10 Steps to Prepare Your House For A Date (Seductive Environment)

dinner in seductive environment

After you invite her home things are looking good.

But whether or not your sexual escalation turns into a memorable success depends not just on you, but also on the type of place you have.

So in this article we are going to learn how to set up your place as a proper “seductive environment” (a term borrowed from Greene’s “Art of Seduction“).

Let’s start with a definition:

Seductive environments are highly stimulating environments that titillate, strike, and overwhelm the senses and help facilitate or induce trance states, including falling in love and “swooning”.

garden of Eden seductive environment
Sensory overload awes the mind into transcendental states

Albeit it would be reductive to think of seductive environments as “sex locations”, they most certainly also help facilitate intimacy.
Equally important, they also make that intimacy a unique and unforgettable peak experience.

Seductive Environments Main Traits

First off, we start with a mindset:

  • Mindset: YOU are part -and leading- the seductive experience

You cannot -and do not want– to rely on a seductive environment to do the job for you.

They are powerful tools of seduction, but you still want to be the one in charge, the one leading it.

Think of it more like a life experience, a “dream maker”, a “Garden of Eden”, the “Olympus of the Gods”.
And you’re one of the Gods walking the lucky ones through it.

1. Fantasy Land: a break & respite from the mundane world

The seductive environment is different.

It’s “other” compared to the day-to-day world.
It HAS to be.

Being “other” and a “break” from “normal” life is the #1 trait -and the essence- of a seductive environment.

The everyday world is dull, asphyxiatingly moral, taxingly rational… And unseductive.
That unseductive outside world must be blocked out.

2. Dreamy: and a dream-maker

It’s a place of magic where imagination can roam free, where new states and possibilities can be explored, and where cacoon-like childhood sensations re-experienced (letting go, is similar to going back to the womb).

3. Exclusive: for special people only

It’s a gift, an experience you only offer to a few selected, deserving ones.

If you’re only interested in sex or on the fence about her, you can still invite her home of course, but without the “full experience”.

But it’s a special place for you as well.
You can always enter into that mind space and enjoy it for yourself.

4. A Life Experience: intimacy is only one aspect, not the goal

This is a transcendental experience.

Intimacy is only one part.
It’s not the main goal anymore.

Seductive Environment Themes

You can mix and match, of course.

And the larger your seductive environment, the more room you have for fitting in different styles.

However, it’s best to have a main recurring theme permeating through it all.

Good main themes include:

  • Luxurious opulence
  • Extreme coziness: warm colors, plush couches, velvet soft carpets, furry surfaces, silky floor pillows, candles
  • Futuristic: hint at different worlds, different spaces and times with different rules
  • Retro: it’s harder to pull off, make sure it’s timeless retro. The essence is of a “different time”, avoid any strong reference to specific decades or people or it will look too much like real life
  • Artificial: to help re-create the “different and new world” feel
  • Fusion: there is something in it for everyone

Robert Greene in The Art of Seduction says that the best seductive locations are superficial-looking, “theatrical”, full of glitter, colors, and lights.
I partially agree, but with a note of caution.
If you overdo “theatrical”, it becomes “crazy”. Women can’t let go in the presence of “crazy” because crazy equals risky. Crazy is also discomforting both physically and psychologically.
To swoon and fall in love, she must feel free to let go.
So you while you want that “otherish” feel, it must be inviting and comfortable enough for her to let go.

theatrical seductive environment
A touch of crazy is good. Too crazy is not

Matrioska Approach: Develop Micro-Spaces

Whatever you pick, I highly recommend “micro-environments” within the main one.

The multitude of stimuli from different corners is akin to (good) attacks from multiple fronts: overwhelms her senses and defenses.

Plus, they give you more opportunities to show, explain, walk around, and experience.

How to Develop A Seductive Environment

The main elements of a seductive environment are:

1. Views, Videos & Visuals

Windows only work if the views are truly breathtaking.

If the views are “good”, then it only reminds her of the real world.
In that case, better to forget the window and focus on the inside:

1.2. Flat screens & projectors

planetarium seductive space
Home planetariums are great tools

Ceiling projectors and planetariums for reproducing stars, constellations and universe imagery are also great (read on).
Constellations with zodiac signs are also good (far more women than men believe in it).

Avoid cheap TVs: a small flat screen budget TV is whack and unseductive.

1.3. Movies with stunning visuals

You can leave a movie running on a TV or projector.

Avoid general, bland, run-of-the-mill entertainment and pick something artistic.
A movie that’s based on sounds and dreamy cinematography.

For example, “The Girl With the Pearl Earring” is about an intense artist and his muse. It’s arts and colors with a dreamy effect. I remember one evening watching it semi-stoned and after a couple of glasses of wine and it took me into a different state of dreamery and relaxation.

Once Upon A Time In The West” is another great movie based on imagery, close-ups of strong men and strong but feminine women, and dreamy sounds.

1.4. Fantasy videos

Videos are better than movies because they have no beginning and end.

Perfect to get into a “time-suspension” state.

Good imagery is women playing flute or harp, lost in their art.
Recalling the sirens in Ulysses’ journey, the guardian angels welcoming into the land of pleasure.

Other good videos to loop are Final Fantasy-like themes:

1.5. Universe imagery

Colorful videos and pictures of the universe are great.

The imagery of stars, quasars, black holes and galaxies transmits a feeling of time suspension and “forever-ness”.
Different planets take people out of this world, opening up the mind to never-thought-of possibilities.

universe image full of lights

You can even explain some basics of astronomy to transmute that imagery into feelings.
That we’re really all “just made of stars” (Moby’s “We’re all just made of stars” would be a perfect sound companion).
That time is different and relative in the sky just above your heads. That we’re all watching a snapshot from the past when we look up.
“One day we might be able to travel there”, you may say. “But I like to think that one day we will all reunite and become one”.

1.6. Gaming console / VR

It’s OK to have a gaming console attached to a big screen.

BUT, it must be games about visuals, images, adventures, and dream-looking worlds.

Even better than games with a control pad, that feel geeky, is a VR or movement-activated controls (or both).

For example, flying virtual reality, or new worlds explorations.

2. Lights / Candles

Lights and candles are an integral part of your seductive environment.

The lights must complement your theme of choice but, but generally speaking, you want dim, soft, and mellow lighting.
The reason is simple: people feel more comfortable letting go in the dark.

2.2. LED lights

With so many options of led lights, this must be the golden era of seductive environments.

Look into and pick some strips, color-changing LEDs, color-changing bulbs, motion-activated lights, remote-activated lights, water-proof candle-like LEDs, etc.
Early examples from my room.

Warning: easy on changing colors.
Avoid jerky and fast blinking: they impact our “fight or flight” centers and make people feel nervous.
Go for smooth transitions, and limit them to small corners you want to draw attention to.

2.3. Spotlights

Use small and localized spotlights to highlight certain micro-environments.
For example, a spotlight on a painting. Or an open book in your book’s area. Or over your “delicacies corner”.

spotligts on paintings

2.4. Backlights

For example, a led strip behind your spirits.

2.5. Lamps

A timeless classic of romance, have at least one.
You can make lamps your main light source and completely avoid any ceiling light.

2.6. Candles

You can’t go wrong with candles.

Have some, even if you won’t light them up.
And by the way, a chandelier makes for perfect decor.

3. Music

We have one article for seductive playlists.

For here suffice to say that music should be on a high-quality system.

No laptop.
Laptop music is for hookups.
PC speakers also won’t cut it because a computer is a window on the “real world” (Internet, gossip, work…).

Get a package with a subwoofer, tweeters, and high-quality strategically placed satellites.
Avoid geeky. You can keep it simple with “price and looks” rule of thumb: pick a high-end system that looks great.
Some tips:

  • Hide or semi-hide the speakers: tech is rarely seductive. You want your speaker to either disappear, or to integrate in your decor if they fit the style (ie.: wooden for “classic” themes or futuristic for futuristic themes)
  • Pre-load a list with hours of music: nothing breaks the spell quicker than ads and music cutting off. Once you have a couple of hours it’s OK to have the playlist restart
  • Automated activation: remote controls are techy and not very seductive. Better to have an automated activation whenever you walk in. Or voice-activated

And by the way, a piano, a harp, an old gramophone, or some musical instrument in your seductive environment are golden.

angel playing harp

4. Drinks, Wine & Spirits

Wine and spirits are almost a must.

Even if you aren’t going to consume, they speak of the possibility and allure of intoxication.

You want high-quality wines and classy spirits such as scotch and whiskey.
Vodka and rum for mixers are OK, but they have an aura of “cheap drunkness”, so don’t put them first.

spirits cabinet for seductive environments


You can have them:

  1. All together: a wooden minibar, or a corner or shelf combined with delicacies
  2. Disseminated around the environment

Together it can turn into its own micro-environment, and you can talk about it.
You don’t need to know much, even just telling the story of where the bottle comes from and why it’s good is enough. Make sure you paint a nice story with good imagery.

If you go for the minibar, avoid plastic minifridges -that screams “real life” and “cheap motel”-. Plus, it feels like cheap consumerism.
You want your place to feel luxurious, but without hints of money. The feel is that of a Garden of Eden where everything’s free and where you drink straight from the Gods’ springs.

Not only the bottles must be good, but also look good.
Old used bottles with candles on top can also serve as ambiance props if you’re going for more classy and old-school looks.

Weed / Drugs (Optional, Not-Recommended)

Not strictly necessary and we don’t recommend it.

Some of the more conservative women might also be put off by it.

However, we can’t deny that some substances offer a quick shortcut to trance states.
Still, don’t let the shortcut fool you: put the environment first. The last thing you want is a drug-place to get high.
Highs on drugs must complement the experience, not become the way to trance. And for practical reasons: if it’s drug-fueled, she will look back and say “the drug was such a trip”.
But if the high is drug-free or a complement to the experience, it’s all on you.

If you want to go for it avoid any drugs that over-excite, like cocaine or speed.
Go for substances that relax or expand consciousness.

Like the opium ending scene in “Once Upon A Time In America”.
Plus, the opium pipe is also a great prop.

4.2. Teas & Special Drinks

It’s a good idea to also have some non-alcoholic beverages among your bottles.

Especially if you don’t drink yourself, or if you prefer women who don’t drink.

For example, special teas, herbs, and cofees, together with a beautiful teapot and china.

5. Food / Delicacies

I initially wrote “food / snacks” as the title.

I hope you can see the mistake :).

Anything resembling typical “snacks” has no place in a seductive environment.

There is a powerful association between food -and the pleasure of food- and sex -and the pleasure of sex-.
And, by extension, the type of relationship you can offer.
That association is much stronger in women than in men.

  • Snack = cheap sex and throwaway, average relationship.
  • Delicacy = seductive environment, intertwining of souls, “peak experience”

Albeit fresh food would be nice, long-lasting food has a better ROI and it’s easier to maintain.
As usual, you want high-quality with great-looking packaging.
Go for far-away delicacies, limited productions, and products you can tell a story about.

Example of a good packaging:

6. Books

Many women love books (including many who don’t read them).

Books are powerful for what they represent: knowledge, erudition, and… The power of driven men who advance civilization.

And albeit men know that it’s non-fictional work that advances civilization, your seductive environments need fictional work (or, at least, also fictional work).

Lots of women like “Lord of The Rings”, “Harry Potter” and “Sherlock Holmes”.
“Da Vinci Code” and “The Alchemist” set a tone of mystery and mysticism.
“The Adventures of Pinocchio” with the “Turquoise Hair Fairy” and “Peter Pan” with tinker bell can lull her into a safe regression to childhood.
And you can also add “Fifty Shades of Grey” or something similar for sexualization.

Books that add multiple layers of stimulation, such as drawings and touch are perfect.
Love this scene:

Photography books are also perfect as they mix art with erudition.

Photobooks with people, art, and places are great.
It’s like having a small seductive environment within your seductive environment.
Women can flick through them and it takes their minds into far and different lands, opening up worlds of possibilities outside their smaller confines.

7. Scents

Good scents are a must.

On average, women have a better sense of smell and a better feel for what’s “good” or “not good”.

I personally don’t have a great taste for mixing smells and if you also don’t, then stick to a single scent or to similar ones.

Good options include:

7.2. Scented candles

An easy option, good even if you don’t light them up.

7.3. Diffusers

There are many aromatic diffusers, and some even have LED lighting.

LED diffusers are great options because the view feels like a small volcano, making the environment feel “different than normal life”.
As usual, avoid cheap ones that are too lightweight, and go for batteries if you can’t properly hide the cables.

diffuser for seductive environments

7.4. Scented sticks

Another good and timeless option. And women love them.

7.5. High-quality handmade soaps

Perfect for your bathroom(s).

8. Paintings

Generally speaking, naked white walls are unseductive.

So in are wallpapers and paintings.
But while it’s not good to choose overly-bold wallpapers as you can’t change them easily, paintings provide a higher variety of options.

Some paintings that work:

8.2. Allusive, slightly erotic

Without overdoing it!
It’s seduction, not porn.
And it’s seduction, not real life. So better avoiding real people.

Instead, go for fairytale characters, human-looking aliens, or human-looking robots.

erotic art for seductive environments

This might already be too much.

Remember: the seduction is from the full environment, and from the states it induces.
Anything that is “too much” breaks the spell instead of enhancing it.

The last thing we want is a seductive environment that feels like a “sex location”.
It might be a sex location, of course. It will likely be, as a matter of fact. But as part of the full package, without ever forcing it.

Plus, many women will walk inside with some barriers and fears.
Erotic pictures stoke those fears.

So if you’re unsure, less is better.

8.3. Mermaids

Women have a thing for mermaids.
Women also have a thing for werewolves and vampires, but they are too edgy and scare some women off. So better stick for the “seductively safe options”.

8.4. Muses, goddesses, and sirens

Muses, goddesses, and sirens are perfect.
Many women are also aroused by other women, and muses and sirens are seductive and classy at the same time.

8.5. Impressionistic paintings

If your seductive space is on the “classy” side, impressionistic paintings are good.

No to expressionism though, it might be “too much” and make some people uncomfortable. People need to let go, and people aren’t comfortable letting go when the atmosphere is too aggressive (werewolves) or crazy (expressionism).

8.6. Classics in different settings (ie.: sunsets in different worlds)

Anything that is earth-related brings her back to reality.

Sunsets, beaches, mountains and various earth locations might be good in a book, but not as the main ingredient in your seductive environment.

They’re beautiful, but we’re going for a different type of beauty. We’re going for a “break” from this world to reach higher states.

A good solution is to change the setting of those romantic views to other planets. Then you get the best of both worlds. The romantic aspect, and the “other world” aspect:

sunset image for seductive environments

9. Decor of Seduction

You want to have a room with a lot of stimuli.

So this is a case where “more” is often better than “less” and “empty”.

9.2. Statues

If you can afford it, statues are perfect.

Statuses with a mystical and dreamy feel.
Gods and Goddesses, emblems of birth and rebirth, and symbols of eternal power and energies.

9.3. Historical Lures

Historical lures from far away lands or gone by times.

For example, heroes, conquerors, and pharaohs.
Again, you want something far and alien because anything too human reminds people of politics -fuck that-.
So a Caesar or Marcus Aurelius on a horse may work because they represent not just humans, but figures of eternal leadership and power.

9.4. Fine Silks, Cashmeres, Furs

You can’t have “sensory overload” without touch.

I remember an ex-girlfriend of mine.
She was in love with her place, and one of the things she loved most was a pink, furry cloth that she put on top of her wardrobe.
And it did look and feel cozy and special indeed.
That was one of the many lures and decor she had. The room had carpets, furs, hanging pendants, and a small table in the middle of the room to sit around -on the floor, not on chairs-.
She was in love with her place because, without knowing it, she had turned it into a small-scale (self-)seductive environment.

You want something similar -albeit not necessarily pink :)-.

9.5. Pendants

You want something hanging around.

Necklaces, neckties, pendants, amulets, crystals on a string, small mirrors on a string, etc.
Anything that reminds of shamans or paganism is also good.

And of course, a beautiful chandelier is an evergreen.

9.6. Chinas & Crystals

Tea sets, crystals and chinas are perfect.

Either next to your minibar/drinks corner, or in a glassed cabinet.

10. Bathroom, Beauty, Jacuzzi

Your bathroom must be at least a smaller extension of your seductive environment.

Women see bathrooms more as intimate and self-care places than men.
A jacuzzi in your bathroom bridges the transcendental experience into a physical and intimate one. And a few candles around it are perfect.

jacuzzi for seduction
Cliches have become cliches for a reason: because they worked

Also get waterproof LED candles to be put in the water.

Leadership For Seduction

See Seduction University for how to use seductive environments and for proper frame control with “seduction-resistent women”.

This is an excerpt from Seduction University, where you find the most practical strategies and examples

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