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Why Slavic Men Are Not Very Attractive (And Southern Men Are)

If you think about the typical lovers, what are they?

Well, the word "Latin lover" answer that easily.

It's Italians, French, Latin Americans and sometimes Spanish.

How about Slavic men, instead?

The stereotypes there don't seem to be on the positive.
Hard drinkers come to mind.
Homophobic and violence-prone is also often part of the package.

As my ex Russian girlfriend told me, older Russian women consider a good man as such:

Does not drink, and does not beat you

And if he has a job which can pay the bills for the household, then it's golden.

That's quite a low bar.

But is it true?

Certainly it's not true for all Slavic men.
We are generalizing here (obviously).

Yet, "generalizations" does not mean "no true".
"Generalization" only means it does not apply to everyone, but it can be true when applied to large numbers.

So let's keep investigating.

It's certainly true that former URSS countries consume lots of alcohol.
And the favorite sports around there are often contact-sports.

So the stereotype holds when we look at the numbers.

However, I don't think alcohol and violence are the main cause which are handicapping men from those geographical areas.
The main reasons, which I have observed over and over, are that these men are emotionally and socially poor.

Some of the signs of their lack of emotional intelligence and social skills are these:

Slavic Emotional Vacuum Repels Women

If you want to see an example, look at this clip of Fedor Emelianenko:

Vladimir Putin is also similar, in what I dubbed the "cold-blooded style of dominance".

Obviously we don't mean to say here that all Slavic / Russian men are like this.
That would be dumb.

But there is a far higher percentage of "expressionless" men in those areas.

Yet, Fedor and Putin types are not exceptions.
They are quite common among Slavic.

And they are quite rare in Southern cultures.

Anyone who has traveled or socialized length in international crowds knows that, on average, Slavic men are expressionless.

As I meet people around the world, I have the most difficulties -and the least pleasure- in socializing, connecting, and making friends with Slavic men when they present the typical traits of distance, coldness and expressionless faces.

I coached some men with the "expressionless" attitude.
And the biggest focus was always to help them "loosen up", add variance in their voice, add facial expressions, improve their social skills, vibing more with the people around and, if one wanted to go really deep, getting more in touch with themselves.

Slavic Men Are Too "Alien" to Women

A few authors, drawing from yin/yang Eastern philosophy, say that "male energy attracts female energy".

And if we consider "female energy" to be more emotional, than it follows that cold and emotionless are more male-states which should attract women.

But that is not the case.

To begin with, I'm not convinced that "coldness" or "distance" are more male traits.
Sure, women are better skilled at socializing and networking, but that doesn't mean that a lack of those traits makes someone more "mannish".
Indeed a lack of emotional intelligence is either a sociopathic trait, or simply poor social skills.
And albeit that might be more common in men, it makes a man less effective in life, not more "mannish".

Robert Greene in "The Art of Seduction" says that being more close to the feminine attracts women.
Ad as long as those "feminine hues" are cast within an overarching frame of male leadership and strength, then Greene is right.

This is something that is common to many "mannish" feature.
Many women love a beard, but there is such a thing "as too much beard".
Most women prefer lower voices, but behind a certain level it starts becoming unattractive.
And when it comes to muscles, "athletic" is often preferred to "huge".

Southerners Care More

Southern men tend to have higher emotional intelligence and they tend to be better at socialization.

On average those cultures also appreciate, tolerate and even expect some philandering behavior from men.

And Southern men also tend to care more about themselves.
They care more about their hairstyles, their clothes, their... Hell, even their hygiene -I know, that should be basic, but that isn't always the case-.


Slavic men are not archetypes of romances, seducers, and ideal partners because they are too different from women.

They tend to be expressionless, emotionally not very intelligent, and socially poor, all traits that, when taken to an extreme, expand the already existing gulf between the average man and average woman.

This post here is not very scientific, but I am sure that anyone who has traveled can relate.
I have lived a combined 3 years in 3 different former Eastern block countries, and I have seen this pattern over and over.

In my opinion, that's one of the reasons why Western and Southern men are more sought after in those countries.

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This is a reliable analysis. Since you lived in the former Eastern block, you are aware that in former USSR men who are emotional usually deemed feminine and looked down upon. In the place where the law does not really exist, it is dangerous to show too many emotions, as it can be seen as a sign of weakness. Therefore, the expressionless faces and emotional distance that are so common to Slavic people seem to be defense mechanisms.

I have a question about the "icy style of dominance." If Putin, with his style, made powerful politicians kiss up to him, does it makes this style particularly effective in politics? I assume it would be, as long as the person who uses it does not have to work to get someone's approval. However, if this style repels women, will it be better to change the dominance style while talking to them? Thanks!


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