Advanced Dating Techniques: Notes & Review

advanced dating techniques review

Advanced Dating Techniques is a dating program for men by David Deangelo, with the goal to improve men’s seduction knowledge and skills.

Bullet Summary

  • Address your limiting beliefs
  • Always be flirting
  • Use cocky and funny: be cocky and then take the edge off with humor


About the Author: David DeAngelo, whose real name is Eben Pagan, was an early pick-up artist then turned dating coach and marketer during the first wave of pick-up artists entrepreneurs, which included RSD founder Tyler Durden.

Limiting Beliefs

If a belief is limiting you, you can challenge it by thinking of any experience that disproves it. Or you can ammass experiences that disprove it.

Empowering Beliefs

Consistent effort CREATES luck.


Newcomers always look for the routine or the sexy trick. But there are no silver bullets. Learn and master the fundamentals instead. Focus on them before you even start thinking about the fancy tricks.

Assert Own Reality

When you assert your own reality you are the dominant one in it.
Build your own reality where others are a guest in it.

Beliefs of Successful Men

A high quality man has the following beliefs:

  • I put myself and my life first
  • I don’t let women gain control over me
  • I deserve high quality women
  • I’m indifferent to the outcome
  • I’m in control and don’t let outside events control me
  • I don’t tolerate disrespect to myself, my time or my property
  • I’m a catch
  • I judge people on character, not looks or possessions

Look at Body Language

Pay attention and learn body language because it accounts for 93% of communication

My Note: Partially true
This is only partially true. That study is one of the
most misunderstood and misquoted study ever. Also see self-help myths and pop-psychology myths.

High Novelty Seeking

High novelty seekers get more actions. Try new things, go for more experiences and take risks.

Approach Anxiety

There are four major fears when you approach a woman:

  1. Embarrassment
  2. Rejection
  3. Verbal confrontation
  4. Physical violence

To overcome fear, imagine the worst possible outcome and laugh about it.

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  • Lots of Theory & Little Seduction

Deangelo talks, I quote “your DNA spontaneous comes apart and half of it goes to make sperm”. Little later “sex is a very economic game. A woman produces one egg per month”.
Deangelo even starts reading passages live, which felt way too theoretical for me.

  • Slow Rate of Speech

Deangelo is slow and often repeats the same phrases twice. That might work to make it seem more important and deeper, but for those who are looking for efficiency, it only makes the whole product that much longer.

  • Overuse of Cocky Funny

Some it felt like a few of the lines here were just one little step forward from cheesy pick up lines.

  • Light In Terms of Techniques and Details

Whenever it comes to techniques the program feels to be lacking.

For example in approaching in difficult situations, the author lists a bunch of approaches types but gives little examples and little wisdom on each.
And just so you know, among those approaching types there is “entertain her with magic”, which I don’t think is very effective.

  • Didn’t Like Some Advice

In my opinion, some of the seduction advice was not that good. For example, Deangelo shows some of his texts when she doesn’t reply or when he’s chatting online.

It seemed a bit childish to me and going nowhere.
Also the “fun” of sending the picture of an ugly guy… Definitely not my thing.
If a woman were to send me the picture of an ugly woman to look better in comparison I’d think she’s a low-quality woman or has very low self-esteem if she needs to make fun of others trying to look better.
That’s the definition of social climbing, and it’s not a high-quality behavior.


The Advanced Dating Technique programs is a long program with interviews, questions from the audience, and lots of talking.

I haven’t taken extensive notes as I listened and little struck my fancy.

There is quite a lot on limiting beliefs, but it’s not as deep as on dedicated self-transformation programs like in Tony Robbins’ Personal Power II for example.

And the second part on actual seduction I found it a bit watered down, not too unlike DeAngelo’s Sexual Communication.

The whole program was too slow and too discursive in my opinion for those who are looking for quick implementations of seduction techniques.

I now tried a couple of different products from DeAngelo and didn’t vibe with them.
But DeAngelo has been an early move he’s been a very successful entrepreneur at what he’s done. I think one can learn plenty from him.
You give it a shot and maybe you’ll have a different experience.

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