2 thoughts on “Does She Like Me? 35 Proven Signs of Attraction (W/ Pictures)”

  1. It is so scary that this is a website. As a woman, a lot of these “signs” will actually make YOU (the reader) come off as *****. If she’s angry leave her alone. If she closes her body off WHO IN WHAT WORLD OTHER THAN A ***** WOULD TAKE THAT AS A SIGN OF SUBMISSION?? I laughed in the beginning because I literally had my head resting on my hand while reading this with my head tilting because it’s not a sign of attraction, but maybe that i need to have better posture, but guess what when i straighten my posture its called preening in this article. So whatever I do Whether get angry, have a normal human beings posture good or bad, and even close myself off to a guy then it means that I like him?

    1. Lucio Buffalmano

      None of these signs in and by themselves are the final proof that she is attracted to him, Sally.
      But they are all well documented in the research literature as indicators of possible attraction.
      I edited a few specific words and section of your comment because they don’t reflect the nature of this article and of this website, which is the polar opposite-.

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