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Typos, Grammar, Sintax, & Content Improvement - Megathread

She Shows Signs Of Preening

If you are at a bar or in any other gathering where you can approach her, she will show preening behavior if she likes.


Similar to above, she is re-enacting a dominant-dominated dynamics that usually end up in bed.

Or prey-predator dynamics

Instead, avoid answering too directly and hint that you might be free.

Can we answer: I am not sure if some of my special female friends consider me her boyfriend. 🙂

Sometimes, she will try to hide her feelings though because she’s actually happy to let you wonder “does she like me”. And she will try to gather intel about you “under the radar”:


And a woman who is investing you is doing so hoping you do the same.

in you

how appreciation or, alternatively, you can go the sexual way and tell her “you don’t know what I’d do to you know”.

maybe you mean "now"?

Meaning “in wine lies truth”. And if she’s she inebriated the truth is this

This is a good strategy and the only mistake that can happen is that she thinks her signs are obvious but she won’t catch them.

He unless we are talking about lesbians here

Thank you so much, Stef! Fixed.

On the hinting at having a few female sexual partners, that's a risky move.
There is definitely a certain appeal to the player, and preselection is always good.

However, some women are turned off by the player. Especially the one that showboats about it, and feels proud about it. Usually it's more common for the guy who's only recently been playing around, so he's all high on his new power and abilities, and feels the need to show it off.

I remember once an Indian guy who was bragging to me about being sleepy, because he had been with his German lover until late. And I was thinking "there he goes, now he wants a round of applause that he got some white tail".

The consumed player is more undercover about it, sometimes even playing it down.

So it's a risky move.
Personally, I never go out of my way in that direction when talking to women.

Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Google Docs got a cool update recently that might help with the proofreading process.

I realized that if you use Google Doc's "Spelling and grammar check" feature in the "Tools" tab in conjunction with Grammarly's extension, you can get a full breakdown of all of the errors in any of the TPM blog posts (I simply copy-pasted the blog post into a Google Doc).

Still working on a way to make the process a bit more smooth and streamlined, but when I have free time maybe I can provide some more grammar, syntax, and punctuation suggestions here and there.

Awesome tip, thank you Ali!

Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Ok, I may have just found a cool way of streamlining the process. (Make sure you have the Grammarly extension installed).

Step 1: Copy/Paste the Blog Post Into a Google Doc

For this example, I'll be using the "High Value Woman: 12 Traits & Examples" blog post.

Step 2: Turn On Grammarly

You can turn on Grammarly by clicking the grey Grammarly icon.

Step 3: Let Grammarly Check the Document for Errors

Once you do this, you'll notice that Grammarly has underlined any errors in red and is keeping track of how many errors are left:

Step 4: Switch to Suggesting Mode

This step right here is key. Click the "Editing" tab:

Then, when you see the dropdown list of options, click "Suggesting" mode:

Step 5: Make Suggestions!

Now, anytime you make an edit in the Google Doc, it pops up as an edit for Lucio to see. Here's an example:

I click on the word Grammarly underlined in red. In this case, it's the word "High Value". Then, I click on their green correction, "Add a hyphen".

Automatically, Google Doc has made the edit as a suggestion so you can see where the changes are that need to be made.

You can go through the entire document just clicking Grammarly's suggestions and then Share the document with Lucio in edit mode.

If you want to contribute to TPM, it's a pretty quick process this way since Grammarly and Google Docs does all of the heavy lifting for you. Try it out!

Here's the document with all of the suggestions. And, it only took me about eight minutes to do :).

Step 6: If You Want To Go The Extra Mile

You can also use Google Doc's Spelling and Grammar feature to review the document once it's completed:

Using it, I was able to catch a couple that Grammarly missed:

Does this sound like something that would help add value to TPM?

Let me know what you think below!

I haven't yet looked into it in-depth, but by the sound of it, it seems a great idea.

Thank you so much, Ali!

Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Note below:

Just finished out the "10 Traits of High-Value Men" article.

You can see all of the suggested edits and revisions here!

I can lean more on the feminine side when we’re together (of course, men should still hold a strong overall strong frame if they also want attraction).

Unnecessary repetition

Hey Lucio hope you are doing well, a quick question, you told me it was better to wait until December to binge (carefully study and if I can contribute something to), the Power University, I was planing to do that yet I don't t have access, all get blocked when my profile picture in the forum dissapear.

I don't even know if you are aware of this, anyways thank you for all the value you always bring to our lives here.



Thank you, Stef!

Will look into this and let you know!

Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?