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How about a TPM email address that's for PU students only?

Nick Kolenda started a marketing agency a few months back. And, I noticed that he used the same email address for his marketing agency that he uses for his e-learning business.

My thoughts were that he was going to get a ton of emails a day and it'll be a mix of people asking about his marketing services and others who are asking about his courses or other online products.

So, it seemed like the best move for him would be to create a whole new email address specifically for those who are interested in working with him via his marketing agency and keep his current email for his e-learning business only. And, eventually, that's what he did.

Now, seeing PU customers with legitimate requests come to the forum after mentioning confusion from the auto-responder, maybe it's best to have a separate email that's for PU customers only:

It could be a locked lesson in PU that says something like, "For legitimate questions unrelated to learning, reach out to me at  For all other questions, post in the appropriate section of the forum."

Maybe, that way, Lucio can have an email address that he can more comfortably prioritize knowing that its emails are coming from people who:

  • Have already given value: they joined PU
  • May have future value-giving power: if they joined PU, they may also enroll in SU or any of TPM's other products (a small, positive nudge for Lucio to make their email an even bigger priority)
  • May be more positive: given that there's less run-around from the autoresponder (and, as a result, maybe less negative feelings on their side)

The downsides I see are:

  • Less customer support via the forum: which is less opportunity for Lucio to showcase his willingness to prioritize customers with a legitimate request.
  • The current system may be working well enough already: less emails and more forum customer support might mean less time-consuming headaches for Lucio and more well-earned prioritization for those who show they are willing to follow the current process.

To be honest, if I were in Lucio's shoes right now, I'd probably keep the current system. From my POV (the outside looking in), I don't see enough downsides right now to experiment with a whole new email address just yet.

But, I like to share the potentially good ideas I get before I forget.

So, I'd be curious to read: are there any other potential upsides/downsides you guys see with this idea?


Went back to reread a few relevant threads and changed my mind:

In my opinion, this idea is simply not worth the extra effort (and possible maintenance) it would take.

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Lucio Buffalmano

This is actually a great idea and all the pros and cons are well-thought and spot-on.

Thank you for sharing, Ali, as you also say it might be an overkill at this point and with the other priorities, but going forward it's certainly something that I can see moving ahead with.

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Ali Scarlett
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