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Todd Valentine breakdown: bad approach

Look at the first 20 seconds and then again at 2:33:

The original video has been taken down.
My point was that it was a bit too much over-gaming, which you can also see here:

See my review of "The System" instead or my review of "Day Game", both by Todd for a more complete overview.

I will leave the original post below:

Original Todd Approach Analysis

Todd uses it as an example to discuss shit tests, albeit I haven't seen any there.

The interaction is not too bad, but it's far from a high-level exchange.

What sticks out the most for me is this:

  • First to speak under pressure

Todd: I'll show you how to club... ... ... The way that

When he adds "the way that" feels like crumbling under pressure.
Faced with the silence and her non-reaction, he gives in first.

That's negative social power.

  • Casual attitude is out of place

Todd: Let's do numbers... (shoulder shrug, whatever.. )

The first frame is him showing her something, a bit on the provider-style but it's OK.

It's the "whatever" attitude that feels forced and unnatural for the situation.

It's not like they really met randomly or had common friends: he approached her. Pretending now it's a "whatever, come by if you want" feels incongruent.
That's also why she said later "it feels weird".

  • Bad Frames

If you would deign your highness...

The second frame is her allowing him time together.

Sure, it's a joke, but there is always a backdrop of truth with jokes.

  • Average body language

The body language is soso.

  • Terrible Nonverbal Power Dynamics

She is sitting, he is standing.
He moves a lot, she stands still.
He talks all the time, she says little.

This is the main issue that makes this interaction, a subpar approach.

  • She ends the interaction

She ends the interaction, which is not ideal.
But that happens.

  • She gives the number as if it were a favor

What's really bad for the future of this interaction though is how she gives her number.

It feels like "alright... If you really care so much, whatever".

  • Exchanging numbers felt weird

Her: this is just weird...

Exchanging numbers should never feel weird.
If it does, it's unlikely it will go anywhere.

She should know why you're exchanging numbers and, most of all... she should be happy about it.

Aim for solid interactions, not numbers!


On the plus side, he comes up on the fly with some flowery expression that makes him sound witty and smart.
And albeit I'm not a big fan of too much laughing, in the beginning, he manages to turn a very negative situation into an OK one.

Whenever you're in a bad situation, saying whatever and rolling along with the punches is always better than letting the awkwardness sit.
He doesn't come across as powerful, but at least he moves along.

And that allowed him to keep the interaction going and staying in the game.

You don't need to be perfect.

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