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guest post proposal


My name is Ashley Halsey and I would like to suggest an article titled “X subtle signs she is definitely interested in you” for

Let me know what you think about it!

Looking forward to hearing from you,



Hello Ashley,

Thank you for writing here instead of via email (where I always mark them as spam).

So here is a more thought-through feedback:

There is something similar already, and it sounds too generic.

On I'm not looking to add more content for content's sake.

I'm looking to add the best possible content that fits within this website's core topics of "life-strategies", "people's strategies", and "personal empowerment".
I'm looking to make this place a one-stop shop for developing for power dynamics and developing personal power (core topic 1). And, ideally, gaining personal power within a "fulfilled life" framework (as per Positive Psychology definition). Hence also the articles on relationships, and self-help (topic 2).
That's because life without personal fulfillment would not make for a great or successful life, in my opinion.

The contribution from guest posting should be for perspectives for which I have no expertise and little or no experience.

Things such as:

  • Asset protection (important topic for financial empowerment)
  • Legal empowerment (limiting one's own liabilities, insurance strategies to protect downsides, etc.)
  • Power dynamics in high-level politics (I can go out and experience/experiment social power dynamics and dating power dynamics on any given day. But I can't do the same for politics)
  • (Social) strategies in realities for which I have little or no personal experience. For example:

    • Growing up as a target in a racist environment (I knew that writing my article on the white virtue-signaling power dynamics of the BLM movement I was missing an important perspective)
    • Being bullied and strategies against bullying
    • Scams and manipulation in specific groups / lines of job that I've never been a part of
    • ....

And, in part, successful long-term relationships as well, where I got book smarts but little personal experience.

The only two guests posts I have published so far are:


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Matthew WhitewoodStef
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Hi, Lucio, inquiring about the article that was removed by YB, if you can please email it to veronica**** or please advise where and how I can watch it. With many thanks, Lucio.Veronica

Edit: email redacted.


Hi Veronica,

Hey Veronica, I suppose you are referring to the article on "how to delay sex" while setting up a relationship, right?

I'm very happy to tell you where to find it, plus describing the scene.
But can you open a new thread for this in the dating section?

I want to then link to it from the main article.
I believe that article/technique is way too underrated for women's dating strategies/techniques. And since it mostly results in win-win, I want to highlight it further.

So open a new thread here, and I'll point you towards it:

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