One Date System by Chase Amante: Review & Summary

one date by chase amante reviewed on ipad

One Date by Chase Amante is a dating course for men on how to meet, date, and attract women.
“One Date System” refers to the number of dates Chase recommends men to go through: just one single date, and seek to make sex happen within that first date.

one date reviewed on iad by the power moves

Exec Overview

  • Focus on fundamentals: they are your 80%
  • Balance value and attainability to come across as high value, but she can get you
  • Test what kind of girl she is and date for her type

One Date Summary

Notice that this review of One Date is for the One Date System and Module One only. I canceled the successive charges

Focus on Fundamentals

Chase says that the two most important fundamentals are:

  1. Leading (asking her on a date, to come home with you and making your move)
  2. Personal Fundamentals (voice, body language, posture, fashion)

If you don’t do anything else but focus on doing those two, you’ll be successful.
The fundamentals are what make you a high-value man, with a high sexual market value.

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VAC stands for:

  • Value (your value)
  • Attainability (how attainable your value feels to her if she can get you)
  • Compliance (have her follow your lead, start building it soon, and escalate it)

VAC is foundational to Chase’s model as he learned it from Sebastian Drake and further adapted it, developed it, and wrote about it. But get a girl to sleep with you, Chase says you should focus more on SAC:


SAC stands for:

  • Similarity (she should feel you two are connected and somewhat similar)
  • Arousal (if she’s not aroused at all she won’t be able to reach that point when she’s ready to have sex)
  • Compliance (if she’s not compliant then she doesn’t follow your lead until the bedroom)

These are the three key core principles you should hit with a woman. Each woman will need more of one or the other, and you should structure your date and present yourself based on what she prefers.

You want to start with a connection, then some arousal, then compliance.

Thrill-seekers, novelty seekers, and high-energy girls might want more arousal, and they build that connection through arousing activities.

To find out who she is:

  • Ask her to do something small for you. If she does it, she’s a compliance girl, if not:
  • Do arousing stuff (flirting, teasing, banter, or breaking small rules)
  • If the first two don’t work you need to build a connection

How to Build Deep Emotional Connection

You could see the SAC mode as going from most sexually switched off to readier for sex.
If she’s not very compliant and does not respond well to arousal she needs more similarity and connection.

Chase says that the same girl might seek different values from different guys, but most girls usually need an emotional connection.

Breaking Rules & Arousal

There is a connection between how much a woman is sexually open and how impulsive and thrill seeker she is.

The more she is into arousing activities, the bigger the rules you have to break.

If she’s not very sexually open, tone it down or you risk scaring her off.

The triggers for arousal in the brain are the same for risky and high-adrenaline behavior.
Risk and excitement are on the same wavelength, meaning that if you do something crazy together she can misattribute her excitement as sexual excitement for you -something Boothman and Vanessa also mentioned. It’s kinda true, but also partially debunked pop-psychology-.

Such as fear and excitement increase either attraction or repulsion.

So it only works if she’s already attracted:

Dr. Grande: Later on studies were done that showed that if an individual found someone to be unattractive before arousal they would found them more unattractive after arousal.

Chase also mentions some rules you can break, check the course for more details.

Signs She’s Ready

At a certain point, dates shift mood and it means she’s ready for the next step (going home, possibly).
Some signs are: smiling at you, getting closer, stop talking for a while, looking at you lustfully, touches you more.

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Leaning In

Chase says that the old PUA advice of not leaning is not good.
If she likes you and you like her, you want to lean in, especially if she’s sharing about herself and your connection is increasing.

In a way, it’s about vulnerability: you put yourself out there and you give her the chance of doing the same.

Real-Life Applications

There are many gold nuggets I took away from One Date.
Some of them:

Don’t Go Back to Previous Phases
If you go back to a previous phase of the courtship -ie: from the intimate spot back to the dance floor- it will feel like you two are moving backward.

Build Romance Back After Pauses
When you go back after for example the bathroom and she cooled off you want to cool off a bit too until you warm up again


As you know if you have been following my reviews, the higher the quality of the product, the more I nitpick.

Since Chase is one of the best in the industry, One Date was definitely going to be a tough review.

One-date & lover approach: it’s not a universal “best” strategy but it’s dependent on context & individual

I agree with Chase: ideally, you get together on a first date.

And most of my sex from dating girls has come from the first date. So I’m all in with that ideal/model.

However, I don’t believe in “one size fits all” approaches.

Strategies’ effectiveness changes depending on people and contexts.
And I don’t think the one-date and lover strategy perfectly applies to all situations, all girls, all cultures, or all guys’ personalities.

Dating strategies, like most life strategies, depend on context.
For example, the lover strategy works best for attractive men, in more libertine cultures.
It works less well with more conservative women, and with less attractive men.
For some situations and for some guys, slower dating might actually be more efficient.

This is why I believe that taking one strategy and saying “this is what always works best” is wrong.

Also, read:

Lover VS Provider: How to Pick Your Best Strategy

That article will give you a few pointers on what’s most effective for you.

Lots of studies’ quotes

Chase seems to position the marketing of One Date as scientific.

And to justify the science behind it, he often quotes studies.
I think a link in a written format is cool, but quoting lots of papers on a video takes a lot of time away.

Presenting yourself to her taste VS screening based on who you are

“One Date” is based idea of presenting yourself to the girl to fit what she likes.

I call this the “sexual chameleon” strategy, and it’s somewhat of a manipulative technique and one of the games some men play.

If it’s not too manipulative, then it can be an OK strategy and it’s something I also tend to do naturally.

But the opposite philosophy of being who you are and screening for those who are like you is also valid.
And it’s more valid if you prioritize great relationships.

Also read: “The Tactical Guide to Women“, where psychologist Shawn Smith explains that to date well, and to reduce the risk of ending up with some low-quality or crazy woman, you should focus on screening her, rather than screening yourself at all costs.

Dripped Content 

You only get access to the first module with the first payment.

Then you have to wait a month for the new module (and pay extra for it).
That’s quite unwieldy and I like freedom. What if I want to skip some parts or finish everything in a couple of sitting?

Albeit I’m thinking of doing the same for Power University, I thought the timeline was too slow.

Default Purchase Locks In Monthly Charges

It was my bad that I didn’t realize that 67 USD was only for the first module, but I was surprised when I found out that I was going to be billed on a monthly basis.

At an additional 99 USD/month, I wanted to stop at the first module, but I had to contact support to cancel the charges for the subsequent modules.

Can’t Speed Up Videos

Life is too short to watch videos at natural speed.

I’m used to watching videos at 2x, but you cannot change playing speed in One Date and Chase is definitely not a fast talker.

In the end, I had to record the videos while away from the computer and then play them back at the speed I wanted.
That took me more effort and time than I wanted.

Podcast “Two Guys Chatting” Style

I didn’t particularly like the interview and, sometimes, the chatting format. It feels to me like it’s not very efficient to deliver information and dating strategies and techniques.

But some people might like that.

Unneeded Random Dolly-Model (Added Little Value)

There is a paid model in One Date videos -like some older PUA products used to have-.

Chase sometimes asks her what she thinks. She goes unscripted and either added limited value or even contradicted what was being said.
For example, talking about fashion as a fundamental, her comment was “who cares” :).

Not the smartest comment to make when the producers are trying to make the point that a sense of fashion is important.
But it was a funny sketch.

Small Detail On Protective Touch

Protective touch makes a lot of sense, but it somehow backfired in the video example.

There was a pedestrian crossing in the video and it would have been better to forge ahead or slow down, but still expect the car to stop since it was their right of way. It’s usually best to claim your right of way when it’s your turn to walk, lest you look overly cautious or too yielding (=submissive).

Discouraging Direct Approaches?

Chase seems not to like direct sexual openers much.
For example, he says that if you are sitting next to a girl and tell her she has amazing sexy legs “that’s going to be a long bus ride”.

Makes sense 🙂

I see where he’s coming from, yet I’ve had some great success with direct sexual compliments.

Again, what he says is true for most situations, but direct sexual can work wonders to snap girls out of the random pilot. Sometimes it’s even better than simple direct such as “you looked cute”. That can be weak and make you come across just as another guy chasing her.
But direct sexual puts you in another category.


The information is great, so the whole course is a big pro.

  • Great Nuggets of Wisdom

I loved a few nuggets of wisdom. For example, if she ends the date that’s not good for you. What you can do then is to make light of it or you can ask her one more question and then tell her to head out. Smart move.
Another one was about compliance. If you grab and move her, it’s not bad, but she hasn’t complied of her own volition, it’s still better if you also ask her to do things and she does it.

  • Some Good Psychology

Breadcrumb effect, asking investment and increasing it, Benjamin Franklin Effect… A lot of psychology is about social influencing and goes well beyond dating as well.

  • Honest and Sincere

Sometimes you read some guys writing on dating -and I felt the same with Chase sometimes too- and it feels like they have this attitude of “fuck her or you suck”.
One Date is not like that.
It’s very open about all times it doesn’t work out and all the times it didn’t work out for the producers. That’s something most people will better be able to relate to and I liked it.

Chase Amante Development

Sometimes I felt that Chase was rather black and white in the sense of “never do this” or “that will never work”.

It was the case with paying for dates for example, or with not using FB.
And I saw where he was coming from and agreed with some of the social reasoning behind it… Yet the generalization is just that: a generalization (plenty of women I slept with through Facebook, for example, once even fixing a first bad date which is rare).
And paying for dates can work wonders if you can make it look like you have so much that you don’t need to care for money (also read the article on successful providers).

But in “One Date”, he seemed much more on the “it depends” spectrum here.

For example, in spite of it being marketed as “one date,” he says that you can do it on more dates.
Or he says that if you get early or strong to rejections on LMR you can also discuss it rationally -instead of just emotionally and getting sexier-.
Those are exceptions, yes, but to understand the general dynamics it’s important to also understand exceptions.

One Date Review

First of all:

You saw a lot of entries in the “cons” section there, and that begs me to repeat:

I run this website as the place where you can come to find top-notch reviews on anything related to people and life strategies.
To provide top-notch reviews, I always dig deeper into high-quality content.
And Chase usually delivers high-quality content.

Getting to One Date

To get to that content though… It took some time.

I’m not af of this approach common in PUA marketing, and I found the video that you are forced to watch highly obnoxious.
It’s a super long pre-sales video that I had no intention nor willingness to sit through. But… You have to.
And again, not possible to make it go faster.

I’ve seen that same approach in many (old) PUA products and it always felt snake-oily to me.


The format of “two men interviewing each other in front of a camera” wasn’t my cup of tea.
I think you can deliver information in a course in a more effective way these days (video examples, role-plays, etc.).

But it wasn’t too bad either: at least it was information-focused and not much time wasted on chit-chat.


Of all the male dating material I have gone through, Chase Amante is one of the guys who get the psychological nuances best.

As of now his former ebook How to Make Girls Chase is one of the highest-rated dating books for men I have reviewed. So the expectation for One Date was higher.

I haven’t gone through the whole course, but for the first part of it, I can say that I liked it.

Also see: best dating resources for men.

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  1. good review, thx. With kinda videos no need to waste time. Any good download plugin will do the trick (I personally use Download Helper with Chrome) and you can view the video offline, skip, rewind, stop anytime – as you like it ) It is really a little bit outdated, such overforced “push-marketing”, and rather aimless, not to say, counterproductive.

    Tonio from Zsámbék, Hungary

    1. Lucio Buffalmano

      Thank you for the tip Tonio, I wish I had known that, it would have saved me a lot of time (and many re-runs).

      On the marketing side, I think it’s very counterproductive for smart and more socially advanced guys. But since Chase kept it that way for so long, I supposed it must be working for him and his target audience (the smarter and more advanced guys are a minority, after tall).


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