3 Ways to Seduce Any Man

Are you secretly searching for information on how to seduce a man?

You have come to the right place.

And I congratulate you.
This world needs more women who can master the art of seduction.

In this article, we learn the psychology of how to seduce men from 3, proven world seductresses.

How to Seduce Men

First of all, there are several different ways to effectively seduce men.

That means that you don’t need to change your natural self, but you can leverage your strengths.

Indeed, I highly recommend you choose a style that is most similar to your base character: nothing beats a sexy woman who’s comfortable in her own skin (and game).

Some styles, like Marilyn Monroe, work on virtually every man.
But worry not: each seduction style in this article works for the majority of men.
Even many of those who say “they are not into that”.

Let’s start then.

1. Marilyn Monroe Seduction Style

The Sexual Innocence

A guide on female seduction couldn’t start with Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn’s seduction power plays on the mixed signals of always-on sex vibes coupled with her defenseless girly attitude.

1. Orgasmic Faces

Look at the first 10 seconds of the video below.

What does it make you, what sensations does it evoke in you?

It’s a mix of orgasmic and dreamy expressions.
As if she’d just awakened. Or as if she’d never wake up. She’s always there to take you to her dream world.

2. Innocence

The second most important element of Marilyn is innocence.

It’s the mix of sex and innocence that is so explosive.

Sex alone is common and would make her no more than the typical TV soubrette.

Innocence is the element that allows her to scream sex from every pore without looking like a thirsty wh*re.

Thanks to her innocence, Marilyn escapes labels: on the Madonna-Whore dichotomy, Monroe takes both.

Her natural aura of innocence gives Marilyn a huge advantage over almost any other woman.

With a mix of innocence and sex, she seduces men at two different levels:

  • Carnal desire
  • Male provider role

At the same time that men want to possess her, they also want to protect her.

marilyn monroe: how to seduce a man

3. Promises of Endless Pleasures

Look at the first 20 seconds of the video below.

Her voice, her softness, and her demure attitude are already captivating.
Then the interviewer asks a difficult question.

She pauses, without getting defensive or guarded.
She admits she doesn’t know what to say, showing her vulnerability and inhibition.

Then she cracks a joke… And flashes her orgasmic face.
Marilyn in 20 seconds.

How does it feel?

Does it feel like this woman around the house would nag you about dirty dishes?
Or complain about crumbles in the kitchen?
No, it feels like she’d float around, never bothering, never pestering… And never rejecting his man for sex.

4. Madness

This is the last major pillar of Marilyn’s appeal.

As Greene also explains in The Art of Seduction, men are smothered by the need to always be rational and in control.
And that’s why irrationality and madness exert such an unconscious pull.

Madness also puts a man slightly on edge.
He never knows what’s coming… And he never feels he fully has her.
All powerful tools to hook him in.

Notice how she lays against him, slightly unnatural. And how she’s short of breath as if pained by some mysterious mental issue.

How Marilyn Seduces Men: Summary

If I had to summarize Marilyn feminine seduction powers in one sentence, it would be this:

Marilyn Monroe oozes sex to make every man think she’s ready to be impregnated, while also sending out submissive, naive, “protect me” signals that make men want to provide, protect, and invest at the same time.

And here are the steps:

  • Look like sex
  • Seem easy
  • Add innocence
  • Play the girl in need of protection
  • Add a touch of madness and unpredictability: you’re not easy to tie down

Aida Yespica Seduction Style

The Sexual Tease

“Gatte morte” knows how to seduce a man.

I know that’s not English.
There’s no equivalent for that Italian expression. It would be something like a crossover between “tease” / “feminine” / “coy”.

But we’ll see what that means with examples.

In the latest years, I’ve never seen anyone topping Aida Yespica when it comes to the teasing seductive style.

Rumors had it she would charge thousands of Euros for her company before she even got famous.

And I still remember my friend’s comment: “I would totally pay for it”.
Now why would a penniless -and very handsome- teenager go into debt when he had an abundance of women -and when equally beautiful hookers were available at less than 100?-.

Because none of them knew how to use teasing to seduce a man, of course.

Try To Guess

Watch this video first, and see if you can guess who’s the seductress we’re talking about.

Don’t just look at bodies.
Look at the overall aura:

Who makes you want to possess her the most?

It’s not even a contest, right?
The girl who grabs her own boobs and shows her tongue is Aida Yespica.
Here is what makes Aida stand out:

1. Hedonistic Playfulness

It’s all a game for her.

Life is dancing, laughing… And very possibly sex, we imagine.

Aida makes you feel like you’re drinking from the source of eternal youth.
Because She is eternal youth and hedonistic passion.

If you want to have the same vibe:

  • Laugh hard
  • Dance with abandon
  • Be positive and upbeat
  • Socialize, make friends quickly
  • Be happy, have a lust for life

2. Sexual Inhibition

Aida emanates confidence in her own body and sexuality.

It feels as if she could do it herself, she would.
And as she grabs and touches herself, many men probably imagine her doing just that.

There’s a strong relationship between how much we accept our bodies and how inhibited we can get in bed.

We know that unconsciously, and that’s why sexually inhibited seducers are so good at arousing men.

See her again in action:

Notice again that sexual liberation is only the first step, but not enough to get you into the Olympus of top seducers.
It’s the tease and provocation that Aida adds to the mix indeed that takes her to the next level:

3. Sexual Provocation

The way Aida mixes sex and fun is a big provocation.

She puts sex in front of you, then pulls it away as if it was all in jest.
She pokes fun at your manhood.

how to tease him like a bull

It’s like telling him:

“I’d go for it… But you were too slow.. We’re just friends now… Unless you’re man enough to come and get me?”.

That’s the kind of sexual provocation the top coquettes go for.

It’s waving the red flag in front of the bull, only to sidestep at the last second and get him chasing with his blood roiling.

Here’s an example of the concept from a TEDx talk on seduction:

And now let’s move to the third and most feminine seductive style.

Margarita Levieva Seduction Style

The Essence of Feminity

An article on how to seduce a man could not avoid the most natural of seduction: pure, concentrated femininity.

It’s Margarita Levieva, pure femininity in motion.

And I wasn’t surprised to read she was born in Russia and was a competitive gymnast.

1. Dancing Skills

Some art expressions can give you big points when it comes to femininity and seduction.

Singers, violinists, and fashion designers are some of them.
And of course, dancing.

Dancing is the public, dressed-up expression of lovemaking. Nothing screams femininity like proper dancing:

2. Feminine Body Language

The devil is in the details.

The best feminine seducers incorporate highly feminine body language into their daily expressions, making it all-natural.

Even when they don’t look like they’re trying to seduce, they are still seductive.

Here’s an example:

Did you guess it? The cues are head tilt and a slight swayback posture.

3. Flowing Motion

Men tend to move in a blockier fashion.

Some women, too.
And they are not seductresses.

Because the best seductresses move flowingly instead, like colorful butterflies.

Here’s the perfect entrance: no bombast, but 100% femininity:

Notice how she moves like she’s walking on air.
She’s late but still doesn’t hurry: she’s a lady and the man can wait.

And most of all notice how she gets into the chair: she doesn’t use her hands or pull the chair up.
She seductively moves her body.

4. Purring Voice

Notice in the above video her accent on the words “late”, “ever” and “forgive”.

It’s like a cat purr. It’s not about meaning, it’s about sensuality.


There are many styles and techniques that help women seduce men and make them swoon.

This article focuses mostly on what are very feminine traits:

  • Innocence
  • Teasing & provocation
  • Femininity

These are all traits that you can easily incorporate into your life. Especially femininity, which is in rather short supply these days.

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  1. What if you are a more…Michelle Rodriguez kind of gal? Strong, adventurous, smart but not as naturally feminine.

    1. The Power Moves

      Femininity is one trait that makes attractiveness.
      An important one, but still one that must be considered on the overall package.
      So certainly you can have less naturally feminine women who have still an overall very attractive package.

      Strictly speaking of femininity though, when you are less feminine you do lose a little bit of seductive power purely out of number game.
      For various reason men tend to prefer women who are “less” than them (less tall, less assertive, less strong, less masculine). So imagine it like this: the further up you go in masculinity, the smaller the number of men that are more masculine than you are (and the smaller the number of men that see you as an ideal long term partner).
      That is the general rule of course, and as it’s often the case, exceptions abound. Just as an example, a masculine woman can also appeal to latent or repressed homosexual tendencies, but that’s not the rule.

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