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The course that the top 1% wants to keep secret

I started life as an underdog.

Socially unaware, romantically mediocre, emotionally illiterate, naive, and, of course, clueless about power dynamics.

I was an optimist though.
But it was that type of optimism that was NOT backed by skills and real-world awareness.
You know, the type of optimist that “things will turn out fine, because they always do”.

In hindsight, my life’s biggest fallout was almost obvious.
Only once in my life I opened up about it.

I remember crouching on the floor, crying.
I was broke, jobless, alone, and desperate.
For the first time in my life, I wasn’t so sure that I was going to find a way. For the first time in my life, I could barely see the light at the end of the tunnel.

And yet, as corny as it might sound, my personal nadir was the watershed moment when my life changed.

A chess pawn casting a king piece shadow - strength and aspirations concept

I couldn’t understand it back then, but I do know.
You see, until then, I was a baby. And it’s when I started scraping the barrel that I became a man.

What I learned is that power starts with the mindsets.
Right after that, it’s taking responsibility for everything around. And then come all the tools and strategies.

Since then, my life has been a continuous upward climb.

Fueled by hard work and the best self-development information I could find, it’s been an effective upward climb.
And I have been fortunate enough to have had many bright moments.

I went from jobless, to an entry trainee position which I turned into a senior role in just one year.
Then I quit to travel the world.
My boss was livid.
But instead of letting the relationship turn sour, I negotiated to work from distance.
I earned some little money doing next to nothing but what mattered is that I kept the relationship alive (“collaborative frames”, you’ll read a lot about them).
Six months later I came back to Europe, and negotiated yet another promotion with the same company, including equity shares.

My favorite bright moments involve people and adventures, though.
From total heartbreak, I went on to meet, sleep, and enjoy beautiful romances with more women I could have ever imagined. Including those who were exactly the type I like.

And today I enjoy the freedom that learning power dynamics has provided me with.
When you mater the social arts, you can walk in any place in the world as a stranger and quickly build social networks as you please.
That allows you pure freedom, unglued from any desk, unmoored by any constraints. 

But this is not about me.
This is about YOU.

If you reading here, you also don’t want to settle.

You are also driven to live life on your terms.
To do it, you only need to reach the top ten percentile in a few key areas of life.
It’s not that difficult.

the powerful 1% secret

Your parents probably never told you.
Chances are they didn’t know any better.

Your teachers never told you, either.

And the self-development gurus often know it, but they never share it.
As a matter of fact, most of them tell you the opposite of what really makes them successful.

Western governments are built on that lie as well.

the lie from power

But if you are reading here, you probably know it’s not really how it goes.
Not only the standard path to success is untrue, it’s often counterproductive.

Socialization is, in large part, the subordination of the individual’s interest to everyone else.
The rich and powerful pay lip service to the pro-social constraints and pretend to obey them. 

The official pitch is that the rules are good for everyone.
But they are not good for everyone.

The most successful people acquire power playing around those rules.

That’s why you see people who aren’t any better -and are indeed often worse than you- do better than you are.

They are getting the job you want, the partner you dream about, the cars you love and the holidays you deserve.

And that’s why despite doing all the things you’ve been told you should do, you haven’t been able to get the life you want (yet).

If you don’t understand the dynamics of power and how it affects everything in life, you are going to lose out.
The people around you will get what should be yours and they will beat you.
Again and again.

That’s why a low quality, unprincipled woman, could get to me years ago.
And that’s why for a long time I struggled to find a job while some smarter players no better than I was received great intros and offers.

Because, like most others, I didn’t understand the power dynamics that govern the world.

And those who don’t understand the dynamics of power are doomed to a sub-par existence far below their potential.
And that, to me, is the ultimate waste of life.

why i created power university text

Because power isn’t just about power.
It’s about everything.

I got to work on Power University once it became clear to me that:

I wasn’t the only one being held back in life

Most people, just like I was, are committing the ultimate sin: living far below their actual potential (and wasting their life)

Once you show driven men and women how success really works, they 10x their lives

That’s what Power University does for you.
Power University awakens you to the matrix. It shows how people and life really work, and how you can leverage that knowledge to get what you want.

I decided to create ThePowerMoves.com on what I refer to as “Robin Hood spirit”.

Because the more I started learning and developing, the more it became apparent to me that the world was skewed.

And I could see 2 groups of people: 

  1. Those who wield power and live like kings 
  2. The masses of average people, who follow and listen to power for the scraps

There is a third wary though.
The third way is to understand power dynamics and leverage them.
Not to fight it, not to follow it, and not to use it to screw other people over, either. But to gain freedom.

power question

Once you understand the rules of the game, you can play as you please. You can climb the corporate ladder, get the big house and all of that.
Or you can do your own thing. 

And that power of choice is life-transforming.

When you learn to see how power works and to leverage it instead of submitting or fighting it, a world of opportunity opens up.

Are you ready to be that person?

social power testimonial katy

social power testimonial

future customer comment

Do you think this sounds too good to be true?
Just read on.
Because as you will see in the end, I am guaranteeing you that you are going to change your life.

I have seen my life go from something I was deeply dissatisfied with to a living dream. Along the way, I have noticed this simple universal truth over and over again:

Life is a competition, and everyone is a selfish player who wants to win. 

Or at least, that’s how it goes if you want to be successful and go places.
Learning to be successful means learning the rules of this big competition that is life.
And in a world of self-interested competitors who want to beat you, power dynamics are the rule of the game.

Are you ready to play?

If you are tired of being dissatisfied with life, if you want more and if you are ready to start getting more, this might be the most important page you will ever read in your life.
Because inside Power University, there is all you need to start getting what you always wanted.

welcome to power university banner text

Power University is a 6 week, step-by-step program designed to give you all the tools to maximize your power and results (ie.: to get what you want).

There is enough theory for you to understand how things really work, but it’s laid out for practical applications (ie.: to get what you want).

You will learn power dynamics, and how to leverage them, across all the most important domains in life: socialization, dating & seduction, relationships, and work.
Plus, with the included free ebook “Ultimate Power”, you’ll also tackle the mental side of power to gain full control over yourself.


Social exchanges: the basics of social success

Foundational laws of power: the basics levers of life’s power and success

Foundational strategies of power: the whole course is based on applying these laws, as well as outlining the exceptions


This is is your bread and butter of power dynamics.

With this module alone, you will know more about power, confidence, and dominance than almost anyone else.
By the end of it, you will become more socially aware and come across as more confident and competent.

Assertive and dominant behavior you need to use

Submissive behavior you need to avoid

Styles of dominance, pros & cons and what’s best for you

The best scientific strategies for long-term power and success

Practical steps, mindsets & exercises to make you confident & powerful (same results for my coaching clients at 90% discount)


From introductions to the simplest of gestures, you will discover the power dynamics of everyday socialization.

Chances are that you are losing social status, today, in every single interaction you have.
After this module, you will be gaining social status.

First impressions: the power dynamics of the perfect introduction

Hidden power moves: learn to spot the power dynamics behind the fake friendliness

Dominance showdowns: how seemingly innocuous exchanges determine the course of relationships


This one of the most important skills for social success.

And yet, there is so little good information about it.
Luckily, this module teaches you to read frames, and control frames.

A simple approach teaches you to read and control frames

Proven techniques: 2 dedicated lessons to master frames

feedback on the best frame control course

John: If you write a book about frame control, you might become rich

Well, this module is much better than a best-selling book. It’s a module with video examples, proven techniques, and quizzes to help you internalize the techniques.

P.S.: that’s a public review, by the way. You will see it once you get access to the private area of the forum. 


social power feedback

Guys, don’t believe who says otherwise: money is power.
And to acquire resources you need to know how to play the corporate game.

Did you know that CEOs make 312 times more than what an average worker does in the same company?

Is the CEO really worth 312 times more than you are?
Most likely not.

But your potential doesn’t count.
And even your actual output only accounts for half of your personal success.

If you care about being successful, it’s time to learn the other half: politics, power dynamics and “behaving” like you’re worth a million bucks.

Political skills self-assessment quiz: the areas you need to work on

Step-by-Step plan for successful workplace politicking

Realpolitik guide to management

Winning workplace power battles

Power with feminity: a guide for female leaders

Power dynamics of negotiations

6 – Career Strategies for Women

Learning the rules of the male game: a practical guide for women

How to Combine Power With Femininity


 This module mixes the best science with the best dating information with lots of personal experience, making it a unique opportunity to go straight to what actually works.

For men, this should be mandatory reading.
Like John says, women enjoy an unfair advantage:

john's thoughs on why thepowermoves.com empowers readersRead this review here.

Power University levels the playing field when it comes to social intelligence, social strategies, and power-awareness.

Full clarity on how dating really works 

Games both genders play

Dating strategies for effective dating

How to use dominance to get the girls you want

dating doggy style
Sex is the culmination of a dominant/submissive dynamic

7 – Dating & Seduction Strategies for Women

How to win at dating, for women.


All poor relationships are the result of toxic -but common- behaviors.

This module shows you what these behaviors are, and how to stop them, both in yourself and in your partner.

When you will learn relationship power dynamics you will be able to develop better and healthier relationships.
Men who want to become (benevolent) relationship leaders that women want will find all the answers here.

How women control men & what men can do about it

How men seek to control women & what women can do about it

How power changes as relationships evolve

How to end all games for the best relationship

How men can be the best leader she’s ever had 

lion king and queen
This is exactly the picture that an ex-girlfriend of mine sent me as a good morning


Everything social builds toward leadership.

Once you develop the right mindsets, learn social skills and frame control, can find and data partners you like, and once you come across as high power… Then you’re ready to lead.

Basic mindsets of leadership

Management: how to lead at work

How men can be the best leader she’s ever had 


This module is for more advanced social challenges.

How to handle daily but difficult social challenges

How to deal with physical threats and physical escalations

Recognizing and beating “shame attacks”


You’re on the home stretch of starting a new life.
And here you will learn more about influence & persuasion with real-life examples.

Power pill examples to increase power, EI, and influence

2 quizzes to increase your emotional intelligence 

Nice guy VS bad boy case study

+ Bonuses

And finally, to make Power University a real no-brainer and give you the most value you can get, I have rolled all the best into one.

These ebooks condense the knowledge of tens of books and researches in a compact, easy to consume size.
They will save you hundreds of dollars and years of learning!

Together with the course, they make the most complete package to become a high-quality person.

social power bonuses

Wealth Guide ($16 value)

Is the metasummary of all personal finance books and “get rich literature”.
You will get all the knowledge from the best personal finance books in one hour.

Pussy Power – dating guide ($13 value)

Is an overview of the dating literature for women.
Tens of books condensed into one.. Plus you get all the bad advice highlighted and correct by me.

Relationship Guide ($14 value)

Again, the best books and researches are condensed here.
If you are looking to improve your relationship, this is the ebook that packs the most wisdom in the shortest time while still giving you the most complete overview.
The relationship literature is also very good and based on much good research.

Texting Guide ($9 value)

Texting guide for men, where you can simply copy and paste the most effective texts to maximize the odds of getting dates.
Based on psychology and thousands of texts, this is what works to go from meeting to date in the most reliable way possible.

Ultimate Power ($38 value)

mental power

Ultimate Power is your ultimate self-development cheat sheet. Pure concentrated wisdom summarizing hundreds of the best self-development books.
This is the ultimate and last self-development product you’ll ever need.
It was retailing at 34 Eur (around $38) and customers loved it.

Power University shows you the practical side.
Ultimate Power tackles the mindsets.

Together, you have all the tools guaranteed to help you go straight into the top 1%.

 Unlimited Access to Subscribers’ Only Forum ($178 value)

Full access to the advanced, subscribers only area in the forum.
Any question you have about the course or how it applies to your life, I answer personally (and it’s not public so you won’t have to worry about your privacy).

 Lifetime bonus 

Once you’re in the program, it’s yours forever. Including all future updates and bonuses, which will always keep coming.

Total of $268 in value and you get it all included in Power University.

My Promise To You

Mastering the dynamics of power will make you more successful in all areas of life. 

It doesn’t matter if…

  • You’re short or bald or too thin.. (because I am all of them!)
  • You are naturally submissive and afraid
  • You’re from a race or ethnicity that puts you at a disadvantage
  • You’re getting older (as if we all weren’t anyway.. )

You are going to make a huge leap by leveraging the dynamics of power.

power university banner description

What Students Say

Power University is like learning to read: a mumble-jumbo of seemingly incoherent social signals suddenly makes sense.navy officer
It’s tremendously empowering.

I realized how I sometimes act “too nice” and lose status. And how I unconsciously engage in status climbing, including in my own relationship.
And I am already fixing my behavior to make my life better.

The only tiny regret is timing: I wish younger me had this resource. It would have boosted my career in the forces.

Frank S., UK

See more Power University reviews here.

I am a low-rank Technician in Military and was appearing in front of some top military officers for an inquiry.
I used your techniques and successfuly remained dominant over them. I kept the frame and that allowed me to win the case. They all were harassing me but they failed in front of my attitude.
Thank you!

Muh A., Uknown location feedback

See more Power University reviews here.

I always knew the general idea of frames and how they worked on an intellectual level, but not an instinctual one.navy officer

Thinking of it from the idea of a judge/parent and judged/child role has done something in my head to make it all click.
(…) reading it and having it explained so simply has helped me immensely inside the actual interactions in real-time. Approaching them like this has helped me be quicker and retain my own dominance and power and I’ve already noticed differences in how people treat me.
It’s nice 🙂

Also, it put into perspective why some things have always bothered me even though I didn’t quite understand why.
I get it now, (..) they would say so in pretty words like “I’m looking out for you” and crap like that (…) but now I see it was the ‘being judged’ or like they were above me. That was the part that irked me and now I can [appropriately] fight back and it’s immensely rewarding! 

Happy customer here,
Alexander, US, founder of Charismaticbusinessman.com

Or read the public entries in the forum:

  • Ali, USA

Ali: “I got more value from two lessons in Lucio’s course than I got from the entire Udemy course”.

See the full review (including pictures).
  • Happy customer

“After months of struggle, I am finally seeing results and a light at the end of the tunnel”.

See the full review

Why Power University

Why should you take Power University?

Well, to begin with, you don’t have to (<— this is a power move BTW. I remove myself from the sales role of having to convince anyone, which is the power down position).

And the fewer people take it, the better it will be for those very few who take care to learn real social dynamics.

Rule of Power #1: to win big, play the game at the easy level. And the best way to play the game at the easiest level, is to have weak opponents. The good news for you is that you do have weak opponents!
You only need to get moderately good and you will be already enjoying an unfair advantage.
And if you want to smash it? Well, then Power University is all about getting really good

#1: Power University is based on science

Have you already taken a look around this website?
There are hundreds of books, and courses reviewed, plus hundreds of citations in the articles.
All the best ones went inside this course.

If you were to add up the value of each one of them, you’d end up with thousands of dollars (and thousands of days to go through them).

At more than 300 scientific researches, Power University might be the most well-researched self-development program in the market.
You can check the (almost) full list of resources here:

#2: Power University is based on real-life scenarios

Are you tired of advice such as “be more confident”, “don’t chase her” or “be a mystery“?

What do they even mean?
How to be more confident, how to get girls without chasing and how can women be more of a mystery?

I know I was tired of this generic, catch-all advice from pundits whom I felt knew no better than I knew even when I was starting out.
That’s why I started this website in the first place!

Power Univesity is the only course with hundreds of videos, text examples and pictures to show you exactly how effective and ineffective behavior looks like.
If you enjoy practical learning, this course is a no-brainer because it is all about practical learning.

Power University is based on real-life scenarios because I have lived, observed and analyzed many of the scenarios I describe. And I show them to you as realistically as possible.

#3: Power University prepares your for life

Most social skills courses are based on best-case scenarios.

The best-case scenarios of meeting good-hearted people, having nice and good conversation and entering into collaborative and friendly relationships.
When that’s the case, great!

But unluckily, that is not the full picture of the reality we live in.

We live in a world where manipulation, dominance, aggression, and coercion often pay.
And we live in a world where you can expect -and should expect- people to use you in one way or another.

That is why one of the tenets of this website is that to be good, you need first to learn to be bad.
There can be no good without the ability to stand up to evil.

Power University shows you how to become the kind of person who can be truly good, you know, like out of choice, not because he has no other options.

To be good, you first need to learn how to be bad

publications lucio buffalmano has been quotes as subject matter expert

Just some of the publications that featured the author as a subject matter expert

Deep Learning

Most courses out there are either people talking in front of a camera or walls of texts.

I never believed in either of them.
Power University mixes all learning.

This course shows you real-life texts I get from women and explains what are the dynamics at play and how you should answer. It takes the best assessment quizzes from the best books and transforms them into actual quizzes.

And to help you grow your emotional intelligence it shows you video and then forces you to think what are the power dynamics at play. Which you can then double-check with the correct answers.

This is deep learning.

social power preview
The psychology I teach in Power University is the same psychology I use to help you learn as effectively as possible.

Power University FAQ

Here are some common questions people asked on Power University:

1. What’s Power University?

Power University is a 6-week program on power dynamics and life strategies that will help you acquire power, status, influence, and success.

Students who’ve gown through it say that it’s one of the most -if not the most- complete life-success and personal empowerment system.

Alumni who through Power University:

  • Master advanced social skills
  • Acquire and empowering mindsets and beliefs
  • Adopt the behavior of high-quality men and women through
  • Internalize the mindsets and thought patterns of high-quality men and women
  • Learn evidence-based strategies for specific areas of life like work, dating, and relationships

Power University focuses especially on the dynamics of power, both social power, and mental personal empowerment. Hence the name “Power University”.

Contrary to most other courses on social skills, Power University includes the darker aspects of socialization, like games people play, manipulations, and abuse -plus, how to defend against all of them-.

People going through Power University come out of it with a better understanding of human nature and how to leverage that same nature for life success and win-win outcomes.
Power University alumni tend to be more confident and more effective human beings.

2. I’m not looking for power, can this course be helpful for me?

You’re also not looking to be taken advantage of, right?

And you’d like to get what you want in life, right?

Then, power and social strategies are relevant to you.

But don’t listen to me, look at what people who’ve already asked this question say:

power university FAQ

This is a public post, read it here.

But I get this question.

People who ask it sometimes misunderstand this course and they think this is some sort of “how to become an asshole”.

But the opposite is true.
This is a course to help you become a high-quality man (or woman).
While there can be powerful assholes, you can hardly reach the true top while being an asshole.
So, if anything, this is more about “dealing with assholes” rather than becoming one.

Also, frankly, it doesn’t matter whether you are interested in “power” or not.
Power is still all around you, and some of those who are interested in power will still try to trample your rights. And I would recommend you be ready for that.
You gain, of course, but the world gains, too.

A someone said:

“Let him who wants peace, prepare for war”

3. How is Power University different from your other content?

Power University lays the groundwork.

In Pareto’s parlance, this is your 80%.
The articles deal with a lot of details, while Social Power is designed to provide you with the basic infrastructure.

Furthermore, when there is an overlap between an article and a lesson, the lesson provides more examples and more practical tips.

That way, as a Power University alumni, you get an edge even on those who read every single article.

4. What’s different than the competitors?

Let me ask you a question:

Do you see this type of content anywhere else?

People routinely ask me where they can find more information like in this website.
And when I tell them “Robert Greene”, “Machiavelli”, this or that website, they all come back saying “but it’s not nearly as actionable”.

Indeed, the reason why I started the website and the reason why I spent months on this course is because there is nothing similar.

There is very little on the power dynamics socialization.

I don’t know if you feel the same, but for me, the typical social skills advice wasn’t cutting it.
The typical social skills advice is either about “bringing the energy” and “commanding attention” or about “listening well” and “being interested”. And both of those have their place and time.
But it’s not enough.

There is little on the power dynamics of relationships, too.
The advice on relationships is often either coming from bitter men and women who advise a win-lose strategy, or from “feel good” writers who miss out on the reality of life.

Power University bridges the gap between science and real-world.
If you are looking for that type of real-world knowledge, then this is your course.

Power University is based on seeking win-win, but also to defend you from win-lose players.
Because that’s what works in real life: cooperation usually trumps aggression. But you must also be ready to face aggression and manipulation.

5. What if it’s not for me?

This is the best social strategy and (advanced) social skills course available.

But let us save us both time.
I can tell you already why it might not be for you:

  1. You are looking for entertainment and video content: PU is not designed to be entertaining, it’s designed to be effective at improving your life. If you want entertainment mixed with a little bit of knowledge, go for YouTube.

It’s also not for users who:

  1. Have no basic digital literacy: PU is simple, but if someone needs to learn things like how to save a password or how to bookmark a page for quick access, then this isn’t the program for them
  2. Confuse a program with coaching: The course is designed to be self-taught. Some individuals ask many questions about basic information that’s already clearly explained (ie.: “is it a one-off payment” -yes it is, “how long is the access” -it’s a lifetime access).

6. Can I expense it with my company’s training budget?

This might not be the type of course that your employer loves you to take.
You know, there is much conflict of interest between you and your employer. But probably that’s exactly why it’s good for you to take it.

I know that some students managed to get it expensed, though.

7. Can I get a discount?

Yes, hurry up before it goes up, the discount is now.

And the price is only going to go up -it will end up in the $2.000 range.

And no, there is no Black Friday, Christmas, or special occasions.

Empowered or Refunded

I’m so confident that this course will provide you results that I offer an unbeatable guarantee:

Try it out for a whole 30 days, and if you are not becoming a higher quality, more effective person, get your money back (minus a $9.9 administrative fee).

After years of reading and researching, I know that this is the most advanced, sophisticated and most helpful self-development course available.

social power satisfaction guaranteed

social power discounted

Power University is constantly upgrading.

I take my job seriously, and I keep experimenting in real life and studying the best resources and scientific researches.

You are gaining access to a continuously fine-tuned machine for life optimization.

The good news is that this product is already best-in-class.

But since I am such a perfectionist, I still consider it an early release.
Not for long though.
At some point the price is going to go up. Closer to its real value, which means a lot up.

You have the chance to take action RIGHT NOW and at the highest value.

Truly become the YOU that you have always dreamt being and put your life in the direction you choose.

You have the power to do that right now right at your very fingertips.

Why spend the time thinking about it and wanting that better life that someone you know already has?
Make it your life! Do it now!
We only have so little time, so spend it making your dreams come true!

Make your dreams a REALITY!

Imagine yourself in the future after you’ve taken this course and what you would say to yourself right now, the sense of urgency kicks in, that’s why you need to join Power University now!

Join and find out for yourself and change your life to the way you want it!

don't wait for power

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  • Quizzes 28
  • Students 757
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