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Best diet, food, or nutrition for power

Quick update here:

Thank you Stef for putting on my map the 4h fasting.

I'm still sticking to it and loving it, doesn't even feel like fasting now.

Sometimes I do the 4h thing, and some other days I just do one meal.
A long meal, mind you, but that's also the pleasure of it :).

It's especially convenient when you're cooking yourself, since you only cook once, and clean after yourself only once.

A big game-changer.

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Yeah minimalism (especially in food) is a life changer and a big time/energy/money saver...

if you want to experiment something cool, try doing 3 days of no plants no dairy (you will notice no farts at all, really good for boosting sex confidence: thats the diet of the king of the jungle)

another nice blog for you:

From an evolutionary point of view I realize the other day that animals win nothing by being "tasty" and still most of us find animal flesh/organs/bones and marrow tasty or very tasty, plants only the fruit wins a lot by being tasty so animals eat more of it (get sugar-addicted/almost all abuse drugs come from some plant) and disperse the seeds with the benefit of storing fat for winter, yet winter never comes in the "little-food-available-sense" for modern humans so most people only get fatter/bad skin/hormonal imabalances/hair loss/premature aging/other metabolic disease year after year.

For animals tasting bad would even be a benefit (punishing he who eats its flesh), so the fact that flesh does not taste horrible to most people is prove, in my mind, that we are probably very adapted to eat it as all the animal nutrients plus all important plant nutrients are supposed to be there somewhere in the animal cause nutrients dont get destroyed after eating them that would defy the purposse of eating them in the first place and many are stored or circulating to the place they are needed via the blood.

Herbivores have to do almost magic: transform low quality hard to digest full of anti nutrients plant tissue into animal tissue, this process as it is surviving the plant toxins is time/energy/nutrient consuming, so a 100% carnivore probably need even less nutrients as he is already "outsourcing" that process to prey animals ( a very extreme value taking proud carnivore zero zum game in nature)

give grapes to a dog or cat, or chocolate and they may die

humans are a little bit more plant tolerant, lol

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Lucio Buffalmano

That's the next level, Stef.

I'll need some time at this current stage before feeling ready to attack the next one :D.


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I believe there are other factors at play when it comes to the evolution of human beings. I personally believe the versatility of the human diet is what kept us evolving and thriving in every environment we've been exposed to (deserts, rainforests, prairies, tundra, you name it), and therefore there is just not this "best diet" for power. As long as you are consuming enough nutrients and calories, it really doesn't matter wether it comes from animals or plant sources or a mix between the two, or even particular animals and/or plant sources. There's just not enough research to claim one thing or another.

I myself am a vegan, been vegan for 2 years, have gained the most muscle mass as a vegan (not necessarily because I'm a vegan, but because I've been eating right AND following a smart strength training regimen), and as an martial artist I am still on top of my game even after becoming a vegan (and before this been thriving on a vegetarian diet for 10 years), defended my master's thesis as a vegan. All that in comparison to meat eaters. Money/time/effort isn't even an issue, since veganism is cheaper (as long as you are not eating ultraprocessed garbage, as you shouldn't be anyway) and it's not really more time/effort intensive in comparison to meat eating.

I'm a vegan not because I believe eating vegan is the "best" way to feed, but mainly for three reasons:

  1. In an industrial society there is no single way to mass produce meat/dairy/eggs in a way that is cruelty free
  2. In an industrial society (but not in agrarian or hunter-gatherer societies) we do have other options that are less impactful on the environment and wellbeing of animals and are equally nutrititous
  3. I care about the environment and the wellbeing of the animals

Now, I'm not here to promote veganism or anything. I myself wouldn't even care about being vegan if we didn't live in an industrial society. But there is just this myth that "herbivores have to do almost magic" and that's simply not true. There's just not enough evidence for that. If I were to lay down some guidelines for "eating for power", that would be:

  1. Eat enough calories. Trying to gain weight? Just eat more of it. Trying to lose? Eat less.
  2. Own your macro and- micronutrients. If you have any deficiencies or imbalances, just eat enough foods that have that particular nutrient or supplement it
  3. Eat what you feel is more tasty/ethical/easy/practical for your own reasons

As long as you are within these general guidelines, you are doing fine. Maybe eating animals was the only way our ancestors had to meet them, but it doesn't mean it's the only way or even today the best way. Instead, think of it as another way.

I'll link you to an interesting article by Barbell Medicine discussing the health benefits of red meat. They themselves do not promote veganism or vegetarianism and do believe eating red meat may be beneficial and, from a purely health perspective, eating more or less of it isn't something people should stress about. But not magically beneficial, as they themselves admit that "vegetarian and vegan approaches can be utilized based on individual preferences"

Hope we can further this discussion


P.S: the same thing applies to meal frequency. You can eat 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, one million x a day. Until there's enough research to prove otherwise, it all boils down to individual preferences. Elite athletes (who I believe to be a good parameter to have in mind when we think of what's best for human organisms functioning) report a lot of variance in terms of frequency, so I believe it's all fair game. Assuming you are a healthy individual, your body is just too good at handling anything you throw at it, as long as you throw enough for what you demand of it ๐Ÿ˜€