Russell Brand Flirting Techniques: Seduction Analysis

russel brand seduction techniques

Russell Brand is one of the most famous public figures that people connect to flirting and seducing.

Of course, flirting is not sleeping, and we should not confuse reactions with results.

But Russell Brand also gets results, so it’s well worth analyzing his flirting and seduction styles.

#1. Push – Pull

Push and pull is a technique whereby you first make a compliment or a kind remark (the pull), and then you immediately push away -the pull-.

It’s a great technique to build intrigue and build people up while, at the same time, not giving your game away too quickly.

It’s best used when:

  1. She’s not yet attracted to you (and a compliment might seem like you’re putting her on a pedestal)
  2. You are not coming across as a high-value man she respects (and you risk being friend-zoned Mr. nice guy with the compliment)
  3. The compliment is a big one and she’s at a loss for words (and you want to avoid those moments of awkwardness)

And since Russell Brand often overdoes it with compliments and romance, it’s indeed very good that he uses push-pull as much as he does.

Here are some examples:

#1.1. Inverted Push – Pull

Russell Brand also does the opposite, such as when he makes a big joke at the woman’s expense and then reels her back in with kindness or touch.

That’s very good, and I actually recommend men use it much more often than the standard push-pull because you end on a positive note and you end with the two of you closer.

This is an example of an inverted push-pull.

#2. Destroy Male Competition

Russell Brand always positions himself as the man of the revolution against the greedy ones who govern and control us.

His alternative is a more collectivistic society, a brotherhood of men. And that starts with more equality.

That’s interesting because he doesn’t seem so hell-bent on equality when he deals with other men.
Instead, he hogs all the attention and never fails to marginalize other men to get the female attention all focused on him.

Here are some examples:

Contrary to Ben Shapiro, I don’t think that Russell Brand does it on purpose to unsettle all other men.
He does the same with women, after all.
But the result is the same: when Russell Brand walks onto a stage, other men tend to disappear.

#3. Dominate Socially

One of the main reasons why Russell Brand attracts all the women around him is because he dominates social interactions.
And with that, he looks like the alpha male leader that women so desperately want.

To be precise, Russell Brand has a clownish style of social dominance that does not work on all occasions, but whenever it works, it’s social dominance nonetheless.

He especially leverages his “jester powers” to change topics as he pleases. It’s difficult for hosts and other men to counteract because jesters reside outside of social norms, and they can do and say things that other men cannot do and say.

Plus, the public is often laughing at Russell Brand’s antics, which would make it very difficult for anyone to confront him without looking like an antisocial brute.

That allows Russell Brand to do and say almost anything he pleases. And he uses it to his full advantage to control the interactions as he pleases.

#4. Dominate Sexually

In the old days of kings, jesters could not exaggerate with sexual jokes because, well, the king was the king and he had the first pick.

But today, few people have the balls to be sexually direct, which leaves Russell Brand in a class of his own, one of the exceedingly rare men who do flirt and who can do it well

Russell Brand leverages the predator-prey dynamic in his interactions with women.
When the prey likes the predator, that’s a very good flirting dynamic that allows him to go as far as he wants and, often, can lead to actual sex.

Off-Handed Remarks

Russell Brand likes to go overboard and catch women off guard. The more they’re lost, the more power he wields.

And since women are attracted to men with power, his sexual dominance coupled with his social dominance makes Brand supremely seductive.

Also read:

#5. A Feminine Touch

Finally, I would like you to notice that Russell Brand presents a touch—or even more than a touch—of femininity in his behavior.

Starting from the way he dresses—catchy, provocative, and super stylish—he looks borderline gay.
His voice is slightly high-pitched, and his movements often resemble those of a gay man as well.

You never want to be too feminine.
But a touch of femininity goes a long way when it’s offset by an otherwise masculine and attractive frame.

Russell Brand reminds me of dandyism and of glam rock superstars like Axl Rose.

Don’t believe me?
Take a look at these images! 

Note: unless you also have a similar alternative and dandy style, never go as feminine as Russell Brand does, as it would be too much for most men.

Downsides of Russell Brand Flirting Style

There are major downsides to Russell Brand’s flirting style though.

As a matter of fact, I’m not a big fan of Russell Brand’s style.
It’s not the pinnacle of seduction and I think many guys misunderstand it because they look at the reactions of women and then think “oh wooow, he soooo good”.

However, equating reactions with results is a typical beginner’s mistake.

Of course, we can probably guess that Russell Brand also gets results, but let’s not forget that it’s not just flirting and seduction style that produces results.
There are other important variables including, for example:

  • Fame
  • Looks 
  • Money
  • Intelligence

And Russell Brands excels in all of them.

We could probably compare Russell Brand level of attractiveness with Johnny Depp.

So which style is better, Depp or Brand?

The difference between Brand and Depp is that Russell Brand gets laid by chasing hard and that makes him lose quite some power.
A man with a style more like Jonny Depp can make his seduction work more like a dance where both the man and woman contribute. Or, since Depp is so attractive, he can also get the woman to do most of the chasing.

That’s why, ultimately, a seduction style like Johnny Depp can get the woman to invest more, which in turn makes her more attracted, and which in turn gives more power to him.

When Russell Brand Loses Power

Another problem is that his style can isolate him from the people around him, who sometimes can form a coalition of “normal people” VS the oddball.

And they can end up not taking him seriously, which vastly reduces the social power of the jester.
See an example here:

Russell Brand took the joke very far out there and, at that point, they all socially coalesced against him.
They started speaking of him as “he” as if he was an animal that was there to entertain them.
That made Russell Brand look much less impressive than the dominant force he was just a few seconds prior.

And that’s the risk that all jesters run when they take it too far: normal people coalesce and they end up looking like jesters that are being stupid for everyone’s pleasure.

And that point, they lose social power and also seductive power.

Defeating Alpha Stereotypes

In a way, I like Russell Brand.

He shows everyone that you don’t need to chase the worst aspects of toxic masculinity, that you can drop the alpha posturing, and that you can still clean it.

Because here is a guy who defies a lot of the hyper-masculine stereotypes of the red pill.
He behaves somewhat gay, laughs all the time, talks fast, and does not lift… And he slays it (attention: I’m not saying you should not seek power, lift, or be masculine: do all of those. I’m saying it’s not necessarily needed for success).

Jester Dominance Style

In my guide on the dominance archetypes, I omitted a few styles that I left out for the customers of Power University.

One of the archetypes I left out is the jester.

And from a social point of view, that’s exactly who Russel Brand is: a jester. 


From a seduction point of view, Russell Brand relies heavily on flirting, direct sexual talk, and heavy innuendos.

It works great for him both because he’s good at it and because he’s very attractive.
Albeit any feedback should be personalized, most men could improve by implementing more flirting and by better learning female psychology.

But because of its major downsides, I wouldn’t recommend most men to imitate Russell Brand’s style.

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