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Typos, Grammar, Syntax, & Content Improvement - Megathread

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Agree and amplify:

silly or humorous.p
It’s the most

  • There is a hanging “P”


Similar: personal value, attainability, SMV, self-rejection

-The final dot “.” Is missing so not sure if the list is completed


Big fish, small pond strategy:

circumscribed group or locality

  • The final dot, but i believe the idea is completed.

Bro science: an extreme form of pop-psychology, most often brandished by men not a way of informing with facts

  • Should be: not (as a) way


Evolutionary psychologists also made the case that some cognitive biases are not irrational, but helped us survive and reproduce in our evolutionary past.

  • No typo here but i would express it as: from the point of view of evolution they have a rational cause and in some context still be valuable, but they may be a deviation from “perfect rationality” (if our reasson is not perfect then we can not even have a perfect concept of “perfect rationality”, kind of auto-referential paradox i would said).

Women lust after but high-quality lovers but know that they cannot turn him into a boyfriend

  • The first “but” seems out of place

-also if “lovers” then “turn THEM into boyfriends” for grammatical congruency


Preselection: the quality of being pre-selected by other women. Women find men whom other women find attractive


  • Women find “attractive” men whom other women also find attractive ( also called copy mating in biology or mimetic desire in philosophy)


Playing the victim: it consists of framing oneself as a victim to move

-incomplete sentence

The Prince: in power dynamics literature, the first book on realpolitik strategies.

I would said the most famous in the west, because other like the Arthashastra of Kautilya (written long before the prince) seems to be full of realpolitik!


validation whoring: in social dynamics, validation whores individuals

  • The “are” is missing
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Lucio Buffalmano

Thank you so much, Stef!

That dictionary is a big work in progress and once it reaches a more mature stage, I might move it in the main start menu under "resources".
And I credited you under "the prince" definition. Let me know if you'd like the credit under a different name / link (or if you don't want it at all).


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You are welcome, and thank you for the credit, it is an honor, I dont own any websites so no links are needed!

Module 3, lesson 14:

Solution: when they play unhappy on you tell them unluckily there is not so much room on such a good offer of yours. But if they tell you what they’re looking for you’ll take it to your guys (this is the “higher authority game”, more on it later).

I'm not sure I quite understand the sentence, I think it's about the syntax.

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Lucio BuffalmanoStef

to me it sounds like: "the offer I am making is so good that, even if you look/are unhappy about it, I can not really offer you something better, but if you clearly explain to me what would satisfy you, I will let my team/ the people behind me or my boss know about it. (there may be no superior or team at all, it is just a negotiation tactic, it give you room and time to maneuver, to play "good cop bad cop" in the negotiation table, etc.)

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Lucio Buffalmano

you can even fake your boss is mad at you for being so generous with your offer (guilt triping them) ?, and screaming to you on the telephone, and pull tricks like that to put mental pressure on them to close the deal before your angry boss take charge of the negotiation , jaja it is pretty Machiavellian and drama stuff.

Exactly, what Stef said.
But I can see how it can be confusing, so I rephrased it now.


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Check the forum guidelines for effective communication.
(Book a call) for personalized & private feedback

Solution: when they play unhappy, it’s usually a good idea not to give in at first. Tell them that unluckily the offer is already so good, that there is not so much room for negotiation.
Alternatively, you can use the “higher authority” here -more on it later-. Such as, if they tell you exactly what they’re looking for, you might take it to your guys and see what they say. But it might still be a good idea to say that this is such a good offer, that you don’t think they will yield much -if anything-.

Thank you very much! I understand better now.

Hello Lucio,

module 13 chapter 15:

3. Hyper-realism: grounding plans and decisions on facts, proofs, and reality helps to overcome human biases. Hyper-realism is based

I think the sentence is not finished.

Avoid team-emails to congratulate someone for a promotion, and avoid sharg the “good news” at the team meeting.

I think "share"

Strnager: “But that dog will die if you don’t teach her to sit!”

I think "Stranger"

Foresting an enlightened culture is not easy.

I think "Fostering"


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This is where the money is.

90% of your career comes down...

I can't deliver the results for you, but I can you with the politics

HELP is probably the word missing!

course overview

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Lucio Buffalmano
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