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What YouTube channels would you like to see TPM review next?

A very interesting YT channel crossed my radar today:

The video wasn't the part that caught my attention, it was:

  • The reason behind the video: to help women better identify affluent men for dating purposes
  • The way she presented herself in the video: she carries herself quite well, in my opinion
  • The links in the video description: one of them being to her website where she shares her flagship course, Secrets of the Elite Woman, a program focused on creating high-quality women

So far, for the most part, I like what I've seen.

And, who knows, maybe someday it'll be worth giving her course a solid review :).

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Anna Bey is very interesting. On one hand, she's pretty, feminine and refined. On the other, she's 'selling her beauty/sexuality' and teaching other women to do so, which is one defining feature of low-quality women. She's socially skilled, but seems to teach cheap manipulation techniques, and morally dubious 'goldigger behavior' which is extremely repellent to people with money.

I really wonder how widespread this mindset is. I found it often in Russian and Polish women. They see a relationship as a transaction : the guy provides and does 'man stuff', the woman stays at home, stays pretty, and prepares meals. That's the deal. When they arrive with that mindset to the West (well, Berlin! the most woke city in the world they say)... the contrast is stark. They ask you questions straight away to estimate your net worth. It feels disgusting. Almost as much as the opposite, very berlin "A man has to be a feminist for me to date him".

For a second (I only saw 2 videos) I thought Anna would be the 'Lucio for feminine women' but it looks like she's more on the value taking side and teaching 'pro goldigging'... Ugh

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Quote from Ali Scarlett on October 2, 2022, 1:05 am

A very interesting YT channel crossed my radar today:

Thank you for this, Ali!!

I'm not yet sure how good the content actually is, but I'm really glad you shared this channel, I want to look more into it (and also good to see that simply talking in front of a camera can grow a subscribers' base, I may prefer that approach for TPM than doing voice overs).

Also thanks to LoF for the analysis, it seems to make sense from the first video I've seen, and she seems to be the type of "social climber teacher" (there's a book also called "The Social Climber's Bible" that shares the same goal: hobnob with the rich and powerful and enter their social circles for personal gains).

Even if she turns out to be only appearances and "marrying the rich" type of guide, it's still interesting though and I don't necessarily reject that approach. In a way, she's offering some type of value: the (superficial) class, charm, and femininity that looks good on galas and nights out. That also takes some work and skills though, it's also advanced social skills of some sort. And some men do want and appreciate that.

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Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Watched 3 videos so far and from those, I think she's really good.

On her style advice, she seems to be too locked into a paradigm of "what's old school classy is elegant", which as LoF touched upon seems to be far more common in Easter/Rusian women.
But she takes care of repeating "in my opinion" when sharing opinions, so she doesn't pretend to be dispensing proven truths and gains in authority and credibility. Overall, great.

And on this one on sensual body language, besides the unneeded confrontational "men chase after us", it's really good:

Also, she gained some major points with her logical thinking, which matters because it translates into good content, advice, and strategies:

  • Context-rules, avoid "laws": says that general advice is not necessarily good for the individual listener, so she correctly stresses the importance of context in applying the general principles
  • Well-balanced advice, she often stresses not to over-exaggerates moves, and her last #10 tip is "do everything with balance". She correctly says that for women that balance is slightly more on the feminine, kind, or submissive end, but without going all the way. Really on point
  • Good mix of strategy + "inner game": some dating coaches say to only focus on yourself and the woman/man will arrive, which is poor dating advice. Some others forget how the mindset and personal development side also spills over into dating, as in everything else. She well balances both
  • Games work most with lower quality, and less well with high-caliber men, which is something we often repeat here. Generally speaking, the higher you go, the more you want to drop nasty games and value-taking games as they become more obvious and more unsavory

She's not strictly a dating coach, but from the little I've seen so far she's in the running for one of the best dating coaches for women to learn from.

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Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?