What to Text When She Doesn’t Text Back (Just Copy Paste These!)

It’s annoying when a girl doesn’t reply to your text, isn’t it?

You text her, she replies a few times and then poof… She stops responding altogether. Or maybe she just never replies at all.

It’s not uncommon.

But worry not, there are many texts you can send to make her text back.
I share with you here a system that will guarantee you the highest chances of rekindling your interaction.

To begin with, though, I want to tell you this: don’t take a few unanswered texts as a personal rejection.
No matter the looks, skills, money, or personal value, everybody has been there before. Countless times :).

Now let’s start by defining the “she stopped replying” situation:

When Can You Consider Her “Non-Replying”?

I will define a woman who has gone AWOL on you when:

  1. she doesn’t answer after two of your texts a
  2. she doesn’t text back after two days.

Now there will be plenty of women that will text you back after a few weeks, days… Or even months (yep)!
But as a rule of thumb, use the two above as they will cover 95% of your texting situations.

Why Two Texts Is the Threshold

If two texts go unanswered a third text is a big no-no.
It’s because if you sent a third text she will back-rationalize that if she hasn’t replied so far it’s because she didn’t like you (called “sense-making” in psychology).

So the rule of thumb is: two unanswered texts and that medium has been “burned”. You can’t use it anymore.

What do you do, then?

Read on:

#1. Drop Texts And Call Her

Bring back the good vibes

The call is probably the very first thing I’d go for after two unanswered messages.
It does a few great things for you:

Why Calling Works

  1. Opens a new channel with a clean slate
  2. It shows you’re not afraid of calling
  3. It brings back the good vibes
  4. Some women prefer calls

Here is an example, and notice that one month and a half had passed between our last text:

what to text when she doesn't reply
If I had texted here instead of calling we would have never become lovers

Let’s dig deeper:
Voice addresses a common reason why she hasn’t replied to your texts: feeling dissipation. When you first met there were good feelings, but they dissipated and now you’re just a few lines of text on her phone.
The phone call, with your voice and a conversation, is exactly what can bring back those good feelings in full force.

The last reason is that some women aren’t into texting (mostly older and/or very busy). They consider it a time-wasting and “childlike” medium.
When you call these women they will finally see you as “man enough” to pick up the phone.

If She Picks Up

When she picks up it’s a bit like starting from a clean slate.

I’ve had women propose to themselves that we should meet after a good phone call, and the unanswered texts become a thing of the past.

Just to be sure though avoid writing her again on the “burned” medium after the call.

Few Quick Calling Tips

If you’re nervous:

  • Call while walking
  • Call in elated states (after work out or big accomplishment)
  • After a few drinks

The talk:

  • Have a couple of stories at hand
  • Keep it brisk/entertaining
  • Make sure you end the conversation

#2. Switch Texting Medium

Begin with a clean slate

Of course, the call might go unanswered as well.
Or… Let’s be honest, you might be too nervous for the call. No shame, brother :).

If you did call, leave a message on the voice mail -make it cool and nonchalant and tell her to call you back-.
After a few days, if she hasn’t called back, then switch medium again with a text message.

The best one is going from texts to Whatsapp (or Line or Kakao or whatever is popular).

Why It Works

Since she won’t notice the old unanswered texts:

  • Doesn’t fully realize you’re chasing
  • Won’t make her feel guilty that she hasn’t replied so far
  • Apps are free (some gals can be that broke)
  • Your nice picture can remind her of positive feelings
  • New medium means you’re also more novelty


In the example below, she didn’t reply to my last text.

But then, look what a 180 degrees turn when I switched medium: she was thinking about inviting me to a movie but was afraid I’d refuse.

Wouldn’t it have been simpler scheduling when I asked two weeks earlier?

Yes, but that’s sometimes what happens with texts: it doesn’t progress but it does not necessarily mean there’s no interest from her side.

And that’s when a Text Medium Switch gives you the biggest bang for the buck.

when a girl doesn't text you back

#3. Use A Value-Giving Text

Give instead of asking: propose something valuable

We have seen in the article on Social Exchange that the best way of getting what you want is to give other people what they want.

Ideally, in the romantic realm, you won’t provide anything more than being a hot, sexy, and charming man.

But life is rarely about “ideal” situations, and especially after two unanswered texts, it can be a great strategy to give her something she wants and values.

Why it Works

Right now she perceives you as a guy who’s asking and taking.

Providing something of value breaks that dynamic and completely flips the scripts. Now you’re a giver.


The girl from the below text message played and studied a musical instrument.

What could be useful for her?
Some (further) connection in the composing and music industry is a safe bet.

Now we can’t AB test that, but I’m pretty sure that after an unanswered WhatsApp, an unanswered call, and an unanswered text this was a dead one.

So I proceed to invite her to what is useful to her.

Notice that exactly one hour later she promptly calls me back.

when she doesn't text back

You don’t want to over-provide.
Just give one thing that’s useful for her, hint at something more possible, and then close the deal asap.

#4. “Make Your Move” Text

From chaser to raiser: her turn or that’s it

This is one of the most effective and by far my favorite…

This is another text I use often and with a very good response rate.

Basically, you send her a message saying that you’ve tried to reach her a few times but you can’t keep going after her and… You will not.
So if she’s not completely against the idea of a coffee It’s her turn now.

If she liked you this text can be a major wake-up call that she’s losing you.
You go from “guy who’s chasing after her for… Indefinitely”, to the guy who is not going to reach out anymore and demands of her to make a step instead.

And that’s good.

I especially like to combine this one with “switching medium”. For example when I’ll text twice, call, and still no answer, then I’ll send this one via another messaging app.


And here’s an example of how it works like a charm:

what to do when she doesn't reply to you

#5. Drop It… Then Ping Her

A Blast from the Past

This has a much lower hit rate.

But your text might land on some perfect timing: a recent breakup, or some long drought period… And you know you can help with those ;).

You can use it as a flooding strategy: when you’re in any downtime copy and paste the exact same message and send it to all the old unresponsive numbers.


You can write you were deleting old numbers; or that you either saw her or someone who looked exactly like her; or that you stumbled by mistake on that old conversation.
Anything which is gives you a plausible way to seem like you stumbled on that number/conversation by accident.

write this when a woman doesn't text back

#6. “I Am Gone” Text (Scarcity Principle)

The Allure of the Impossible

This one works rather well too.

In some instances, it also worked for me without switching medium and after more than 2 unanswered texts (!).

It’s a huge wake-up call for those women who live their dating life very passively, expecting a man on a white horse will smash their front door and drag them to a fantasy castle (and there are many of those!).

I’m exaggerating here with the imagery, but in practice, that’s how many women live their dating life.

Why it Works

It works because now all of a sudden you’re not anymore the guy who’s texting them and whom they might have one day met.. Now you’re the guy who’s gone, and that’s it.

All of a sudden they remember you were a cool guy, and you become a missed opportunity. And scarcity and the human tendency of valuing what we can’t have also come to your rescue (check Influence by Cialdini).

I use it with all the girls I liked but never got around to meeting while I travel. If you want to possibly meet those women when you go back, this text is more powerful than anything else you could write.

perfect text when she doesn't reply

The Sneaky Variation

I don’t like lying and only used it when I really left. But nothing stops you from using it with women from your same city.

If you do, you can tell her one month later you’re back for a few days and you will then try to make things happen quickly during that time.

Don’t worry about the “truth” emerging later on, if all goes well she’ll be delighted you’re actually sticking around.

The Power Move Variation

If she’s not very forthcoming it will increase your chances if you further re-balance the relationship.

How do you do that?

When she says yes to meeting up, don’t write her anymore.  Then write later on, or on some occasion like her birthday to excuse yourself for not having had the time (read a step-by-step case study on how to use special occasions to re-build your value: recovering from a bad date with Facebook).

Power balance restored and your chances of things happening just increased.

#7. “I’m Worried About You” Text

This is another effective one you can use where you pretend you’re worried about her for whatever reason.

Why It Works

It positions you as someone who cares about her, which will warm her to you. And as someone who takes care of the people around them, which is a typical leader behavior –Godfather style-.

Also, bonus points if you do it because you really care.
example what to text a girl who stopped responding

You will notice she hadn’t replied to 3 of my messages. I stumbled upon her in person again in the months after and we agreed for a coffee. But she hadn’t picked up the phone.
And now, after I showed I cared, she was asking questions.

Empathy & Caring as a Screening Tool

It will work more effectively with people who are compassionate and emphatic themselves.

And these are the kind of people you want in your life.

More than a woman also used it with me (1, 2 examples), and I cherish and remember these kinds of thoughtful check-ins.

#8. Text Her 3 Dots

If you were in a conversation, a very effective technique is to simply write her name and three suspension points.

If she likes you and you didn’t do anything too wrong, this text works very well in getting a reply and getting the conversation back on track.

write this if she doesn't text back for days

Read the whole case study on how to text flaky girls.

#9. Use Some Text Flirting 

Once you finally brought her to text you back, change the mood of your texts right away.

This is a good video on how to spruce your texts with some flirting and good sexual innuendos:

#10. Fix The Issue For Good!

Permission to be honest?

Alright then, here it is:

Worrying about her replies is pussy’s game.

Don’t worry though: we’ve all been there.

Indeed I don’t mean it in a mean way. As a matter of fact, I’ve been there too.

And if you are ready and willing to walk up the mountain, I’m happy to show you the way.

Read around here and make yourself into a person who doesn’t have to worry anymore about a couple of silly texts.

Or even better, accelerate, condense, and take your learning to the next level with Power University:

what to do when she doesn't text back

Bonus: High Power Ping

The high power ping looks like this:

real life example of how to rekindle a non-responsive match on dating apps with a good text

Bonus: Never text these

After a Google search, I realized there’s a surprising lack of good advice on this topic. However, there’s a good quantity of cra**y advice and poor understanding that I’ve experienced firsthand.
Let’s quickly review some popular cringeworthy stuff hurling around:

“I guess you are busy so I will not trouble you”

This was taken from nothing less than the very first website in the Google search results for women not texting back.
This is so wrong in so many ways that I won’t even start, but leave a comment if it’s unclear and I’ll break it down.

bad text when a girl doesn't reply


Of course, wikiHow never fails to take a high spot in the race to the bottom. Your texts should always aim at getting her out with you or setting up for it.
That’s YOUR task as the man –and the leader-.

“Hey” puts the burden on the receiver and relinquishes control of the interaction. Oh, and BTW, a woman sending you this cr*p only ever gets: no reply; a question mark; or a “yo” as a response.

Anything more is out of the question.

wrong text when she doesn't reply
Pure digital pollution, but great for a laugh’s sake

“Why you don’t text me back”

This probably takes the crown for the worst text to send: now she’s searching for reasons WHY she doesn’t want to text you back. The only way to answer such a text is with a slap… Hoping it will inculcate some common sense :).

“You have time to post on X but not to text me back”

Pushy, butthurt, stalk-ey, and desperate all rolled into one. This text instills bad feelings in the receiver. Those bad feelings might push her to reply out of a sense of guilt, but she’ll start associating your texts -and you- with those bad feelings. Also, she’ll feel like your happiness depends on her, and she has to baby you.
Hopefully, you see why that’s wrong on so many levels :).

Warning: the easiest way to get A girl to text you back…

  • .. Is by texting another girl
  • And starting well (instead of fixing)

Dating, as much as most other things in life, never really stops being a number game and a question of odds.
These techniques DO work wonders, but the best way to dramatically increase the odds of a girl replying to your text (and dating you) Is by having several options.
And of course, this post is about fixing. But fixing is always tricky. Much better to start well.

Girl Not Texting You Back: The Mindsets

You will notice that some techniques in this post could be used in “sneaky” ways.
But I’m cool with it because, in the greater scheme of things, I know it’s for a good cause.

Your mindset then is that, if you’re a great guy, you’re doing her a favor by making it happen. And if that means pulling a few strings or bending some truths, then be it.

Of course, that also means it’s our duty to keep working on becoming a high-value guy :).


When a girl doesn’t text back some common advice is to “just move on”. That’s an option, of course. But if you care about meeting pretty girls -or that specific girl- why should you move on right away when you can still have a fair shot that only costs you a mere minute?

These techniques really do work wonders with unresponsive numbers and I’ve never seen them laid out anywhere else.
To sum it up:

  1. Two texts after meeting
  2. Call
  3. Switch Medium
  4. Provide what she values
  5. “Not gonna write you anymore, it’s your turn” text
  6. “Are you still around” months later
  7. “I’m gone forever text”, which I would use in place of “your turn text”.
  8. (name)

Ad Maiora,

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