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Examples of using emotional intelligence to maneuver social situations

This thread contains links to posts where discussions were made on real life examples on how to use emotional intelligence to successfully maneuver social situations.

(Feel free to update this thread so that we can have repository with easy access to similar posts) 


(Social Smoothness) Include yourself in the negative frame to power-protect others


(Social Blunder + Recovery) Accept that compliment, or you disempower the complimenter


(Social Opportunity) Frame Control to Defend Your Friend


Social blunder: side with the sinking ships, go down with them


(Social Blunder + Recovery) Don't frame your friends negatively: it's value-taking and you force them to deny and attack back


Opening up about abuse: Charlie Houpert case study


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High-power Eagle frame control


Ben re-empower himself with assertive frame-imposing VS value-taking passive-aggression

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(Social Blunder) Laughing at wrong times: 3 examples

Rollo Tomassi One-Ups Charisma on Command

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