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New reviews (TPM resources list updates)

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  • The Personal MBA (6.5/10): Great for readers getting a career in business who are new to personal development and entrepreneurs who are curious about different categories of business and the human mind. But, not for driven entrepreneurs who want to maximize their time.

P.S.: It's not a bad book. It simply wasn't valuable enough (in my opinion) to score a higher rating on a site like TPM.

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New ratings:

  • How to Tell If a Man Is Wealthy by Anna Bey (6.5/10): not a terrible course but, for some reason, I was expecting more going in (albeit I'm not sure much more was needed or that more information would've necessarily added much more value) and was hoping for more after it was over (it was only 45 minutes long). Plus, while I like some of her information, I also felt that one or two of her ideas was a bit of an invasion of privacy.
  • Where To Meet The Elite Cheat Sheet by Anna Bey (8/10): pretty good, in my opinion. On one hand, sometimes I felt like Anna was stuck in the "old school" with her suggestions (for example, saying that one should maybe go to the opera to meet wealthy elites). But, on the other hand, the number of modern ideas far outweighed the potentially outdated ones.
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Hello Ali, saw this on mobile and thought "awesome" but then forgot to follow up.

So cool you reviewed them, I've seen a few more of her video and always thought she was a fantastic teacher for women -especially in this era where most female gurus tend to promote feminist-like high-power approaches that don't work very as well for women without the femininity and class-.

I'm surprised they're not at least as good as her videos, but correct me if I'm wrong, they're not her main course, right?

I'm still curious and interested in her main product, and hopefully one day can look into it.

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Right, neither of those products are her main course, "Secrets of the Elite Woman".

That course has a $1,497 price tag and (albeit I've seen little and only saw from the outside), looks pretty good.

It's unfortunate she's closing it in the near future to focus on the podcast she's starting (which she made an announcement about in a video she posted long ago).

Of course, she could always change her mind (especially since, if course sales are good, it's still a good way to monetize her audience—whether they come from YouTube, the podcast, or anywhere else).

But, if she sticks with her decision, I'd also be curious to look inside her main, flagship course before she takes it down.

  • The Job Search Email Playbook (5/10): this course was OK. It shared some good scripts that I took notes on and would recommend to others. However, it felt like it was missing some scripts. (For example, it shared scripts for asking your current network for referrals to a job. But, what about when you don't want a job at just any company? There could've been more scripts added for networking in the dream company you want.) Also, there were some scripts that I simply disagreed with, as well as many of them coming across as low-power to me.


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New top book review:

Entered into the "best leadership books list" and "best red pill books".

To be forthright and outline possible biases, this may be a case of "liking because it confirms what you already know/like", since it's a scathing review of the naive leadership literature.

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Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

I read your awesome review and am listening to the book now.

Thanks a lot!

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Read the article, absolutely top!

It explains very well why all the fluff I used to read on leadership before finding TPM was totally useless.

I had all of Jim Collins's books...

Damn dark triads.

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Yeah, Collins and his "humble leader" ideal.

He wasn't wrong of course, and I'd bet most humble leaders would do better for their companies than most narcissistic ones.

But he forgot the huge disclaimers:

  1. I'm describing EXCEPTIONS: This is the 1%, the EXCEPTION. The 99%, the NORM, is the opposite
  2. I'm describing IDEALS, the reality of things is different and often the opposite

With those disclaimers though nobody would buy his books -or any other of the popular naive BS-.

I remember a collague reading one of those popular naive books that they offered at work as a recommended reading.

She said:

The book is awesome, SO good.
Except that here they don't follow their own recommendations

Yeah, no shit.

The book was inspirational, supposed to make you feel good and think of yourself as that type of good leader when one day you'll be one.

Except you'll never be one following that advice.

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New review:

  • The Status Game: fantastic analysis of status, explained as a "game people play", with its own rules and points awarded for whatever behavior the group ends up promoting.
    That game can turn toxic, nonsensical, and even self-harming if the values are either poor or go extreme. Then, the behavior being rewarded also turns toxic, aggressive, or self-harming. But unless you realize it's a game, you're stuck in it and bound to play because playing and seeking status is in human nature

It says the same things that TPM said in several articles, including the:

  • Big fish syndrome
  • Alpha male (as a status game, albeit some values and behavior of alpha male game are actually good and universal)
  • Cancel culture / virtue signaling culture as a status game that turned toxic and disempowering
  • Solutions:
    • Avoid being overly dependent on any group/game (it's also one of TPM's values to develop the self first and foremost and "learning to walk alone")
    • Avoid projecting your ego onto another group/individual as a way to "vicariously gain status" (something we also wrote on the red pill articles since I've seen several guys there doing it)
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