Shit Tests Power Dynamics: 8 Ways To Win the Game

shit test like a sucker punch

The dictionary of power dynamics defines a shit test as:

A shit-test is a premeditated social challenge set up by a man or a woman, but usually a woman, to test and assess the target’s reaction to the social challenge.

Shit-tests most often refer to dating and seduction and, as a rule of thumb, the person who shit-tests is the person who chooses. And that’s what the shit test is for: a shit test is a tool for the chooser to evaluate the pursuer.

By the end of this article, you will know all about shit tests. Including how to “pass” them.

sucker punch
Keep your shit-guard up!

What’s A Shit Test

Shit tests is a term coming from the early days of pick-up artists (see: The Game & Mystery Method).

It refers to women “testing” men to make sure they are good enough for sex, relationships, or, simply, good enough to deserve their interest and keep the interaction going.

Men test women too, and men test other men as well -Trump, for example, says he likes testing people-.
Social interactions are full of tests as well. We call them “power moves” here. So even socially, to reach the top of the status hierarchy, the alpha male spot, you need to learn how to respond to those power moves.

So yes, in a way, we could say that shit tests are everywhere.

However, when talking about “shit tests”, 99% of the time people refer to women shit-testing men in dating and seduction contexts.
So, for this article, we’ll stick to that (and you can explore the rest of this website and Power University for more).

Here is one example of shit-testing in dating and seduction:

Her: What’s your name?
Him: They call me Chip
Her: Ohh, You can’t get them to stop?
Him: Ahaha that was funny

“You can’t get them to stop” is a shit test because it frames him as low-status and powerless in his peer group.

It’s also a one-up: she slightly disrespects him and “overpowers him” socially while pushing him beneath her.
When he laughs, he agrees to that very disempowering frame, he lets her get away with the power move, and he even rewards her for disrespecting him.

Women don’t like men who are of lower power than they are (hypergamy).

So, because of his lack of power awareness and skills, he’s out.

Had he handled that well, he could have seduced her, instead.

So absolutely yes: “game” matters.

Why Do Women Test Men

The reason is very simple.

Women shit-test men because in the sexual marketplace, on average, women have more power and are the choosers.

And when you are the chooser, you shop around and test the merchandise to make sure you get the best which is available within your budget -the budget being her sexual market value-.

What Do Women Test For

There are different theories on what women test men for.

For example:

And well…

They are all right.

It’s not always easy to generalize what women look for when they test men because what they look for depends a lot on who she is, who she is looking for, and which point of the interaction you’re at.

Upon first meeting, she wants to make sure you’re not a weirdo.
Later on, she wants to test if you’re as high-value as you portray yourself to be.
And a little later she wants to test if you could make for a good provider or a lover.
If she’s looking for a relationship, she might also want to make sure you’re not a player.

snowball war
Avoid that shit test

Are Shit Tests Good for You?

There is a bit of a misconception around shit tests.

Part of it is because coaches sometimes want to encourage men (rather than telling it how it is).

And in an effort to encourage dating coaches say that shit tests are great news because it means she is considering you.
Todd Valentine for example says that “he loves shit tests”.

And here he says:

Todd: it’s a compliment and it’s an opportunity

And, in many ways, it’s not wrong.
Yet I personally wouldn’t say they are necessarily a good thing.
Shit tests, per se, are neither good nor bad. They’re like a half-full glass. Is it half full or is it half empty?
How you look at it depends on what level you’re at.

To understand this point, let’s go back to the analogy of budget as the female sexual market value.

When something is “too cheap for her”, ie.: a low-quality man, she won’t be interested and won’t even test it.

If the merchandise is within her budget instead, it catches her attention.
And since it could be a potential boyfriend or lover -or even friend-, then she wants to make sure which one he is -and if he is good enough for any of them-.
That tells us this:

It’s the guys who fluctuate just around her value who get the most shit-tests.

But what happens if something that is out of her budget seems suddenly available?
What happens if a high-value man pops up and it looks like she might have a shot at him?
Well, in that case, it’s a windfall, and testing doesn’t even enter the picture: she’ll be busier relishing the opportunity.

Just imagine the following scene: Brad Pitt goes out of a movie premiere and tells one of the screaming gals that she can go with him.
Can you even imagine her shit-testing him on the way to his suite?


Hence, it’s not true that shit tests are necessarily “good”.
And it’s not true that women test depending on their value. It’s not true that high-value women test more than low-value ones.
Women test depending on how their value relates to yours, plus how uncertain they are about you (and lots of PUA games tend to make women more uncertain).

Shit Test Power Dynamics

When she is testing you, she is putting up hoops for you to jump through.

And people who put up hoops are the ones with power in an interaction.

From a perspective of power dynamics, shit-tests say she feels more powerful than you.
And when you’re in a mindset of “passing” shit tests, you are confirming that indeed she has more power, and she has higher sexual market value.

This is why this article, and in a way, this all website, is all about how not to jump at all.

Dealing With Shit-Tests

Throw that shit test back!

In the beginning, I wrote “passing shit tests” as the title of this section for brevity and for SEO reasons.

But I just had to scrap it.

The idea of “passing” shit tests is a bad mindset to begin with.
One because it reinforces the idea that she is putting the hoops -and hence she is in the power position-.
And two because it conjures a “you vs me” frame, and we’ll see later why this is often not the most effective way of seducing.

So let’s get into it:

1. Ignore It

This is the all-season workhorse.

Whenever you can’t think of anything good or whenever you don’t feel it’s worth your attention and effort, ignore it.

Bad joke, underhanded comment, frenemy trying to devalue you… Are women shit-testing you?
Pretend you didn’t hear it, act as if it didn’t register and you will show tremendous superiority.


Her: you said that? OMG, are you that kind of guy?
(pretending she didn’t say anything, keeps going with the story)
Him: yeah, and you won’t believe what she replied, listen to this..

2. Own Who You Are

Women sometimes test men to check their roles.

Such as, either:

Men often fail tests because they have no idea what they mean.
And when they do, they still don’t stick with one but try to fit the bill of what she wants. But since most of the time, they are also not sure what she wants, they hem and haw and, finally, end up looking weak and insecure.


If you’re hell-bent on getting her, pick what you believe she most likely wants and then commit to it.
Or, even better, pick your role and own it. Then, pick the type of woman you like, and then you shit-test women for what you want while being fully yourself.

Here is an example for each “role”.

Her: I bet you say that to every woman
Him: No. Only to women I find attractive

Lover Type

“Reformed” lover:

Her: I bet you say that to every woman
Him: I used to. I used to chase women a lot and, honestly, even to lie to get pussy. It was a great time, but now I’m looking for something deeper. Don’t get me wrong, sex is still important, but I’m looking for more than just a vagina. What are you looking for.

Reformed Lover

Provider / looking for more than casual sex:

Her: I bet you say that to every woman
Him: why are you saying that
Her: you look like a guy who would hit on a lot of women
Him: (looks at her, serious and slightly disappointed) not really. And that feels a bit offensive, to be honest


Men who know where they stand and are unapologetic about it look strong and confident.
Often, they turn the shit test right back at her without even trying, just by being themselves.
They end up socially dominating her, which is supremely attractive to women and is a preview of the bedroom physical domination which might come later.

3. Shame Her

I really like this option.

Instead of playing the game, you shame her for playing games.

This is a very powerful technique that is particularly effective to stamp out games and combativeness from relationships but works also well in earlier interactions.
Basically, you want to shame her for playing a “me VS you game” and make her follow your lead into a more collaborative “us in this together” form of seduction.

Look at Juan Antonio playing a similar game in Vicky Cristina Barcelona:

Him: (after inviting them to travel with him, including having sex together) What offended you about the offer? Surely not that I find you both beautiful and desirable.
Her: Well, I can’t guarantee the lovemaking because I happen to be very moody
Him: Let’s not negotiate like a contract. I came over here with no subterfuge and presented my best offer (= I’m being straightforward and honest, not playing any games, can you do the same?). Now I hope you will discuss it and give me the pleasure to take you with me to Oviedo.

That’s the power of confidence coming from genuine and (positive) vulnerability: the man who doesn’t need to hide and owns who he is.

Also, see this article on “enlightened collaboration“:

3.1. Use “Collaborative Shaming”

Collaborative shaming is pure TPM’s tech.

You can use it to turn a confrontational “me VS you” frame into a more collaborative one -with you as the leader, of course-.

See here one real-life example from the forum:

4. Own Her Accusation

Another powerful technique is to own her shit test.

Look at this example:

Her: you are just looking for sex
Him: I wouldn’t call it “just”. Sex is one of the pleasures of life and a strong sexual chemistry is very important to me

Now she is forced to agree (and comply with you) or to disagree and break rapport.
In either case, it’s you who is testing her.

5. Put Your Foot Down

This technique leverages social power and soft power.

It consists of drawing her out, taking her into the noman’s land, and then taking the judge position by laying down your law.

Here is an example:

Her: Ahaha that was so silly of you, you’re so naive
Him: why are you saying that
Her: everyone knows you can’t trust cops
Him: that’s not true, plenty of trustworthy cops. Anyway..

Basically, the shit-test buster here is to hold your guns, refuse to retreat, and stand your ground.
It’s also an option to make her retreat and defend, but I wouldn’t recommend it in seduction as belligerence is rarely conducive to sex.

Or here is an example of what I call “boundaries shit testing”, where the girl purposefully pushes your boundaries:

Always draw a big line in the sand with any personal disrespect

Never, ever accept disrespect.
As a matter of fact, you shouldn’t even think “shit test”, you should think “this is inadmissible”.

6. Turn It Back On Her

Imagine this dialogue:

Her: You’re so into yourself (with a haughty look, turning away as if to refuse him)
Him: Me? I’m so into myself? (turns to her, gets closer to her to her face, raises his voice but smiling: it’s a friendly counterattack) Look at you, with the slim fit biker leather jacket (reaches out to her scarf), the Italian scarf, the coiffed hair… (touches her hair) I think if there is anyone into himself around here that’s not me (then pats her head as if to say “but nice try, kiddo”)
Her: (lowers her eyes, smiles, she’s happy of the compliments… And for being social out-powered)

This is similar to an exchange that happened to me some time ago, and a little later we went back to my place.
I cannot re-run the interaction to test it, but I’m fairly confident this was the biggest turning point on the way to bed.

7. Agree/Disagree & Amplify

This is a popular frame control technique in the manosphere.

It’s not my favorite tool of choice but it can work for guys who are higher energy.

See “Seduction University” for more.

8. Let Her Have It

This is the strategy of the superior player.

The superior player is so comfortable in his own skin and so confident that he doesn’t need to pay attention to “who’s in control”.
He has this mindset because he has reached a certain abundance mentality and has risen above the game.
He sees the games women play but decides to play a different game of inclusivity.

Look at this example:

shit test text
I let her have the win

You could say that “will you show me around” is a shit test to see if I am ready to invest.
A combative dynamic here would be to reply something like:

Only if you buy the drinks

But I don’t need that. As a matter of fact, you can sometimes test her better if you let her win.
Will she stop? Will she ask for more? Will she disrespect you after she feels she’s got more power?

These are the questions you want to answer for the people you accept into your life.
And you will not find out if you focus on winning the petty battle.

Also, notice that “a couple of spots I’m sure you would love” is a type of text-flirting and barely veiled hint at sex (his place) or even sexual anatomy (G-spot).

9. Turn The Power Tables: Test Her!

Men with high sexual market value are less concerned about being tested and more about testing the women they allow in their lives.

That’s why the best mindset to have is not to worry too much about women’s shit tests but about shit-testing women.

See a few examples here:

In the “best relationships” and “best dating books” list there are a couple of great books on how to screen high-quality women, take a look at those. They will help you get into a high-quality man mindset.

Turning Shit-Tests Around

See “Seduction University” for more.

When Shit Tests Help Seduction

When you switch focus from “passing the shit test” to “moving the interaction forward”, you spot more opportunities to do so.

Take this example:

Her: how much do you love me

Now the guy with a “passing shit test” mindset would address it this way:

(thinks to himself: ouch, shit test, gotta fight it back!)

Him: I think the real question is how much do you love me. Don’t fall for me baby!

And that way, he turns a very helpful interaction into a battle of wills.
Yes, he might be “OK” with that.
But “OK” isn’t great.
Plus, now she might want to prove to him that she is not into him and that she does not need him.

And the interaction has become a power struggle.
And power struggles rarely end up in bed -they can and it’s big fireworks of domination/submission, but you don’t make the rules with the exceptions-.

Take this other example, from a guy who avoids a combative mindset and sees that question for what it is: a good opportunity for some role-playing, romance, and for moving the interaction forward:

Her: how much do you love me

(Thinks to himself: awesome, I love flirtatious women!)

Him: from the first moment I laid my eyes on you. I knew we were meant to be together, baby! Riding into the sunset it will be, can I trust you as my copilot?

(takes the opportunity to grab her hand and do a bit of GF/BF role playing, then bursts out in laughter and takes it all away for a big pull-push)

How he takes it further depends on him.
A more playful man might ask how’s her schedule for the marriage.

A more serious guy with a secure attachment style might then add “but jokes aside, I like you. You seem very honest and forthcoming and I appreciate that in women

However that conversation goes, you can see the main difference here: the guy who thinks “let’s move it forward together” does move it forward together.
The guy who thinks “shit-test, me against her, gotta pass it”, takes the interaction into an unhelpful “me VS you” frame.

Indeed, a mindset of seeing shit tests as flirting might be the most helpful one to deal with shit tests in general.

… And When Shit Tests Are Red Flags

Finally, burn this into your mind:

Some shit tests are red flags about her and her personality.
When that’s the case, you don’t need to “pass” the shit test, you need to “pass up” on the bitch.

See an example here:

This is not a shit test, this is shit behavior!

You can give her a couple of chances to change tack.
But, usually, these are low-quality women who make for terrible dating and terrible partners. And you can do better.


Shit tests go well beyond dating and seduction to encompass our whole lives.

The biggest takeaways from this article are 3 mindset shifts to fix shit tests forever:

  1. Rather than playing the game by her rules, turn the game around and take control of the frame
  2. Worry less about how to pass shit tests, and focus more on becoming a tester yourself
  3. Shift mindset from “passing the shit test”, to “moving the interaction forward”

This is an excerpt from Seduction University, where you can learn the full method and strategies of effective, high-power dating.

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