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Short Thank Yous and Feedback - Experimental

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Thanks to Lucio on breaking down on how to evaluate partnerships and how to cut through games.
And to Ali for giving me a detailed breakdown of the situation in his replies.

Lots to think about my business partnerships.
I could write another thread more about my reflection and analysis of my past business relationships.

I see potential areas for me to work upon and learn from.
There are some recurring patterns of concern.
Like partners wanting to put down my skillsets and a vibe of putting me in my place at times (which is really pushing down in some sense).
It could be that I need to give them the power to generate value for themselves.
Other times, partners can be bad, which I should avoid them in the inner circle.

At the same time, I find the higher-quality partners never do that.
They pull me up socially.
Our conversations always seem smooth, natural and direct.
We have disagreements but come to conclusions on the way forward fast.
Because we understand each other's conflict of interests and even respect them.
We think creatively of how to craft solutions that add value to both sides.

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Lucio Buffalmano

Lots of interesting discussions over the past week!
Spending some time to think and experience.

I learnt quite a bit about compliments from the discussions and the book "Radical Candor".

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Lucio Buffalmano

Absolutely, also took a few notes to incorporate in future updates of "Ultimate Power" and "Career University". Thank you guys for advancing this power dynamics body of knowledge.

Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

My phone number changes all the time, nobody shows up announced at my door, no colleague stops by when I'm working since I ain't got any :), and my WhatsApp calls are on mute most of the time.
That means, that almost all my communication is asynchronous, allowing me full freedom to move those communication channels around as needed.

This sounds like an intelligence agent.
With the occasional rendezvous for business or pleasure.

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Lucio Buffalmano

Could I share more personal and private stories in business in the private section of the forum?

Like an ex-business partner who played good cop, bad cop with me. (quite a while ago)
Talking about people in an industry.

And of course, not just negative examples, the great ones.
The business partners that you can't wait to start a new venture with.
You love getting on the phone with them.
Fresh, energetic, positive, high-quality.

And on the article for business partnerships, I would like to play out some situations at the moment.
I feel that I am very far from mastering the art of building great business partnerships.
It is complex, and, for every new partnership, I am learning something new about the dynamics.
The external factors of the business environment also shape these partnerships.

I want to thank you @lucio for the lessons in PU about micro-aggressions. It is currently changing my life for the better!

I've been looking for this for a long time as I was feeling powerless against these micro-aggressions. I was wondering: what should I do? Am I wrong feeling angry? What happened?

I was feeling beaten after such encounters. Not anymore as I am now looking forward to the next micro-aggression so I can train to defend! (I am the learner)


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Lucio Buffalmano

Cheers John!
Very happy to read that.

Matthew, I had missed the previous message.
For sure you can share more personal things, start out from the "advanced" section, and maybe later we can create a new subforums ("business" maybe).

Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Self-framing! Thanks to Lucio & John.
For some reason, I have not had sufficient social training in self-frames.
This is why it does not seem intuitive to me.

And "good" people not necessarily being good friends, partners, etc is also interesting to note.

Also, love the thread on training emotional intelligence and power dynamics.

Thank you, Matthew!

And actually, self-framing is a new concept.

It helps to both better explain and understand social and power dynamics, as well as to craft better strategies.

And I wouldn't have thought about it, if it wasn't for you raising those questions.

I will later add it to PU, in the introductory lesson on frames.
First, as a note, and then potentially expand it further.

So thank you for that.

And a general thank you to the forum and community, that is generally at the forefront of codifying power dynamics knowledge and strategies.

Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Thank you very much Lucio for the post on privacy & safety. I think it's great and fair. It is very clear and takes into account different perspectives and it includes a mindset part. Masterpiece!

I think it is adding value to the forum as it enriches the framework of the forum. I think it makes the forum stronger. I now know the "rules of engagement" and the comments between the practical and the philosophical help to understand the whole mindset you propose.

I think the questions I had are questions that might be in other forum members mind and you addressed them.

Now if people have questions about this, we can link them to this post.

Hats off from me!

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