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Lucio's journal

Thank you Ali, yes, all good, it was just a night with some strange dreams and a day slightly under the weather, but otherwise all good.

Talking about vaccines, by the way, today I've seen a meme aimed at the no-vax crowd that made me smile and nod:

You're OK with sodas that liquefy rust (referring to pepsi and coke, I guess)
You're OK with smoking tar and known carcinogenic (referring to tobacco, I guess, plus possibly living in cities)
But you rise up in arms when it comes to a vaccine supposed to protect you and the people around

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Ali ScarlettMatthew WhitewoodStef
Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

For sure we take a big risk every time we eat or smell/inhale anything we did not prepare ourselves... (even our own mothers may make a mistake/be a hidden serial killer and poison you with the cannoli )

it is just something about letting the government/big pharma inyecting stuff directly into my veins makes me a little paranoid, more so after well documented things like these:

hopefully this time "they" are not doing anything like that, hopefully the cannoli's are never poisonous...

fun fact: with a diet low in plants and high in animal tissue, in 10 years now, I think I have not been sick even once, sometimes I wonder if vaccines became neccesary for a malnourished population (i.e. most of humanity since we invented agriculture)(,Israeli%20study%3A%20Humans%20were%20hyper%2Dcarnivorous%20apex,predators%20for%202%20million%20years&text=Israeli%20researchers%20studying%20the%20nutrition,the%20meat%20of%20large%20animals.&text=They%20also%20cite%20the%20human%20genome%20as%20evidence.),

the same way pasteurization is more useful when you have cows living in shitty conditions and need to produce mass scale amounts of the white gold...


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Lucio Buffalmano

I thought about you when I wrote that post, Stef :).

I remembered you had your own ideas on the vaccine. But as a smart, well-informed guy, you definitely don't qualify as the "stereotypical no-vax" in my opinion.

Albeit never say never and, as they say, everything is possible, I think the situation is different here.
Those experiments willingly targeted poor, impoverished minorities -including sex workers, mental hospital patients, prisoners- and in relatively small numbers.

That doesn't make it any less unethical, immoral, and repugnant, but it does make it quite different.

There was also a thread on this back when the forum was open to guests.

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Matthew WhitewoodStef
Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

But as a smart, well-informed guy, you definitely don't qualify as the "stereotypical no-vax" in my opinion.

thank you, I think it is also many of my ideas about nutrition, health, even politics and economics etc. are very far away from the "mainstream".

also I may be a little extra paranoid.



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Lucio Buffalmano

I guess a good modern-day Machiavelli needs a pinch of paranoia, it comes with the territory 🙂

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Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Interesting perspective from the no-vaxx point of view. It's my first time hearing about this, so thank you.

But this example of unethical scientific research is an exemption and not the norm, if you ask me.
It shouldn't be used as a representation of medical science in general. Ethics is incorporated into health care in the modern time. Take for example, the fact that it's your choice to get vaccinated. That's ethically sound. No one is forcing you to do it. Albeit, there will always be the factor of tyranny, which we have to be vigilant against. But that's present even in your personal psychology and mine. It's a potential factor present in the relationship of father and child, mother and child, etc...

Regarding the composition of the vaccines themselves, does your "paranoia" also apply to vaccinating against other viruses? Let's say measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus? These are well documented as well, and they are net positive outcomes in relation to vaccinating against viruses.

The fact remains that we are dealing with a rapidly evolving viral threat, for which prevention is much better than treatment in more ways than one. The fact of the virus' effects is verifiable. If you ask me the vaccines are a good move. But I have my own biases.





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Lucio BuffalmanoStef

Guide asks for a 5-stars review. Gets a 0 for being a manipulative noob

I did a tour some days ago.

The guide was poor and, most of all, a manipulative power-taker.

I asked if he could make a discount on the videos of the event, and he said "I can take $10 off if you leave two reviews at X and Y".
A bit demanding, but a fair "direct exchange approach" thus far.

I said that for two reviews, we needed a bigger discount.
And he launched into why he couldn't make it any bigger because of the memory card prices -still OK, but I was getting suspicious here: I didn't buy the explanation. It was a bit convenient that the memory card costed exactly his asking price, minus $10-.

During the tour his humor, joking, and way of relating were all very value-taking.
Not a single build-up, or pull-up approach.
It was all covert confrontational and value-taking.

I'll give you some examples:

Tour guide: You stole the world cup from us
Me: No, the team won fair and square
Tour guide: (goes on to describe how the cup was "stolen")

All joking, but still, annoying: it frames me as stealing.
Plus, I'm an individual, we can talk about sports, but I only represent myself (article on "enlightened individualism" coming up soon, it's going to be central to self-empowerment and TPM philosophy).

Later on:

Tour guide: But what about the euro cup (talking about a sporting even when France won against Italy)
Me: The Euro cup doesn't even count
Tour guide: (goes on to describe the match, a match that when I was a kid and not an enlightned individaulist was actually painful to lose)

Later on:

Tour guide: friends, but not friends (referring to the supposed similarity/proximity, yet also rivalry between France/Italy. A very stupid move to bring that fake rivalry from a sports and national contest, into an individual one)

Finally, at the end of the tour, he keeps asking and pushing for "that review".

Notice that now we are not discussing me buying the videos anymore since I don't want them now.
Him trying to link back to that old and void discussion as if the review was a given is already manipulative.

And look at what he says:

Tour guide: hey come on, you want me to help you, but you don't want to help me? (accent and body language as if I'm being an unfair taker playing it crooked)

What's that?

Social exchange manipulation.
He frames him as "helping me" -how exactly? Because he was being a tour guide along the way? That's part of the experience which I paid and tipped for-, and me not wanting to give anything back.

That was annoying considering that I had been friendly and tipped well -a lesson learned not to tip before the trip and with the card: always take cash for the tip, always at the end, and always in relation to the service-.

I did leave a review.
A 0 star review.

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Matthew Whitewood
Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Thanks for sharing Lucio.
Would you like to share the review link so that we don't choose him as our tour guide as well? 🙂

Value-taking humour annoys me quite a bit.
Because it hides the value-taking behaviour behind the humour. Covert Aggression.

I like those tour guides who leave the tip bag on the ground.
There's no pressure of giving tips, and it suggests that you can tip if you find his tour enjoyable and informative.

I think he doesn't realise that he can potentially get more tips and sales if he's more warm and friendly.
Or he just wants to feel powerful because he is the momentary leader of the tour group.
Manipulative noob seems to be the perfect phrase to describe him.

I'm guessing you are visiting France.
I have only visited Paris.
I find that the Parisians are very proud of their language.
So quite a few would be annoyed if you don't speak French.

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Lucio Buffalmanoselffriend

Yeah, I'd call it "one-upping", but covert aggression wouldn't be too much of a stretch either.

I agree with not pushing the tip, albeit that will probably lead to a smaller total amount of tips.

But, "pushing it" can lead to annoyed customers, fewer people coming back, and lower reviews.

I'd be curious to see a study comparing both approaches, and checking for the difference.

Still in the American continent actually, I think that if I had met a French in France that all those talks about France/Italy would have made less sense, since it'd be far more common for local French guides to meet Italians.

Chances are pretty low you or someone reading here might look into that exact thing, but in case you're in LA and want to rent a (super)car, rent straight from the dealership where you drive just by yourself (what I also suggested in the review).

That being said, mental empowerment is also about not letting a bad apple derail your whole experience and personal enjoyment.
So all in all, it was still awesome.

Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

But this example of unethical scientific research is an exemption and not the norm, if you ask me.
It shouldn't be used as a representation of medical science in general. Ethics is incorporated into health care in the modern time.

Those examples I gave are relatively recent.

I am not saying they are a representation of medical science in general (well maybe they are), they just set a precedent that the kind of things I fear at least have sometimes happened (they are not only possible in theory)/ so you don't have to be nuts just because you are considering the possibilty that something like that may be happening in reality, as some seems to jump to believe if they know you do.

If I wrote here a list of stuff I considered wrong with modern medicine (or approach to "health" and nutrition) it would be pretty large.

If someone here is interested in starting a thread about  a lot of probably unsound treatments for many ailments let me now! (and what I believe about health optimization, etc.)

Unless I prepare something myself, I can never be sure of what is in it, that applies to everything, including the food I buy in the supermarket, if I were able to get my food from somwhere else I would.

Even wild animals can be  a problem, there is a history of a cow munching on a toxic plant, and the people drinking the milk dying because of that, so you can never be 100% sure. But i don´t lose my sleep about it.

When i used to have a regular diet i get sick lick 3 or 4 times per year, now that I change my diet (I became a nose to tail carnivore) I have not been sick, not a single cold (or at least no symptoms), like in 10 years, call it a miracle if you want, but I have my theories about it.

about the vaccine being a free election, well it is up to a point, they will find ways to pressure people, some can be kind of extreme:

"Ethics is incorporated into health care in the modern time"

I could say something like "corruption is the fabric of modern health care", and we both may be right, it would be just a matter of when and who, case by case analisis.

maybe 80% of the times Ethics triumph, i dont know, maybe the number is lower, I would like to be optimistic yet i find it hard, pharmaceutical companies want to make money so they have to find a way to keep you sick yet alive so you can continue to pay for medication as long as possible, so just by the logic of capitalism it is not like "lets make all the people healthy" is a probable goal for them, that would put them out of bussines.

If most people knew a lot about the complex machine the human body is, then they will not get away with it, but as things are right now, when they kill you with toxic drugs it is very easy for no one to be sure what killed you, if the treatmen or the disease, some drugs even have the same possible effects as the disease (heat medication causing heart attacks) so it is very easy to not be sure, and there is a presumption of inocence in penal cases.

I saw that in my face with my Grandma in 2019, 3 days after start taking a new drug she get very sick and like 3 days later she died, i did my research and the drug she was taking cause exactly what killed her, and they just used the "bacteria" as the scapegoat (very convenient as bacteria are everywhere you want to find them, and you can not even see them with the naked eye). So it is very easy to hide the toxic effect of medication...

Also the government (a percentage of the politicians at least) well they just want you relatively healhty so  you can pay your taxes, in the same way a slave owner wants his slaves strong enough to do work but not enough to overpower him.


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Lucio Buffalmano