Hands in Pockets | Body Language Analysis (Pictures)

hands in pockets body language

Are you looking for information on what hands in pockets mean?

Or how to make it work for you?

Because it’s true that from a body language perspective hands in pockets are not the best.

But there are plenty of ways to make it work.

Hell, hands in pockets can even be sexy!

By the end of this article, you will know what the different types of hands in pockets mean.
And how you can make it work in your body language arsenal.

Hands in Pockets: Body Language Meaning

Hands in pockets when standing is a no-no in the body language literature.

Vanessa van Edwards says that hands in your pocket murders rapport, makes you come across as unconfident, and is associated with lying and defensiveness.

And she’s right.

Mark Bowden author of “Winning Body Language” says that showing our hands is one of the most crucial aspects of building trust with the people around us.

But Lucio Buffalmano says that, as for most things people-related, big generalizations are almost always wrong.

And yes, you can also make hands-in pockets work.

Can Hands in Pockets Be Sexy?

Sometimes you don’t want rapport.

Sometimes you don’t want trust.

Sometimes you just want to look cool.
Or sexy.

That also works :).

And hands in pockets can be inherently sexy by drawing attention to your nether regions.

2 Types of Hands in Pockets

There are 3 variables that will determine how confident or un-confident your hands in your pockets will be:

  1. Visibility: how deep in the pockets? Do they have a thumb or fingers sticking out? The rule of thumb -pun intended- is: the more visible your hands and thumb are, the more sexy/confident;
  2. Body Language: how’s the rest of the body language? The overall frame will determine if your hands in pockets are sexy, weak, or even strategically deployed to, for example, spice up a bland outfit or offset an otherwise too-imposing frame;
  3. Quantity: both hands in pockets or just one? Usually, only one hand in your pocket is sexier and more confident.

Both Hands In Pocket – Fingers Out

Hoodlum warning!

Both hands with fingers out is probably the most sexually aggressive hands-in-pockets pose you can have.

The fingers outside conspicuously draw attention to your genitalia, making it a very gaudy, obvious pose.

If used while talking to a woman it will also give your game away.

Great For:

  • Hyper mannish cowboy style
  • Younger guys
  • For “play poses”

hands in pockets when standing

Bad For:

  • Most anyone outside cowboys, juvenile rebels, and gay party posters 🙂

The problem with the cowboy pose is that it’s too obvious. It’s the equivalent of a woman biting and licking the rim of a glass as she looks at you. Yes, many men would happily take that lay, but most women prefer a bit more subtlety –Undercover Sex Signals and The Art of Seduction both agree too much and obviously a display of masculinity is a turn-off-.

Both Hands In Pocket – Thumbs Out

This is the less extreme version of drawing attention to your nether regions with both hands: thumbs are less obvious and conspicuous and it’s considered a confident and authoritative position.

man with hands in pocekts

Great For:

  • When you’re posing for a shot,
  • When you’re cold and hence have a real reason to hide your hands.
  • With slim-fit clothing or hipster styles to get some more mannish edge.
  • Overcoats, so more mature or “serious” looking men can use them while looking professional and… Authoritative

Also works well with the shoulder shrug. The thumbs out -confidence- Coupled with the defensive “head duck” (I don’t know), communicates with endearing cuteness -but still a mannish side- that you either don’t have much influence on the result or that you got found out. As if to say “Well… You know how it is”.

hands in pocket sexy body language
She: “who’s this girl texting you?” You: *shoulder shrug*

Bad For:

  • Interacting with people: you’re better off using hand gestures and possibly touching your conversation partner;
  • As your main resting position -Martin Sheen doing it for the whole Badlands movie looked like a rebel, but in a non-powerful, juvenile fashion.

One Hand In Pocket – Fingers Out

We’re starting to get now to more “usable” daily poses.

One hand in the pocket with fingers sticking out is sexually allusive without being too showy. You will still rarely see mature men in this position though.

one hand in pocket

Great For:

  • Holding with one hand onto a rail or bar
  • Impressing a strong sexual vibe on the interaction (imagine yourself reclining against the bar as you speak to her)

thumb in pocket attractive body language

Bad For:

  • Getting to know people (unless you’re playing the cool guy)

Note: try to keep your fingers together because open fingers are perceived as less powerful (Pease and Pease).

One Hand in Pocket – Thumb Out

Hand in the pocket with one thumb out is great all seasons.

This is a common resting position of mine: it’s allusive in a great, slight “under the radar” way.

one hand in pocket body language

Great For:

  • Your go-to resting position
  • When reclining against the bar

hand in pocket with sexy pose

Bad For

One Hand In Pocket – All In

With one hand fully in the pocket we start going further down the “blandness” side of the curve.

full hand in pocket

Great For:

sexy hand in pocket pose

  • With a suit and a nice watch, as embodied by James Bond
  • When holding a drink to look casual or…
  • When holding a gun to take the edge off (remember this one next time you’re out at the bar 🙂

Both Hands In Pockets – All In

Both hands in pockets are at the highest risk of looking unconfident and shifty because we hide our palms when we want to hide something (Pease and Pease).
But it can still work if you couple it with great posture and a relaxed look because hands in pockets are also non-commital as if to say “whatever”, which can be sexy in a comfortable, soothing way. The secret to making it work is the expression on your face: relaxed and chill.

Great For:

  • Laid back, hippie types (picture below would have been better with a pendant and a couple of brown wristbands)
  • When you want to give an aura of “whatever”
  • Comfortable, casual look
hands in pockets chill style
Chill babe, the world ain’t gonna end

Bad For:

  • When feeling down (it contributes to down-spiraling)
  • When you tend to slouch (both hands in pockets will make you slouch more)
  • With any other negative signs such as low gaze, slouched shoulders, downward lips, and hips drawn back (i.e.: moving genitals away rather than forward)

Bonus: Hand-in-Pocket Move

And don’t forget the actual movement. Slow. With a slight smirk for social situations sexiness and a deadpan face for edgy sexiness. But don’t take my word for it and look at who did it much better than I have.
Note: here’s an example where the movement gave away nervousness in a “hide my hand” way more than a “look at my crotch” move.

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