Day Game by Todd Valentine: Summary & Review

day game course by todd valentine reviewed on ipad

Day Game by Todd Valentine is a video series on how to meet and approach women during the day.

day game course by todd valentine reviewed on ipad

Exec Summary

  • Go in with a mentality of making things happen right there right then
  • Spend some time talking and spend time AFTER you exchange phone number
  • Take some pressure off saying “I want you to come and have a drink with me at some point”

Day Game Todd Summary

About The Author:
Todd Valentine has been a dating coach for a long time now. He started with Real Social Dynamics (RSD) and then eventually branched out on his own after a rumored fallout with Tyler, one of RSD’s founders.
I find Todd to be the best of the Real Social Dynamics’ pack.
Todd is also the author of The System” and, he said in one of his courses, a proponent of applying Jordan Belford’s “straight line persuasion” to seduction (i.e.: “straight line seduction“).

A quick note on “Day Game”:
I usually recommend getting the full product if you find the summary good, and it’s especially true in this case as Todd presents lots of videos as examples.

Take the Pressure Off: Criteria for Success

Todd Valentine says that in many day game scenarios, you won’t have time to warm up, so accept that not every interaction will be great.

He says you should learn to be forgiving of yourself, and get the mentality you are going to make a girl happy in the worst-case scenario.

Your criteria for success should be that you did it and did the best you can independently of the result.

I loved it when Todd said you should be “outcome dependent”, but your outcome is doing it and doing the best you can, not “winning”.
If doing the best you can mean being a stuttering mumbling idiot during the first moments, be it.

Plan daygame in your life

Toss suggests doing a minimum of three approaches per day and going out earlier for your appointment so that you have some time to scout around. Also, you should know your area so that you know where to go for an instant date.

Decide your goal ahead of time

Todd Valentine suggests you decide beforehand if you want quick phone numbers, 10 mins of chat, and a phone number, or go on a date right away.

What makes a man attractive

Todd Valentine goes into what makes a man, which is:

  • social proof
  • leading
  • knowing the dance of seduction
  • entitlement and assertiveness

Entitlement and assertiveness mean that you believe you deserve things in life, stand up for yourself, talk in a loud tone of voice, voice your opinion even if they’re unpopular and you’re OK with being the center of attention.
Basically, an alpha male is attractive.

My Note:
This sounded a bit like the typicalalpha male posturing recommendations.
Loud is good… Up to a certain point. And same goes for the center of attention, albeit Todd does not say to be at the center of attention but is OK with it, which is true.

Another attractive behavior, Todd says, is self-amusement. Self-amusement means that you enjoy yourself and enjoy what you say independently of whether or not the girl you’re talking to might like it.

How to start a conversation

Todd says that mentality is the most important aspect.

The first few minutes you should assume that you have to bear the burden of taking things forward and making the conversation snowball.

Lower your standard, don’t worry about a perfect conversation and focus fully on the girl and be present in the moment.

Todd Valentine says that you should trust you’re a great man, that the bar is not very high, and that whatever you say is better than average anyway.

The author suggests speaking loudly: if you try not to be awkward you’ll be awkward. Todd says you should focus on having a good interaction, not on her liking you, and keep talking at the beginning no matter what (remember: the burden is on you).

How to Make Her Like You

Todd Valentine says you should have the mentality that you need to risk to get a reward: you can’t stay in polite conversation without going anywhere.

To get the hook Todd says to you:

  1.  Self amuse: enjoy the interaction in itself. You will find that when you’re in a particularly good mood or loving your life, it’ll work.
  2. FRED (focus, relevance, emotion, decision)
  3. Push-pull ; neg;
  4. Force-qualification: for example, she says something and you say “ah that’s cool, I wasn’t too sure about you, but now you seem cool

I found one bit particularly interesting.

Todd says that when she’s really into a topic, rather than going deeper into it as most guys would do, change the topic by saying “we’ll talk about that later”, and when she tells you “nono please let’s keep talking about it”, she just cemented herself into chasing you.

Those high times can be exploited.

My Note:
I don’t fully agree with this. If she’s really into you maybe, maybe she’ll say “please let’s keep talking about it”.
But it’s more likely she won’t say anything and just think you’re either weird or couldn’t care less about her.

How to Get Physical

Todd Valentine says you always change her mood, not her mind.

And always be escalating. When it doesn’t go well, back off.
Never escalate just to touch.

How to Sexually Escalate With Women (3 Steps)

How to Get a Solid Number

Todd says that you never go in to “get a number” or you are pandering to your ego.
The idea of a phone number is that: you two like each other but it’s just so impossible to do it right now so you plan for later.

The 5 minutes AFTER the phone number are the most critical because after the number you are not strangers anymore but you are planning to meet.

Todd says that you’d rather have 2 mins of conversation and 5 mins after the number than 30 mins and then rush after the number.
And when you ask, expect to get it.

How to do an instant date

Todd Valentine says that the first rule is: Just ask.

Make it very casual and very normal and part of the interaction. Not a big deal.

And you can assess her reaction even before you actually finish the sentence.

If you’re getting a no, think might be because of safety concerns. In which case, just say

it’s safe, and if you want to leave you can leave at any time and I help you to come back here”.


“we’ll go somewhere lovely and if you don’t love it then you can leave. And it doesn’t really matter either way because I’m having a good time and that’s what really matters”

Escalation to Sex

Here are a few tips from Todd to escalate to sex back at home:

  • -Patience once you get back home and let her chill out a bit
  • -Use intermediate locations, such as the kitchen before you get back to the bedroom
  • -block both her hands with one of your hand and use the other one to escalate, the moment her hand start resisting, let go
  • -pre-emptive sex: when things get heated, take a break
  • -keep her panties on for a while then you’d normally go for, as it allows her to feel aroused without feeling in danger

How to Sexually Escalate With Women (3 Steps)


A few of the exercises I liked most from him are:

  • 10 reasons why you’re the best thing that can happen to her;
  • 5 things you wanna see in her ;
  • 1 week thinking only positive ;
  • 1 week don’t qualify yourself ;
  • 1 week of certainty in the language (yes, no, and stick to a decision. And if you don’t know say I need more time but I’ll get back right at you)
  • Talk to groups in the street to get in the mindset that having a conversation is normal

todd valentine day game review

Todd Valentine Approach Review

In the video below Todd Valentine discusses shit tests.
I have analyzed and reviewed Todd Valentine approach here, take a look

Edit: the video has now been taken down.

Day Game Review

I like Todd Valentine and I liked his Day Game work.
He shares some good stuff and good mindsets. Definitely recommended.

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