrote. I was in a bad place and I knew it. I needed to get it out of my chest and the forum was there for that. And you supported me. Just like in your recent "short" when you talk about these situations. So thank you. It does mean a lot when we are down. And it meant a lot to me.
  2. The concept of high power: it is definitely not an easy concept to grasp. Dominant ok. High quality ok. High value ok. High power: trickier. But now that it's more of a reality for me I get it and can recognise it. It took me some time for it to be clear in my mind.

Up, up, up as a team here on TPM.

Lucio Buffalmano, Kavalier and Power Duck have reacted to this post.
Lucio BuffalmanoKavalierPower Duck

Cheers John, thank you for the note!

And since we're here, thank you for all your contributions to TPM.

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John FreemanKavalierPower Duck
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I feel honoured, thank you!

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3 thanks:

@kavalier (? or other admin): thank you for deleting the double post.

@lucio: thank you very much for all the teaching. As you could see, I could find a high quality high value high power mate. Of course I did the work, but the roadmap and the information, I owe it to you. I have upcoming posts about it.

All this to say to doubter that PU and TPM work. Again: this is the best self-development product I've ever came across and I've been studying this for 20 years.

I improved 2-10 fold (difficult to quantify but way way above baseline) in:

  • Leadership
  • Self-esteem
  • Self-confidence
  • Social skills
  • Power
  • Value
  • Quality
  • Status
  • Worldview/philosophy
  • Seduction
  • Relationships
  • Social circle
  • Family

I'll give an example (seen in this post and upcoming posts): what is happening in my relationship is exactly as predicted in PU. The phases, the controlling behaviours (both mine and hers), the games, it's exactly as described. Talk about a reality-based data driven self-development product: there you have it.

So TPM, PU and the forum have the best ROI in self-development in the World in my experience. It's integrated: meaning that it allows one to develop in all the most important aspects of self-developments. And I feel I barely scratched the surface. I know that one day I will not be here anymore but I feel this is in a 10 year period. I now can see myself reaching the highest heights in all aspects of my life. The work and focus is up to me.

@transitioned: thank you very much for the guidance and support regarding managing people and my new relationship! Brother-in-arms and a friend!

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Lucio BuffalmanoTransitionedKavalierPower Duck

Awesome, awesome to read!

Thank you for sharing John, thank you for the thank you -and as we often say here: the biggest merit of the person who does something with the tools. That's the top 1%-.
And keep on rocking!

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John FreemanTransitionedKavalierPower Duck
Book a call. Offer now only valid for Power University alumni during checkout

Thanks John,

I appreciate you saying it was useful and being big enough of a man to listen to suggestions in a sensitive area.  TBH even with a lot of the forum posters I just wouldn't be comfortable to go there.  Last thing I want to do is kill somebody's relationship with armchair quarter backing until they second guess themselves.

There was that famous Bruce Lee saying "Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, add what is specifically yours'.  With you I know you get that the big picture is this lady was attracted to YOU and all you have to do is avoid the worst mistakes (all the ones I've made over the years).  And my 2 cents is just colouring in some detail on the day-to-day and you'll immediately bin what I got wrong or doesn't apply.

And I have to say that my 2 cents is just that.  I'd say that Seduction University is the 98%In other words I'd 100% recommend people to start there.  I must confess I bought it just to support TPM and haven't read it but you just have to look around at TPM to know it will be pure excellence.

John, my fee as always is in beers and dirty jokes.  Can't wait to meetup IRL

Lucio Buffalmano, John Freeman and Kavalier have reacted to this post.
Lucio BuffalmanoJohn FreemanKavalier

Thank you so much, Lucio and Transitioned for the kind and wise messages!

@transitioned: I definitely can trade in these currencies. Can't wait to meet you either. 🙂

Lucio Buffalmano and Kavalier have reacted to this post.
Lucio BuffalmanoKavalier

Thank you to @ali!

For your recent feed-back, your analyses on power dynamics and networking.
Thanks to you I could also identify and address in me a bias towards younger people coming along teacher frames.
Also happy to have discovered that we share an interest for co-creating (graphics, etc.) and brainstorming.

Happy and gratetul to know you!



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Ali Scarlett

Thank you for your thank you and the kind words, John!

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John Freeman

Thank you Lucio for having taught me how to apologise properly!

Game changer! It's been now 6 months to a year that I'm practising it with great results.

A keystone in social skills (PU?).

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Lucio Buffalmano
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