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TPM articles updates: what's new

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New article:

TPM was never big on "being alpha", but this was still an important article.

One, because it explains why TPM was never so big on "being alpha".

Two, because many readers are also part of the red pill / manosphere, and this article clarifies a lot of things about that "alpha male thing".

And last but not least, because it is important.
Even for those who're not too big or sold on the "alpha male thing", it's still important to know how alpha males think, and to deal with them, since many alphas are bosses, founders, and decision-makers.

So, good to have a proper article on the topic, finally.

It also happens to be the article with the most infographic TPM has ever had.

If anyone has any feedback, happy to read.

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Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Thank you so much! I'm reading it and loving it so far. I had to come here and comment on this:

And the author earned credibility and respect with life’s choices and actions: actively seeking new experiences and challenges, expanding his comfort zone, and ultimately going out to the world and making it its oyster.

I read this and thought: Boom, just boom. That's the way it's done.

Thanks a lot: I'm re-thinking/re-creating my life and this is helpful inspiration.

So on point with the social intelligence part of it. Since a few months, I'm way more collaborative, vulnerable and more humble: to my suprise, I'm more effective socially. I'm building more bonds, more willpower, more connection. I listen more, I speak less: way more effective.

I know since a long time that my weakest spot is physical: size, strength, voice. This is great motivation to me.

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I meant goodwill and not willpower of course.

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Lucio Buffalmano

Thank you so much, John, very useful!

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John Freeman
Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Thank you Lucio so many cartoon alpha wannabes all over the manosphere.  A badly needed dose of clarity.

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Here is my feed-back on @transitioned article about how to prepare for an interview. My apologies for the long delay.

So, this is one of the best article I read so far on the topic. I used all the advice that you gave in this article (including lighting and hand gestures since it was a facetime interview), including Lucio's mindset.

I got the job as an attending physician, so I owe it in part to you that is sure!

It gave me new strategies and tactics that I did not have before. It also gave me more confidence as I knew I was using top notch advice from a seasoned professional. So what I'm sure is that it gave me an edge that I did not have before.

I'm taking the liberty to provide feed-back as well:

  • I think the perfect companion to your article (and that I used for this interview) is this book (15 minutes to a better interview) that Lucio reviewed. I used it in the past and it's great advice in a short format. So you could maybe add this reference at the end of the article (link to the review) if you think it adds value
  • What helped me a lot was to write down everything I would say before the interview so I was well prepared (my cursus, answers to the specific questions they might ask). So writing it and re-reading it helped me to be more fluid and confident.
  • I read an article about being enthusiastic so I showed positivity and warmth during the second interview so this was helpful. There are other advice in this article, I'll have a look on my computer and write more later.

In this specific interview, what I could have done better is to give my weaknesses and strengths relative to this specific role. I did it for another interview and it worked great.

So I hope this is helpful. I think this article is great in this current version (once again: one of if not the best I read). I can imagine it developing in the future and become a reference for the Internet (seriously).

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I found the article, so what they recommend based on research on recruiters:

Avoid (negative and important to the recruiters): 

  • Interrupt the recruiter
  • Look away
  • Talking hesitantly
  • Slouch
  • Talk a lot

Do (positive and important to the recruiters):

  • Smile
  • Look in the eyes
  • Take notes (less important the two above)
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Thank you, John!

Feel free to open a new thread for feedback on articles so this one we can keep for updates / new articles (and keep the feedback for the mentioned new ones only. This way whoever opens this thread will find what he's probably looking for: updates, rather than feedback).

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Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Thanks John for the feedback.  TPM is only the best so unless it comes from Lucio needs a village to raise an article. And glad it was useful.  And good for the patients we need more doctors who care!

I was hit hard with Covid at the time I wrote that so my goal was very much to get the 80% over the line so we could iterate on it.  Perfect not be the enemy of good and so on...

yes the sounding positive is definitely an omission.   Well established principle that people like people who like them.  I m sure it's all over PU and its in my checklist on first impressions for important initial meetings.

@Lucio very happy for you to link out or update as you see fit.  Your copy was a big improvement on my draft.

Its your content now, with the only caveat that I said that I would post a version on my blog at some future date.  Which will get tumbleweeds for traffic 🤣


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John FreemanKavalier

New article on TPM's approach to content creation and "philosophy building":

Also added a new category to group similar posts that aren't about power dynamics and strategies but more about TPM's philosophy and approach.

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Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?
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