Power University by Lucio Buffalmano: Resources

Power University combs hundreds of books and thousands of researches to bridge science and real-world experience.

The final goal is to synthesize what truly works to achieve power and life success across the main domains of life (people, dating, relationships, and work).


I stopped adding resources here.
There is simply too many to keep track. And adding resources is often a power move, a way of gainig authority via citations.
The real benefit of PU instead is in analyzing the resources, taking the very best from the best resources, comparing them to what’s already been proven to work, and then making them part of the strategies we embrace and teach.

Module 1 – Basics of Social Power

There aren’t many good sources based on what truly confers people power.

So this module takes the best from many disparate resources and adds my own years of observations and trial and error on what actually works.

Module 2 – Social Skills

Many resources in this module are “normal” social skills books.

But the final output is much different: it’s about the power dynamics of socialization and about the more manipulative and abusive shades of socialization.

This module indeed combs the best social skills resources looking for the best gold nuggets on power dynamics.

Module 3 – Career Strategies

There are only a few books and resources specifically designed for workplace power dynamics and politics.

So I personally aggregated information from general research on power dynamics, social skills books, networking resources, and personal experience:

On how owners and CEOs really think and act, as opposed to what they say and market (much to learn when you look behind the personal marketing):

On effective leadership and management:

On female leadership and management:

On influence and negotiation, combing for the more manipulative and effective techniques:

Module 4 – Dating & Seduction

There is a huge amount of research that went into this module.

But I made it compact.

If you want the quickest tool to understand how psychology and evolutionary psychology can help you date better, this is your module.

On the dynamics of the sexual market place, sexual market value, and how to “hack” your sexual market value:

Dating technique researches, on top of personal experience:

Books and resources on dating techniques and “game”, on top of personal experience:

Module 5 – Relationship Power Dynamics

Except for a few recent exceptions from evolutionary psychologists, much of “official” research on relationships does not focus on manipulation or conflict, but on how to make relationships works.

“Unofficial” literature, albeit it produced some good work, tends to be either misogynist (written by men) or misandrist (written by women).

This module takes the best from all three camps to draw a unified theory on relationship power dynamics, control, and leadership.

Resources on known manipulation tactics:

On relationship dynamics:

Module 6 – Sticky Social Situations

Module 7 – Bonuses

On games people play:

And these are the resources from “Ultimate Power”, more focused on mindsets and life success:

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