7 Biggest Dating Mistakes Women Do (Before Sex)

These are some of the most common biggest early dating mistakes. I have seen them over and over again and they are making countless of women (and men) around the world unhappy. Early Dating Mistakes

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7 thoughts on “7 Biggest Dating Mistakes Women Do (Before Sex)”

    1. I’m sorry to hear that. But worry not, you’re stronger now and more ready for the next great man you’ll cross your path with.
      If you want to give it a last try you could go full honest and frank with him.
      Be mentally prepared it might not work and then write something like this:

      “Hey X, look who’s back, I hope you’re good :).
      I’m writing you say that I’m sorry for how things went with us -or better, not went-. I screwed up with you.
      I guess part of me was nervous and insecure and that’s why I dodged you at the beginning. Maybe I was also unconsciously trying to look busier and cooler and all that stuff, you know what I mean :). Trust me when I say it’s not easy for me to write this to you, and I’m not even drunk :), but here I am.
      If you have completely written me off I understand and wish you the best. Also happy to stay friend and all of that :).
      If on the other hand you’re still not completely against the idea, I would be happy to meet one of these days for a coffe or a drink. Let me know what you think :).

      Worst case scenario, if he really was a cool guy, he will respect you big time after this.

  1. This was sooooo helpful it makes me want to cry reading it knowing I committed all of these things with the same person. Wish I had found it sooner. He completely pulled away and now I know how I messed up.

  2. Quite insightful! Thank you got sharing. After being in a relationship that lasted a decade and a half I literally had no direction and this helped a lot.

    1. That was quite a long relationship Charlene. A new period of your life just opened, it can be exciting if you let it, hugs 🙂

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