17 Early Signs She’s a Low-Value Woman

What are the traits of low-quality women?

But most of all, how can you spot a low-quality woman as soon as possible?

This post helps you spot and recognize low-quality women on the very first date.

#1. She’s Always Free

Being free for you can be a sign she likes you.

But if she’s free all the time and you barely know her, that’s a first red flag of a cheap girl (and a girl with little social skills).

You won’t see this often from white women in the west -they’re much more attuned to basic game-, but you’ll see it more often as you travel.

Why is this a trait of a low-quality woman?
For the same reason why it’s a low-quality trait of a man as well: it communicates she’s not doing much with her life.

Not good if she has just met you

This one is actually good… If she knows you well. She also added “for you”, which makes it special.
But if she talks like that and she has just met you… She says that to pretty much anyone. And that makes her come across as a cheap girl.

#2. Picks The Most Expensive Dishes Expecting You to Pay

Once you are on a date, watch how she behaves around ordering.

The low-quality woman will make no effort to chip in, tip, or give back any sort of value -a common dating mistake-.

That’s already in itself low-value.
Who would want to marry a woman that brings nothing and expects you to pull the whole cart?

The next level of low quality though is women who relish ordering the most expensive items on the menu.

The problem with these “give me luxury lifestyle” women is not they want to live well.
That’s a high-quality trait.

The problem is that spending for these cheap-at-heart women is a way to define who they are.
This is how they think:

Cheap girl mindset: I buy luxury items, so I’m better than all the rest

The second problem is that they don’t seek to earn that lifestyle by themselves, but they expect to freeload on men.

These women have a huge case of entitlement mentality. And a bit of entitlement mentality can be good… If ones also focus on what one can give in exchange for what the other wants.

But expecting riches in exchange for an attitude is the hallmark of a low-quality woman.

Drop this financial ballast ASAP (or maybe bang her, then drop it like it’s hot).

#3. If She Wears Heels, She Walks Poorly With Them 

I know what you’re thinking:

Come on Lucio, now you’re being terribly judgmental, this is insignificant!

But wait a second.

Remember this is about showing you the early signs of low-quality women. So you don’t waste time with them.

spotting low quality women

Walking poorly on heels isn’t really about walking styleWalking poorly on heels is an indicator of substance VS appearance.

A woman who walks like a chimp on heels communicates she stays on superficial levels.
It’s the belief that quick fixes -heels- will make her more attractive instead of addressing the core issue -learning to walk well-.

It’s the good old “solution” of sweeping the dust under the carpet or, if you prefer, of spray-painting a turd.
The male equivalent is the guy who doesn’t work on himself but sprays half a bottle of Axe, believing that the stinky scent is all he needs.

High-quality women take the time to learn how to be truly feminine women.
They might put on high heels… But they also took care to learn how to walk with them.

This is an indicator of one of the most important fundamentals of high value: caring and putting in the effort.

#4. She Has Poor English

Let’s not be PC: her education matters.

And sure, she might be born into a poor family.
Fair enough, that’s a mitigating factor.

But still, how about self-education?

And maybe you’re thinking: how about non-native speakers?
This is all the more important for non-natives!

Not learning the current global language says she’s a small-town gal. Not literally, of course, I’m a native small-town boy too.
It’s the small-town mindset that is the issue.

Top players want to play on the global stage and to play on the global stage, you need English.

Do consider extenuating circumstances for countries farther from Western culture and/or with strong local cultures. Such as China, Japan, and partially Korea.
Within the west also Italy, France, and Spain.

This girl had no excuse:

example of low value woman
I was about to turn around… 🙂

#5. During The Date, She’s Glued to Her Phone

Sure, this is what most Gen Y and Millennials do.

But not the Gen Y and Millennials who understand the basic rules of socialization.

Constantly checking her phone says she’s out of tune with the world around her.

If she does it during the conversation it says she doesn’t understand basic social norms and etiquette.
But most worrying is the lack of human connection. She’s communicating she lets an electronic device get between you two.

And you thought other men were the danger?
Welcome to the 21st century :).
Get up and let her enjoy their phone undisturbed.

Don’t always jump to conclusions and take responsibility before you call it quits.
Some women will use their phones because they’re nervous. You might also see it as a shit test: plenty of women got more attracted to me after I told them to put their phones away.

#6. She Asks Nothing About You

If you’ve been dating for a while, you must have seen this.

She just sits there, asks no questions, and answers with one-liners.
In the worst-case scenario, she adds up “playing with food”, chatting on her phone, and looking away.

Sure, it can be a sign of disinterest.
But I have gotten intimate with plenty of women who sat there in complete apathy and didn’t ask a single question.

Heck, I have been with women who wanted a relationship and didn’t know a single thing about me.
And they didn’t even care!

Why does it matter?

Because, as Brene Brown famously said, we are here to connect.

And our partners are some of the most important connections we will ever make.

  • What does it say of a woman who does not care who her potential lover is?
  • What does it say of a woman who can’t even make an effort to check her human compatibility with you?

It says you’re better off with a relationship with your hand.

Try dating a woman who cares, and listens, and with whom you can talk about your job, passions and, in general, share your life.
And you will see the difference.

#7. She is Rude To Servers

You will see this sometimes from women who come from a caste society.

But of course, rudeness itself doesn’t care low value womenabout casts and it knows no borders.

For some deranged women, mistreating those they deem as low-value people is a way of showing the high value (social climbing of the worst kind).

Why should you avoid these women?

Non-Christians might have never heard of these words:

What you’ll do to the least of these you do to me

But those words remain true no matter your religion.
And the day you’ll struggle and you will be a “least” in her eyes, then it will be your turn to get the whip (hopefully, you got a whip-proof prenup by then).

Otherwise, go for someone with a heart.

#8. She Has No Hobbies, No Passions

There are some women who seem to take pride in “doing nothing”, “working and sleeping” and “being lazy”.

Those women are more stationary in their self-development than planet Earth in the Ptolemaic system (ie.: Very stationary).
But that might be a positive overstatement since they are most likely to go backward.

And if you’re reading here, you’re probably aiming a bit higher in life.

8.2.: She Likes Whatever He Likes

Some of these women with no personal passions overlap with apathetic women.

And they seek to take the shape of whoever they are with.
See a dramatized example from “Coming to America”:

Note: inexperienced men will like this type of woman.
These women, emblems of submissiveness, communicate to them “sexual availability’ and “ease of control”.
But for most men with options, this ain’t attractive.

#9. She Is Always Bored

Have you ever dated a woman who constantly complains about “being bored”?

Then you should know better that you don’t want another one.

Apathetic women, “always free women” and women with no passions are also most likely to be easily bored.

Most of these women will gladly broadcast “how bored they are”.

This is because not being used to having their own life and being used to other low-quality men taking ownership of their problems, they expect men to do something to entertain them.

These types of low-quality women don’t even understand how constant boredom is such an unattractive trait because they don’t understand that it’s a sign of deeper issues and personality flaws

Being bored, among other things, says the following about her:

  • Needs constant external stimulation
  • Can’t make herself happy, ie.: she’s not in control of her life
  • Has no grit, and can’t stick to anything
  • Does not have personal goals, ambitions, or passions

In a relationship, she will blame you for her own boredom issue and demand that you do something that makes her less bored. Or that you entertain here.

Sure, you can entertain her.
For a night.
Two for busty chicks.
Then send her to get bored with another man ;).

#10. She Engages In Social Media Whoring

social media whoring
Working out: to all men please stop harassing us women at the gym

The soap opera gals are a thing of the past (almost).

Huuurray! Less low-value women around?

Not so fast.

They have been steadily replaced by the TV series gals and their most perilous sistas: the social media attention whores.

The social attention whore derives her value from the number of likes, followers, and feed activity she has (all external ego-boosting tools).

Over-reliance on external validation for self-validation is a strong sign of a fixed mindset. And almost always is a way of investing time that brings little to no benefits.
Sorry, that’s got a different name than “investing”, and it’s “wasting”.

There are different styles of social media whoring, including:

  • “Gym pictures” after workout
  • Complaining about men (especially men hitting on them)
  • Value signaling (mostly with liberal and feminist causes)
  • Bathroom selfies
  • Sexy selfies with “inspirational” quotes

Partaking in seemingly deep, but actually shallow and pointless social media discussions is also a sign of social media whoring:

example of love quality women

I guarantee you: people who really are going to make money don’t waste their time social-media whoring.

#11. Doesn’t Care About Her Looks / Weight

This might seem controversial, so let’s dig deeper.

There are two ways of being overweight:

  • Little control over body weight (ie.: convert food into fat very easily, child abuse, etc.)
  • Don’t care (eats junk food, does not exercise, is “happy the way she is”)

Eating junk, not exercising, and not making an effort to change communicates she just doesn’t care.

And if she doesn’t care about herself, what are the chances she’ll care about anything else?

Keep the same distance between you and her as the distance she keeps between herself and a gym.

#12. She Is Spiteful, Confrontational, and Always Angry

Watch out because this is often hidden!

Nobody would admit we’re just full of spite, so people often hide pent-up anger behind a cause.

So you get the following masks:

  • I defend animals no matter what (actually, I don’t like people)
  • Women must support each other (actually, I just hate men)
  • Men with a Ferrari are insecure with small dicks (actually, I can’t get a rich man)
angry low quality woman
Shut up I’m not angry! It’s all men/society / Trump / white people/meat eaters / Americans/ capitalists fault. Not mine

As usual, of course, I’m not saying all women passionately defending a cause are spiteful.

But more time than you would think, rage and anger are less a sign of passion and drive for a better world and more the sign of a spiteful, low-value woman.

One way to tell apart spite from passion is to look at who the anger is directed. If it’s against a few specific persons or a group of people, that’s a bad sign.

Here is an example of a spiteful, overly aggressive low-quality woman:

#13. She Is Obsessed With Appearances

There’s a seemingly fine line between “caring” and “caring too much”.

But that difference is also the difference between high-quality women and low-quality women.

People who care, care about other people and what they think. But ultimately, they care more about what’s right, fair and what helps them achieve their goals.

People who care too much instead allow society to constrain their lives. And they decide based on what others think.

These are the same women who would not go anywhere not expensive enough, or who will never be seen near someone who’s not handsome or well dressed enough.

Caring is great, constantly depending on others to define yourself and influence your choices is a strong low-quality signal.

#14. She Never Traveled And Doesn’t Care To

This is a tricky one.

And I wish it weren’t true, because I can’t stand people who equate traveling with “open-mindedness” or “quality”.
Traveling is not an indicator of quality.

However, I have found over and over that not traveling and not having any interest in traveling can be symptomatic of, if not straight out low quality, at least a narrow mindset.

If she’s never traveled and she’s not interested in traveling, that’s an indicator of:

  • Narrow mindset
  • No drive (no interest in first-hand knowledge)
  • No lust for life (no interest in experiences)

If she’s from a first-world country and never traveled because “here is the best” or only travels to “equally rich countries” that’s a strong indicator of a snobbish and snotty attitude.

It’s an attribute you’ll find in common with the high-maintenance woman picking the most expensive items on the menu.

#15. She Is An Inveterate Game-Player

We all play some games.

And we could argue that navigating the social arena is all about knowing what games people play, which is a high-value trait.

However, not all games are created equal.
There are good social games that make everyone a winner, and there are self-serving games -where one takes value from others with the intention of never giving back-.

The low-value woman plays these types of games:

  1. Low-level games -communicate social ineptitude-
  2. Self-serving games -showing she’s not interested in mutually beneficial relationships-

Self-serving games to take value or resources away from him are typical, but not exclusive, of gold diggers for example.

Faking busy when you’re trying to schedule a date is a typical example -and a typical mistake– of low-level games.

Case in point: look at this girl, suddenly getting “busy” after I told her I was busy first and then again ready and open to reschedule.
She immediately lost heaps of value in my eyes for blatant lying (and low-level games).

low value dating game example

Also, read:

#16. Sells Her Beauty For A Pittance

Whether we like it or not, it’s true that beauty contributes to a woman’s overall quality.

However, how she uses that beauty is very telling about her personality.

The highest value use of beauty is to leverage it as the icing on the cake when you have already worked on your core traits.

Such as, you’re as good and skilled as you can be. Then on top of skills, you add beauty and femininity for an extra edge.

Of course, jealous people will imply you used your beauty or slept around, but that’s fine: the high-value woman knows you can’t win all the haters.

The low-value use of beauty instead is a standalone trait that feeds her today and leaves her hungry when that beauty will fade.

When she uses her beauty to scrape by out of rich men’s handouts indeed she’s coasting on superficial advantages instead of going for depth and substance.

Some typical misuse of beauty include:

  • Freelance modeling for a pittance
  • Last link in a beauty network marketing scheme
  • Skin care beauty ambassador (ie.: retail)
  • “Image woman” at trade shows
low value model
My dad always told me I could have been a doctor

Hookers and gold diggers, albeit we could argue about how high value they are in the dating world, are not necessarily misusing their beauty.

Hookers securing real estate and gold diggers siphoning off real money might be nesting up on their beauty and planning an early retirement.
They might not be top-shelf wife material, but they are definitely not low-quality women: that’s smart behavior.

17.2. Barters Sex & Beauty for Things

And don’t you ever let me catch you bartering sex, sexual favor or, God forbid, virginity for (cheap) stuff:

example of low quality woman
Selling yourself cheap is a sure sign of low-quality

The lady from that picture was actually a good person.
But yes, a good person can also be a low-quality person.
It almost hurts me to pass this type of judgment on a good person, but the moment she wanted to exchange her virginity for a stupid holiday, she undoubtedly slotted herself as a low-quality woman.
And for sure I had no interest in no present.

Bonus: The Full List 

I didn’t include the most obvious indicators as they need no explanation.

But they are:

  • Personality disorders including:
    • BPD (uncontrollable emotional swings)
    • Antisocial / sociopath/power hungry (cannot see relationships as win-win but only as win-lose)
    • Histrionic (endless drama, including public drama while high-value people keep private stuff private)
  • Flaky / can’t stick to anything (grit is key to success)
  • Mean streak and tries to hurt you during arguments
  • External locus of control
  • Smoker / Drug/alcohol abuse
  • Low emotional and social IQ
    • Oblivious to non-written rules (loud, swearing, prostitute-style make-up & fashion, etc.)
  • Financially dependent and without good prospects

Note that a bad family or being abused does not make someone low value. They make it more likely that a woman will turn out to be low value, but not necessarily.

Extenuating Circumstances

Young age, poor upbringing, small-town girl, idiotic parents… These are all major extenuating circumstances for low-quality women.

However, for those extenuating circumstances to apply, she must show a willingness and eagerness to make up and move beyond her limitations.

If she proudly laughs at her lazy ass while eating McDonald’s in front of the TV set she’s irredeemable for the foreseeable future.

Low-Value Women F.A.Q.

  • Q. How Many Red Flags Are Too Many?

A. Two red flags without strong extenuating circumstances are two flags too many.

  • Q. What do you do when you spot too many red flags during the date?

A. If she hasn’t completely turned you off stop wasting time and give her a whiff of your high-quality tool.

Go for broke, meaning you won’t invest one second more.
You get up and say:

You: We should go
Trashy: Where?
You: (looking as if it was the most stupid question in the world) To my place
Trashy: But I’m not ready
You: You don’t need to be ready, it’s all good. Let’s go (look at her expectantly)
Trashy: But I don’t wanna go to your place now
You: Look, I have noticed that you and I, we don’t fit well. Let’s save our time. I really wish you the best.

  • Q. What do you do when you’re already in a relationship with a poor-quality girl?

A.  Sorry bro, time for some tough love.

You’re high if you think you’re high quality with a low-quality woman (sorry couldn’t resist the pun).
Even Tyson knows better. Get to work on yourself instead and see if she comes along.
Most likely she won’t though, so you gotta go alone.

Low-Value Summary

Low-quality women are relatively easy to spot.

At least, as long as you know what to look for and know how to vet properly.

If you have average social skills, look for any of the above signs and you’ll nail it by the end of the first date.

Then head here for the traits of high value women.

10 thoughts on “17 Early Signs She’s a Low-Value Woman”

  1. I agree with the majority of the signs, not all though. Some are up for a delicious discussion. I did sense a bit of a hostile flavor towards women. A basic lever of humanity is missing here. Women who are of a low quality are mostly traumatized individuals who are hurting greatly and who just aren’t aware of what is “right” and “wrong” due to their upbringing. Maybe, instead of advising to get rid of or run away from such women, we should address of underlying issues more and how to work on them and, there for to be compassionate and kinder towards each other.

    1. Lucio Buffalmano

      In some cases, you are certainly right, Kate.
      This post was not about helping or not helping, it was about simply spotting and assessing. Otherwise, I agree with you on the compassion part.
      However, not all people, be they men or women, are liable to be helped and supported. Some people simply never want to do the work, while some others believe they are great just the way they are -sociopaths and narcissists are two classic examples when we consider personality disorders-. But even normal people, it takes both willigness and courage to say “OK, I got some work to do”. IF the courage and the willigness are there, then yes, everyone can be helped up.

    1. Care to explain why?

      To be precise, a few readers had some harsh feedback on this article.
      The latest example is here.
      But so far nobody provided a proper explanation about what was wrong, so I’d be very curious to hear your opinion.


      P.S.: there transpires a slightly judgmental tone in your message.

  2. I use this to spot low quality men all the time. I especially agree about a potential mate’s appearance – although to others it might seem superficial, it makes perfect sense to want to be with someone that eats well and takes care of their body – it means that that person values and respects themselves (if they don’t, why should I?)

    One sign I think you missed is the inability to speak about abstract theories or ideas. I cannot stand a man who isn’t able to discuss scientific or philosophical concepts – instead, they just want to talk about other people (aka gossip), “the news” (which they never offer more complex opinions on, rather than things being “good” or “bad”) or worst of all, themselves (how great they are, their accomplishments….) Lack of intelligence/curiosity is easy to detect – look for partners that are bad listeners (they use the time in which you are speaking to come up with come backs and arguments) and for partners that never ask questions and always know everything already.

    1. Lucio Buffalmano

      Awesome, awesome comment!

      although to others it might seem superficial, it makes perfect sense to want to be with someone that eats well and takes care of their body – it means that that person values and respects themselves (if they don’t, why should I?)

      It’s not even just about the appearance itself, but about the message it sends about someone.

      Totally agree with you as well on the abstract theories and ideas. Even from an evolutionary psychology/future potential, intelligence truly is crucial and the ability to discuss abstract/scientific/philosophical concepts is a super-strong indicator of intellectual abilities and curiosity.
      On the other hand, that implies that the man/woman doing the picking is a smart and intelligent person, and that’s not true for everyone. This article had to narrow down to a few key concepts generalizable to the whole population, so a few had to be left out.
      Otherwise, again, great comment.

  3. Interesting article. What about tattoos? Some see it as a red flag and some don’t. Now not that I don’t mean covered in tattoos or the ‘love yourself’ tattoos. Just one or 2 smaller tattoos.

    1. Hi Alex.

      Great question.

      Tattoos depend a lot on sub-cultures and environment. In some cultures they are accepted as “ornamental”, while in some others they can convey belonging.

      Big tattoos in cultures where tattoos are frowned upon, which might be most of them, it communicates a willingness to rebel and reject society’s rules. That is rather un-feminine because women tend to seek group support rather than group rupture.
      It might also be a sign of latent anti-social tendencies, or of narcissism in the sense of “look at me, I’m different”.

      And then of course there is size, like you mention.
      A small ankle tattoo or a little hidden symbol which is significant to her does not automatically brand her as “low quality girl”.
      But if you are in a culture which frowns upon tattoos, then the bigger and the more visible it gets, the more of a red flag it becomes.

  4. This is incredibly hateful towards most women. Your English is VERY poor- obviously you are not American born, because you lack basic speaking and writing skills. Good luck finding a man who will put up with your judgmental attitude.

    1. The Power Moves

      Hi Alexandria.

      I must reject the notion that this is an hateful article.

      It’s an article on how to spot low quality women, it must set strong standards and criteria. Otherwise we fall back into the an attitude of “we are all the same, just pick one”.
      And this is not the website for that type of readership.
      Being non-judgmental towards people is a GREAT trait to develop, but at the same time driven people want to be DISCERNING of who they accept in their life. And for that, we do need standards.
      The same standards are applied to low quality men and their opposite, high quality men and high quality women.

      Thank you for the feedback on the language. I love nothing more than people pointing m to grammar mistakes and typos. If you can share the most glaring mistakes, I’d be eternally grateful.


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