How To Deal With Guys Hitting on Your Girlfriend

man wants to hit guys hitting on his girlfriend

Have you ever experienced the sight of some guys hitting on your girlfriend?

If so you know that it is a highly emotional experience.

This article will teach you how to deal with guys hitting on your girlfriend.

Read it until the end, and you will learn how to come out of the interactions that she will love you even more.

guy assault another man for flirting with her girlfriend (meme)You can always count on her to defend that guy 🙂


We will assume in this guide that:

  • The man hitting on your girlfriend is not annoying her
  • You’re in a social setting
  • The two of them are having a pleasurable conversation -just a bit too flirty and upbeat-

Let’s start:

#1. Do Nothing And Relax

For sure, flirting is a sexually charged way of communicating.

But it’s not sex per se nor is it in any way a strong indicator of  “willingness to have sex” and, even less so, “willingness to switch partners”.

People in a relationship flirt and tease as well.
As a matter of fact, you’d be well advised to keep flirting with girls even when you’re in a relationship.

But that means that you should grant that benefit to your girlfriend as well.

So enjoy the party, talk to other women, enjoy the party and don’t obsess about what your girlfriend is doing.

What matters is the end result.
And the bottom line is this: she’s coming home with you.
So chill out.

Oh, if you’re not chatting with others, make sure to pick a pose that will have other women look at you and learn how powerful body language looks.

cool pose to deal with a man hitting on her girlfriend

#2. Flirt With Another Girl

We want and like what’s scarce and in demand (Cialdini, 1984).

And if she learns that nobody wants you, chances are that she will also want you less.

Needless to say, that’s not what you want.
Ideally, you want a relationship where she’s slightly more apprehensive about you than you are about her.

And that’s not going to happen if guys are hitting on your girlfriend while you don’t flirt or chat with any other girl.

So to restore the balance of power, you do this: while a guy is hitting on her, you go find an attractive girl to engage in a nice and lively conversation.

And with this new girl on your side looking a bit too happy talking to you she might just be reminded why she’s with you in the first place ;).

Note: jealousy can help seduction and it can even relationships in small doses.
Just don’t let this become a war to who makes who more jealous: that’s a lose-lose game.

#3. Lead A Group

Women love leaders.

Pick a group, and breath some new life into it.
Have people laugh at your jokes and add their own jokes as they look for your approval.

As the group grows louder, she’ll be drawn more and more to your crowd.
Now introduce her as your girlfriend, make the women in the group jealous and she’ll soon be reminded what a great catch she’s got.

Note: just make sure you don’t overdo it and become the clown of a group.

#4. Bust The Pimp Spank

No women around to talk to?
No groups to enter?
You’re getting more and more worried?

Then it might be time to bust the pimp spank.

Go there, spank her ass, and say:

You: Look at you, how popular you are tonight!

This move says “this is MY girlfriend, which is not as good as her proudly claiming you are HER boyfriend.
But it is so sexually dominant that it can work wonders if executed well.

The guy who was hitting on her just with chit-chat will look outgunned and tame by comparison.
At that point, you can honestly befriend him like you’d befriend her gay friend.

Avoid If:
Needless to say, don’t do it in a more formal environment or if there are around her colleagues, boss, and family.

#5. Say Hi To The Guy

Go in and join the two of them.

You have two possible options depending on the situation:

  • If it’s a mixer party and they were having a conversation join them as if it were her gay friend and have an honestly positive conversation.
  • If it’s an intimate setting being too friendly is at risk of looking submissive and green-lighting his advances. So in this case, a smooth and socially-savvy beatdown is in order.

Ocean’s Eleven has a great example of how to deliver a socially savvy beat down with the dinner scene.
There is only the Italian version on YouTube but the body language is all you need:

You can tell a lot by his reaction to your entrance.
This is how different types of men will react:

  • Cool guys: a cool socially savvy guy will understand the situation and if you’re equally cool he will respect you. They know that simply means they will just have to keep looking for another girl. Those are the guys with whom you can actually make friends
  • Scared ones: less confident, less experienced guys will act like kids caught with their fingers in the cookie jar and will either apologize for openly and/or slink away
  • Overpowering: some guys will ignore you, keep focused on your GF, or will try to challenge you.
    Now that’s where the fun begins.

If they ignore you, act a bit bored as you stare into space and let your GF re-involve you, which would be her way of saying “this is my BF and I care about him”.
Then re-enter the conversation and then take her away slightly after.

What if He Challenges You?

Never, ever address his challenges!

Remember, he is the challenger and you’re the one in charge.
You have nothing to gain by taking the gauntlet of those who are beneath you.

Move your head away, staring into space, and put a slight smile as if what he’s trying to do is mildly amusing to you.
Add “yeah, sure” in a low slow voice as if to say “look at this idiot”.

Alpha females should jump in your defense.
If she is not assertive enough for that, this is the time to pull her away and leave the guy alone.

Avoid These Ones!

There are a few strategies that you definitely want to avoid when some guy is hitting on your girlfriend.
Here are some of the worst ones:

Bad: Get Aggressive

Look, I’m not generalizing.

In some circumstances, quick and resolute aggression might even be helpful. Aggression is a time-tested technique of mate guarding.

However, there are serious issues with it that make it a defensive move even while you’re aggressing and, ultimately, cost you more than it’s worth.

One risk, of course, is escalation to violence.
That’s a risk both physically and legally.

And what are you fighting for? A girl who’s already yours? Dumb move, if you ask me.

Even if you “win” the fight, belligerence, and violence are rarely conducive to seduction.

And it’s also bad for what it says about your relationship dynamics.

Aggression communicates that you are afraid of the other guy and that she is of higher sexual value than you are. If you are afraid she will leave, you are indirectly implying the other guy must be a higher sexual market value than you are.
And if you repeat the same behavior over and over, you also communicate she is of higher sexual market value than you are.
And by now we know that women don’t like men who are “less” than they are.

The “advantage” of getting into a fight and winning it is the enormous display of dominance that might be attractive to some women.
But it will equally repel others, as studies show women prefer lovers to fighters.

Basically: little upsides and huge downsides risks.
And it always makes you look defensive and like you are the lower quality party in the relationship: avoid.

Bad: This is MY Girlfriend

Going to the guy and telling “this is my girlfriend” is another relatively bad common theme.

Bad because: It’s similar to getting aggressive, except just tamer.
And relatively easier to sidestep and make you look like a tool.

The guy might reply “oh cool man, we were having a nice chat here“, implying he was not interested in any sexual way.
And now you’re the guy who got overly defensive and jumped the gun for nothing.

Similar to what happened to this man getting protective around Obama

Obama handles it seemingly well but not great.
When he says he was “nice about it” and he calls him a fool he offends the woman and sounds butthurt himself (also read: social climbing Obama case study)

Bad: Do Nothing ‘Cause You’re Scared

Have you ever had the feeling you were watching over your girlfriend as she talked to some handsome guys and you couldn’t concentrate on the conversation because you were worried?

It happens a lot, don’t worry.
But unless your girlfriend’s conversation is really too flirty, you are ruining your good reputation with that behavior.

Bad because: most people will pick up on that. And it will likely shine through with your girlfriend later on too, as you probably will question her just a little tad too much about that guy.

Bad: Walk In Ignoring The Guy

This is one of the most common I see happening when going out solo.

The guy comes over, leans in to talk to the girl with very closed body language which communicates fear and discomfort, and completely ignores you (Pease, 2004).
It looks like a worried dog running back to the owner afraid that she might lose interest in him.

Bad because: it pushes the burden onto your girlfriend

The girl now has to juggle the jealous boyfriend and the new acquaintance.

What should she do?

Introducing the boyfriend, excusing herself for talking to someone new? Possibly she’ll have to cut the new guy off because you’re scared and worried.

But if you are worried and want to make it clear you are the boyfriend, that’s your task, don’t let your girl do the dirty work for you.

Bad: Stat Making Out With Her

The idea behind this move is to go in and either grope your girl, make out with her, or adopt any obvious couple-like body language.

There are two exceptions when it would work: your girlfriend is obviously not having a good time and you’re rescuing her or it’s an arousing game you’re playing (see below a game version example).

Bad because: going in with a bold move like making out might make you feel like you’re the man, but you’re really just marking territory.

Joe Navarro says men are more likely to put their arm around their woman when other men might approach as a defensive gesture.
And you don’t want to be defensive.

And if your girlfriend was having a good conversation, you are forcing her into a position that she might not want to be in.
In the worst-case scenario, she might as well spurn your advances and you’ll look incredibly foolish.

Now that we talked about a few good techniques I wanted to get into what’s even more important: the mindsets and the fundamentals.

Mindsets and fundamentals are what make high-quality men the real leaders of a relationship.

Guys Hit on Your GF All The Time?

This might be an issue because:

  1. Those other guys are not respecting you
  2. You didn’t pick a great partner

Sorry to be so blunt, but you need to hear it.

The basic fundamentals are who you are -a man women would not cheat on- and the girl you pick -a girl who doesn’t cheat-.

These two elements will ensure you will NOT have to worry about anything. And both of them are under your control.

Become a Keeper Type of Guy

Quick question: do you think she’s likely to switch to someone else if you’re the best man she’s ever been with?

Not very likely.

That’s why it all starts with you.
Who you are, and who you are becoming.

It’s not even that difficult.
If the average woman has been with around 8-10 men, then you only need to be in the top 10%.
Look around, you can do it.

And what if you were the best man she’s not just been with, but ever met, including her father, brother, and cousins?

How to be that high sexual market value man?
Now you’re getting in the right mindset.

Pick Her Right

Some women are more likely to stay faithful than others, an obvious point that might be worth stressing in a society with some strong politically correct shaming going on.

A few points backed by research:

A few points backed by experience:

  • Hardcore party girls are more likely to stray
  • Women in poorer countries might be more likely to stray
  • Women with jobs in highly sexed industries are more likely to sleep around

Mindsets of Overcoming Jealousy

Fear is the breeding ground of jealousy.

To get rid of jealousy, you have to get rid of fear.

This whole post is about defending because the simple question of “how to deal with a man hitting on my girlfriend” is defensive.

These are some important mindsets for prevention:

#1. Focus On Yourself First & Foremost

Truth to be told:

Yes, controlling can work.

But it’s not the best option, it’s not what the highest quality men do, and it’s not conducive to your personal growth.

Most of all, don’t fall for the complainer mentality that only blames women.

Of course, women can stray.
And of course, there are some “hoes” out there.

But the mindset of blaming women is a loser’s mindset.

Your mindset is:

You know “these hoes ain’t loyal” is the anthem and outcry of the weak men, the men who’d wish and believe they are owed loyalty, which is nothing but another form of an entitlement mentality.

But you, you aren’t even thinking in terms of “owning” her or her loyalty.
You understand that there’s one only simple rule of strong dating: she will be the happiest girl with you… As long as you keep being a great man.

Loyalty is the consequence of you being a great man.
Your task is not to control her, not to “defend” her, and not to spy on her or spoil her. Your only task is being a great man.
And keep being a great man.

Then, the only thing you’ll need to worry about is that she might be getting too into you.

Let her go, and if she returns, she’s yours.
Unless she returns and you turned into a pu***

#2. Ultimate Power Is Making Her Want It

You understand that forcing her to stay faithful is seemingly strong, but actually weak (43rd Law of Power).

You shake your head at men curfewing their women and you know that ultimate power is her wanting to be faithful. Her wanting to come home early to stay with you.

And If she’s not offering her exclusivity and trying to get the same from you, you’re not yet where you need to be.

#3. You’re The High-Value Giver

You are confident you bring a lot of value to her life.

Not in any confrontational or any you’re “better” way. You are glad of giving her a lot and you’re happy if she’s happy.

But it also means you’re confident you’ll move on if she disrespects you.

Similarly, if you can’t provide what she needs you’ll be sorry to see her go but you will let her go if that’s better for her. And you’ll be happy for her.

#4. She Strays, She Goes. No Stressing

While you’re very open and libertine, you also have very high standards and set defined boundaries.

You don’t tell her what she can’t do, you only tell her what you expect.

And if you expect her not to sleep around and she does, it will be the end of your relationship. And you’re at peace with that.

Be Less Jealous Than She Is

You cannot control the relationship if you are the most fearful party.

And jealousy is a proxy for fear.
Fear belongs to the one who feels he has more to lose.

If you’re the more fearful party, you sub-communicate that she is a higher value than you are.
That she can get better.

And since women want men who are better than themselves you never want her to have those doubts.

Ironically, being less jealous is relative.

If she’s nuts jealous, you could be very jealous.
And if she’s very jealous, you could be jealous.

As a matter of fact, showing no jealousy at all can be a sign of non-caring, while showing some jealousy can be a strong sign of appreciation and get the two of you even closer.

Partying and Power Balance

if you go often to parties and clubs together you can often end up in situations where she’s being hit on.

And you might not always be able to get the same dynamics on your side or to neutralize the situation.

That’s why partying together with your girlfriend shifts the balance of power on her side.

Solution: don’t go clubbing with your girlfriend too often.
At least if you care about keeping a neutral balance of power.

At least if you care about keeping a neutral balance of power.

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