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Women: avoid these rebel and boyish styles (please!)

There are millions of ways of dressing in attractive, seductive and tasty feminine style.

Albeit some styles better suit certain women, there are no strict rules to obey or "conservative" style to follow to look feminine, attractive or high-quality. The only limit is one's imagination.
Even some slight cross-dressing can be sexy. For example, a striped suit or a gangster hat with an aggressively feminine red lipstick: nice (if well done)!

However, there are also many ways of seeking alternative and more boyish styles that are simply terrible.
Here are two examples:

bad boyish style for women

  • The color matching couldn't be worse
  • The jacket says "bad fit" much more than it says "rebel"
  • Her legs are thin but long, many ways she could turn that into an asset, but not with those jeans
  • Overall: too shapeless, doesn't do justice to her figure

I personally consider the shoes terrible and way too boyish, too. But this is more personal taste.

Strictly speaking about fashion here, I would definitely give feedback to the girl above if we were to go out.
But I think I could still go out with her.

Not with this other woman though, I wouldn't propose a coffe to a girl dressed like this:

hideous female fashion

This is something that I see from hipsters and women in more art-related fields.
But there is really nothing good about this style.

  • Shapeless skirt, looks like what a granny would wear
  • The "shoes", well... Let's be nice here and say nothing about them 🙂
  • The jacket deserves a special mention:

That type of jacket is quite fashion among hipsters. I've seen it often around here.

But I can't think of any way to make it look good.
Its straight cut is simply unsuited to make women attractive. A curvaceous figure is attractive in women for biological reasons. A straight one, not so much so.
That's what makes certain styles and cuts objectively inferior to some others (and same goes for attractive body language).

But hey, maybe there is a way to make it look great.
I've just never seen it so far.

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