Alpha Male Poses For Night Venues (Pictures)

Alpha male body language is one of the main traits for sexiness, bar none.

Scientific research proves that men who adopt alpha male poses and alpha male behavior are more well-received by women (read the science of how to approach a girl).

So let’s explore a few good alpha male poses you can adopt when out in a bar:

#1. Taking Up Space

Let the women be the months, and the Guardian your fiery mainstay alpha pose.

A few advantages:

  • Takes up space and shows confidence in style;
  • Shepard position: you are comfortable looking -dominant- and being looked -self-confident-;
  • Perfect position to launch a convo: you’re centered, they’re orbiting around you;

alpha male body language

Don’t overdo the “take up space” mantra: it screams overcompensation or social awkwardness and neither is attractive.

man with arms too wide open

#2. Drink By Your Side

Any time you have the chance, put the drink down. When you don’t have the chance, hold it to your side.


  • You keep an open body language
  • You look confident and in control

how to old a drink properly for men
PRO TIP: Small drinks are handier, make you look bigger and say you’re confident without liquid confidence.
Couple of wrong ones:

bad male body language: how not to old a drinkbad body language for men

#3. Keep The Phone Up

Unless you’re a Belieber teenager checking the latest snap from the latest androgyny popstar, try being a man instead :). Too many times our phones are used as a numbing shield: try not to use it at all.

And for the 3% of the times you actually need to use your phone, do so with an attractive pose:

sexy male body language: how to use a cellphone

Holding your phone high is great to keep your gaze and posture up but if you feel too much like “granny reading the newspaper” it’s ok to lower it a bit. Just keep in mind the main rule: BOTS -Brief and On The Side-.

attractive male body language: checking the phone

PRO TIP: Only allow yourself to check phone at the urinals

#4. Sitting Alpha

Hollywood movies often depict actors sitting at bars towards the bar. And they’re bad boys, gangsters, goodfellas.. You name it.

Yes, it is manly.

What they’re certainly not, though, is sexy guys out to socialize.

Because sexy guys out to meet new people do not give their backs to the ones they wanna meet.
On the contrary, they show themselves openly and proudly.

man sitting with open body language

This one is good if you’re sitting at the corner of the bar, turned towards the crowd:

male sexy body language

Why It’s Important

The real-world feedback of alpha male body language poses can be unbelievable for anyone who’s not accustomed to it.

I had:

  • women catcalling me (a couple of older cougars and a few inebriated girls)
  • surreptitiously snapping my pictures
  • and even sending their girlfriends over to profess their liking (for full disclosure this last one was in Asia where I enjoyed white-man bonus points).

And… I am super short, skinny, bald.
And far from very attractive.

Adopting alpha male body language poses will do wonders for you.


The reason why it works is that people -mostly women- will notice the attractive body language before you even approach.

That’s the equivalent of presuasion in place: you do all the hard work before you even begin your seduction.

They will notice you, think about it, maybe even talk about it with their friends… And then you approach.

This article showed a few basics of alpha male body language that you can start adopting right away.

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