Sexy Body Language for Women (10 Feminine & Hot Poses)

woman sexy body language

Seductive body language is sexy body language: the two go hand in hand.

And seductive body language is inherently feminine body language.

This article shows you the traits and “moves” of feminine and sexy body language, including examples and videos.

#1. Body Curves

Curves are feminine.

Evolutionary psychology postulates that women developed breasts and larger buttocks as sexual attraction tools (Geoffrey Miller, 2000).

Women also have a more pronounced lumbar body curvature to optimize weight distribution during pregnancy, and men like women who “stick their ass out” more than men do (Lewis et al., 2015).

sexy posture for women
Source: Lewist et. al.,

See here what the perfect curvature would look like.

Now back to real life:

In short, curves are feminine.

After all, just think about it: would you imagine a guy standing like in the picture below?
Exactly, me neither.
Because curves are feminine, and the female model below looks ultra-feminine and smoldering hot.
By bending her neck backward, she is also sending submissive signals for “sex readiness”, and it’s as if she were inviting men to ravish her.

woman sexy body language
Curves are sexy

Of course, you probably will not be standing like that any time soon at work or while queuing up for groceries.

But you can adopt the same principles in a more “civilized” and “acceptable” format.
First of all, avoid standing straight like a cadet in front of a general, that’s male-style or gender-neutral.
Instead, do the following:

  • Take a slight step forward which will rotate your hip a bit
  • Stand on one leg only and let the other leg loose so your hip is slightly inclined
  • Arch your back slightly (see the difference below)

feminine pose for woman

You can train in front of a mirror. And you might even want to record yourself.
No need to be shy: that’s exactly what the sexiest women on the planet have done countless of times.

#2. Flowing Movements

Curves in static body language translate into flowing movement while in motion.

Flowing movement, even more than sexy, is what I would call sensual.
Smoldering sensual, if well done.

The best way to learn flowing movement is by learning dance.
Learning to dance does more than simply teach you to move your body, but also helps you to get in touch with your body and feel comfortable in your own skin.

Here is an example of flowing movement through dancing:

She will not move in her daily life the same way she dances of course, but you can rest assured that it will rub off and that she comes across as an extremely sensual, feminine, and sexy woman.

#2.2. Hips Swaying

This is one of my favorites.

It’s both sexy and feminine to sway your hips while walking.

Marilyn Monroe is a typical example here.
If you want to see more, check the feminine seduction in How to Seduce a Man.

#3. Legs Crossing

Men and women sit differently.

And since feminine body language is often about accentuating the differences between men and women, sitting presents a great opportunity to display some advanced seductive body language.

For example, men don’t sit like this, and that’s why you should (just lose the heinous shoes please!):

Here are two attractive female poses:

3.2. Leg Twine

The leg twine is exquisitely feminine.

It communicates shyness and possibly discomfort and it does not ooze the sex appeal of a secure woman.

So, why are we even putting it here?

Because it’s still very, very attractive. More in a feminine “protect me” kind of way.
And trust me, men love that. It was one of the secret sauces of Monroe’s sex appeal.

So don’t try to suppress it if it’s coming naturally to you: it’s endearing.

Or watch Monica Bellucci do it in the video:

Perfect legs cross.
Albeit some consider Bellucci the peak of languid seduction, she plopped on that chair too abruptly though. A more flowing movement would have been even more feminine. 

3.3. Parallel Legs

According to Allan Pease in The Definitive Body Language, parallel legs are the seating position that most men find the most attractive.

Men cannot do parallel legs, so this one screams feminine sex appeal.
Don’t worry if you can’t manage the full parallel legs, “open parallel” is still OK:

In the picture going from perfectly parallel to “open parallel”, which is less “extreme femininity” and far better for workplaces.

Legs Cross In Motion: Sharon Stone Example

You are probably aware of Sharon Stone’s famous leg cross in Basic Instinct.

The vagina shot though, allegedly one of the most paused scenes in movie history, should not overshadow the erotic charge of the whole leg movements.

The leg rub right from the parallel leg position is much more sensual than the open legs shot.

#4. “Protect Me & Ravish Me” Gaze

In body language looking down is a sign of submission.

Two words about that as I know some female readers might bulk at the idea of “submissiveness”.
Some people lament that “in our society” submissiveness is connected to femininity. I see where they’re coming from and I get their point.
Still, those people don’t understand basic human behavior, drives, and psychology.

Submissiveness in seduction is in the nature of things and it’s very localized. It doesn’t really mean “submissive for life”.
It’s as much a sign of submission as it is a sign of choice (which is empowering).
It’s a way of saying:

OK, I decided you are good enough for me. You got permission to go ahead.

Now that we clarified that, let’s get back to some real talk.

The best version of looking down is when you follow it with a lookup.
So it looks like this: look at him, then look down, then look back up at him. Bonus points if you look back at him with your head tilted down.
In short: up, down, up.

This move is very invigorating for men and makes them feel awesome. It’s possibly the best move you can make to embolden a man to come to you.

I still remember the first time I received a perfect “up-down-up” gaze.
It was years ago from a beautiful Kazakh brunette in a club in Prague.
Back then I wasn’t as book-smart when it comes to body language, but I immediately had a visceral pull towards her.

Also, read:

Sexy EC Example: Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie got the “up-down-up” to a science.

She is so smooth in doing it that most people wouldn’t even consciously notice it.
But it’s one of the main reasons why men are drawn to her like moths to flame.

The first one is subtle and can be used also with men you “only” want to be attracted to you. The second is more obvious.

#5. Eye Brow Flash

Jack Schaefer in The Like Switch says that the eyebrow flash is a sign of friendship and liking.

Indeed it is, and especially so when used by men.
But with a pesky, slight allusive smile it’s sexy. And it’s sexy in a very jaunty, cheeky way.

Even better and more allusive is if you can pull it off with a single eyebrow up (in which case, drop me a note in the contact section :):

The above flight attendant example is a 10/10 also because of the perfect voice tonality.

#6. Hair Flick

Oh well, you should know this one.

You’re probably doing it already as most women do it, consciously or unconsciously, pretty often.
But don’t skip it just yet. The fact most women do it naturally doesn’t mean you can’t do it consciously, better, or both.

It’s a bit like walking and talking: everyone does it and nobody thinks much of it.
Instead, it’s exactly these basic moves that make the difference between sexy women and non-sexy women.
This is an example of a hair flick.

#7. Facial Expressions

High-value women use facial expressions more often and more expressively than most other women (and most men).
Let’s review a few staples of sexy female facial expressions:

7.2. Primal Smile

We have seen Angelina Jolie twice already.
That makes sense, right? She is (was) one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood.

Well, here’s the thing though: Angelina Jolie is NOT the sexiest woman because of her beauty. She is the sexiest woman because of her body language.

If you have ever noticed Angelina Jolie’s smile, it is not a normal smile. It is broad. And wide.
She doesn’t smile as 99.8% of the population smiles. She opens her mouth fully.

Look at her:

Jolie’s smile makes her look slightly out of control and a bit mad (or “dumb”, someone said). But it’s sexy. It’s sexy in a primal, carnal way.

Did she carefully pick and trine that “carnal smile” to become who she is? That, I don’t know.
But I personally think so.

7.3. Lips Moisturizing

There is a connection between the size of the lips and the size of the vaginal labia.
And of course, lubricating lips is a not-so-subtle allusion to sex.

7.4. Sexy Winks

Winks are not the sexiest expressions of feminine body language. They’re more boyish / friendly and a bit too obvious.

However, anything can be turned into sexy. Best of all, if you combine it with a sensually opening mouth, which is an obvious hint of the sexual.

#8. Sex Body Language

When you need to go nuclear, you drop the “y” from “sexy” and you go “sex body language.

Suggestive poses, finger in the mouth, and orgasmic facial expressions all belong to “sex body language”.
Female porn “prepping” also belong to this category.

Signs of open sexuality include:

  • Sucking a finger
  • Licking a glass
  • Faking an orgasm
  • Mimicking a BJ on a banana or popsicle
  • Openly touching oneself

They all have a place and they can all be extremely sexy… Under certain circumstances.
When you’re already engrossed in a sexual atmosphere for example, while having sex, when you want to send a crystal clear message, or maybe with a guy who just doesn’t get it.

This is the sub-communication of open sexuality body language:

I’m a sexual being and I’m horny: fuck me

Sexually explicit body language outside sexually-charged interactions can easily become tacky though.
And you should be aware that this is something that transexual men often use.
I’d be wary of a woman who uses “sex body language” outside of very specific situations, and this is something I recommend only if you are a “pro”.

#9. Attractive Body Language During Sex

Attractive body language is all about alluding to sex.

But what about the actual act of sex?

Well, this is a very interesting topic, but let’s keep this article on more public expressions of attractive body language.
And maybe I’ll do one post just for “during sex” body language later on.

For now, though, enjoying sex, reaching orgasm, and abandoning yourself to it is a very powerful way to be sexually feminine.
Indeed, we could probably say that an orgasmic face is, well, the peak of sexy body language.

Also on the topic:

#10. More Attractive Body Language

Finally, here are a few more that most people are naturally aware of:

Example of going from most close and unfriendly (left) to most open (and submissive):

attractive female poses

You can see more pictures and examples in:

Types of Attractive Female Body Language

There are four types of attractive female body language:

1. Sex Body Language

Attractive female body language is a big win for sexuality.

However, when that sexual layer goes from hint to “in your face”, the woman can be perceived as lower quality as compared to more subtle women.

Sexual body language which is overly obvious will also eclipse everything else.
Your words, your job, your thoughts… They will all disappear when the sexual becomes too obvious.

What to do then?
You need a touch of sexuality and you need to reference sexuality. But don’t leave it by itself. Temper it with mixed signals or with other traits such as submissiveness.

2. Submissive Body Language

Submissive signals communicate sexual accessibility in a way that is coy and mixes the “protect me” with the “fu*k me”.

3. Aggressive Body Language

Aggressive is openly sexual while being forward and devoid of teasing and submission.

It turns the tables on him and she becomes the aggressor.

When it’s well done, it’s hot as hell and necessarily non-feminine. It can certainly have its place in steamy encounters, but like the purely sexual it’s best not to be used in public unless you’re already a pro.

See an example here from “Crazy Stupid Love”:

A good mix of aggressive sexual abandon mixed with push-pull during the first escalation to sex (read: how to postpone sex).

4. Teasing

Teasing is possibly my favorite.
It’s very powerful and it makes men chase like wild beasts as it sub-communicates the following:

I might be up for it. But will you be man enough to catch me (/fuck me)?

The winks we have seen earlier are examples of good teasing.

The Sexiness is in The Mix

The above categories don’t work in isolation and there is often a mix of the different styles.

The most seductive women manage indeed to send mixed signals from all different categories, and they can move from one role to the next depending on the occasion.

As in the following:

  • Explicit & Teasing

Ayda Yespica whom we reviewed in How to Seduce a Man mixes sex and teasing to perfection.

  • Explicit & Submissive

This is possibly the most powerful of them all.

Marylin Monroe is the best example as she was high in purely sexual (orgasmic faces) and sky-high in submissiveness.

The submissive and protection-seeking body language would take the edge off of her purely sexual body language so she wouldn’t look “whorish”.

Explicit and submissive is indeed the only style that can be extremely sexually forward without being labeled as a whore (this is important because of men’s Madonna-whore complex). Monroe was indeed considered a high-value woman.


Sexy body language for women must always have:

  • Femininity
  • At least a hint of sexual

In this article, we reviewed a few practical examples of some attractive body language poses for women

In Seduction University we keep the best poses for seducing and attracting men

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