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Power Dynamics: Best Of

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Social Blunders

Social blunder: side with the sinking ships, go down with them

(Social Blunder) Accept that compliment, or you disempower the complimenter

(Social Blunder) Don't frame your friends negatively: it's value-taking and you force them to deny and attack back

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Case Studies to Improve Emotional Intelligence for Maneuvering Social Situations

This thread is the more complete collection of everything ranging from power dynamics to more basic social skills.
There's another thread focusing on compiling examples of emotional intelligence used to maneuver social situations.

Examples of using emotional intelligence to maneuver social situations

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I think it makes a lot of sense.

But maybe it should be better formated, like bullet points and quick explanations.

Hopefully Growfast is cool with that :).

BTW, are you using these examples for the new product?

I think many of these are perfect for that.

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I recently came upon this thread. And I think it's a good idea to have a compilation of everything that is related to more effective use of emotional intelligence in a single thread.

I am cool with things that help all of us members of this community (Powermoves) to learn from each other and grow.

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