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Women: here's an attractive, high-quality example of how to drop all games (text picture)

I often make the point that much of the dating advice for women is not only plain wrong but sometimes even harmful.

Over-gaming and exaggerated attempts of making him chase are often an example of bad dating games and poor dating strategies (take a look in the dating section for women and you'll see why or see the science behind it here).

What could be a different approach, then?

Radical Honesty (& Dropping The Games)

Sometimes I meet some women who are so honest, frank and natural that it's like a breath of fresh air.

How does that look like?
I'm glad you ask.
Look at this example from a fresh story of a couple of weeks ago:

We had already been intimate, but since it was still so fresh I went in to set up the date/meet playing the game of hiding my interest. That's what I'm often used -or shall we say, conditioned to- because, well... That's the game 99% of women also play.

But the moment a man meets that 1% woman who's not shy of showing her beautiful self, with her honest interest and attraction included, that's pretty special (also read: how to escalate investment for mutually supportive relationships).

It was true that my mom was going to be here for a while and I was going to be away, but the simple fact that I made sure to frame my request with that information shows that I was being very defensive.

And when a man is being defensive but willing to meet you, that's the perfect moment to show him that actions and facts that he can drop the games (just like the lady in the text did).

Female Power Example

Also note that albeit I was very glad to receive this text, this was also a big social slap in the face for me.

Her behavior was very powerful and leader-like and it changed the whole dating dynamics (also check out how to be feminine and powerful at the same time).

From here on, I knew that I didn't need to play games.
And let me tell you: an intimate relationship without dating power games is SO much more fulfilling and liberating. And we got there so much quicker thanks to her.

If that's not a great example of positive leadership, I don't know what it is.

But Don't Drop All Games

This shouldn't be needed, but just to be sure: this is not a recommendation to drop all games and always being honest, frank and vulnerable.

"Never play games" doesn't even make sense anyway.
It's in our very nature to portray our best selves and that's a sign of quality.

But there can be such a case of "too many games".
Especially with men who are more emotionally intelligent and quickly grow tired of games.

This is why, in this day and age, and especially if she's interested in high-quality men, overtures of full honesty can win the day and make the difference between bitterness and a lovely relationship (or night).

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