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Small doings

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Been an odd couple of weeks. Been saving money but a share I bought into has collapsed.  So going backwards with the goal of buying that property in NZ this year. Doh!

Work has been up and down but going into 3rd month there so it can go on the resume soon.

No contract extension from boss and time of year for job hunting sent off 20 apps today.

  • In terms of PD study posted my last work case study today to the forum.

Plenty of material for scripts now.  That's next.

Got a new contract gig  as a  a team lead on a good rate.  Got 3 weeks gap before I start

Week 1 was spent on:

  1. Some chores (catching up with tax filing, car maintenance, returning computer quipment, compliance  training for new gig, buying new suits)
  2. Researching team lead and workflow practices for the new job
  3. Posting and contributing to the forum here and organising my notes ready for making role plays
  4. Researching easy apps to make role plays.  I have a possible winner to try.

Now onto the role plays.....

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Lucio Buffalmano

Rock on, Transitioned.

What do you mean by "role playing"?
Is that some kind of training / exercising?

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Yep make a script then use an app to make the different voices.

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Lucio BuffalmanoMatthew Whitewood


Wow, that sounds like a super cool project.

Let us know how it goes and if it works well for you.

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Matthew Whitewood
Community, new content and Confidence University moved here.

It does sound super interesting! Always interested in voice.

Yes, more than one person contacted me to create a sort of robo-algorithm to train power dynamics and social efficacy.

My natural reaction is to think it's more "pie in the sky" project, but I might be very wrong, so very interested here.

Community, new content and Confidence University moved here.

Yes it would be the killer app for a site like this.  I think whichever site cracks this will become the gorilla.

The AI idea is interesting.  We are essentially learning rules here so an expert system would get part of the way here.  Very nuanced and contextualised rules.  I d be scared of an AI that could teach this.

I m afraid I m playing with crayons.  I m using narakeet. It works from PowerPoint slides.  You type the script in the notes it reads them out and can change the voices.

You can show a PowerPoint preso in WordPress so I guess this is a low rent way of role playing. It took me an hour to make and I was learning.

If it was worth a go you could let people make and post (pm PowerPoint template) and then bubble up into PU maybe as a beta feature.

I think you re guaranteed pragmatic customers so I d doubt they d mind content that wasn't polished

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Looking at Kuki for interactive training  the AIs on the march.  Does come across as a brat but that's probably just the ping pong chat format.

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Another sign of hope.  Guy in a work meeting said you want to stand out you have a different zoom background from our standard one.  (Why you would say anything so dumb I don't know but it happened)

Now I think this guy is ok but my studies here have taught me 'not one of us' is poison.

I instantly did a frame diversion/buffet and went higher.  "Thank you that is a beautiful spot and we re all trying to support regional Australia these days'

And yes in a similar situation I d fail 9 times from 10

I needed a bit of motivation.  Collected great knowledge here.  Now with a busy new bank job it's a marathon.  Have to make a couple of practice role plays every week an keep doing it relentlessly. But in the back of my mind I have that nagging voice of doubt that emotional intelligence can't be taught.  Bloody stupid because I disproved this  years ago.  Taught myself some basic game and did much better with the ladies.  Does game work or did I just set my subconscious a problem to solve.  Moot point I got the outcome so I know it's doable.

If I need any more motivation I ve got what I call an evil mother hen in the team.  Combo of drill sergeant, smart Alec, frenemy and nasty social climber.  These stains on humanity are everywhere





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