Daygame Nitro: Summary & Review (Nick Krauser)

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Daygame Nitro is a dating book for men that teaches guys how to meet women during the daytime. Nick Krauser, the author, lays out a model that he dubbed “daygame for alphas“.

Daygame Nitro Summary

About the Author:
Nick Krauser is a dating coach based in the UK. He started getting pick-up and daygame after his failed marriage and divorce. He read the Mystery Method, signed up to a boot camp, and never looked back. As he gained more success and experience, he eventually developed his own system and started teaching.
Today Nick Krauser considers himself past and over his “game” phase in life.

Daygame for Alphas VS Daygame for Beta

Nick Krauser says that his system is “daygame for alphas“.

These are the differences between daygame for betas and alphas:

  • She is the prize for betas / he is the prize
  • She’s great and must have so much going on / you are the adventure in her life
  • You must be warm and make her comfortable / you must project dominance and charisma
  • Stay safe and don’t crazy stuff / be crazy

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The Krauser Daygame Model

The Krauser Daygame Model has the following steps:

  • Kill Momentum: stop her and make her engage you. You do this by showing high value right from the start
    • Pre-approach
    • Target acquisition 
    • Spontaneous opener
  • Vibing: match her energy and draw her into a 1:1 conversation
  • Investment: when hse starts chasing you and putting in work
  • Commit Her: she decides to have a date with you, either now or in the future
  • Deep Rapport: you usually get into this stage once you sit down in a more private location (not in the street)
  • Verbal Escalation: sexualize the conversation to make her horny

The idea of the KDM is to start high energy and give a lot in the beginning. Then, little by little, you start to cool down, rein in your body gestures, and draw her in.
That’s when she should start investing more and more

Daygame Nitro is built around defining and explaining each of those steps.

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In Daygame You Must Be Fun

Albeit Krauser talks a lot about being alpha and one of his FAQ is “aren’t alpha males serious”, he says that seriousness is the kryptonite of day game.

He says that the primary way of getting an overload of initial attraction is by being fun.

My Note: I don’t 100% agree
I agree that being too serious makes for a poor initial interaction most of the times -but not always-.
However, I felt like Krauser overdid the fun part. 
Furthermore, if you can get a strong initial (sexual) chemistry, you can do without the fun part.

Krauser says that the most help a wingman can give you is to keep you social and upbeat while you walk around.

Use Your Wing to Show High Value

When you want to approach a woman, you should get even more animated in your talk, speaking louder, laughing harder and gesticulating more than usual.

That communicates high value.
This is what Krauser says the girls will think:

Wow, high value guys. Having fun in their own world, at ease with what is around them. 

I agree that sometimes being deeply into a conversation with a friend of yours will deeply attract attention.
I remember once locking eyes with a girl while talking animatedly with a couple of friends of mine. This girl was with two other guys, and she still stopped in her tracks.

Another time at a bar, me and my pal were absorbed in conversation. With the tail of my eye, I could see a truly beautiful blonde woman -who was out with a guy- looking at us.
When my pal was in the bathroom, she stopped by to talk to me.
I told her to join me and she sat down, ditching that other guy she was with.

That being said, I wouldn’t exaggerate the laughter or the gestures. Those can make you look too juvenile and less powerful.

Only Approach Girls You Find Attractive

Going only for the girls you truly like and appreciate from your masculine core is one of the central tenets in Krauser’s philosophy. 

He lists all the advantages to only go for the women you truly feel attracted to, and I agree with them all:

  • You developed a trigger: when you see your type of girl, you know you’re going to approach
  • Approach anxiety decreases
  • Your inner game improves when 
  • You are not distracted and overwhelmed by all other girls walking around
  • You feel like the selector, because you have standards
  • It helps you deal with her shit tests because you can communicate from a place of honesty
  • The girl feels like you picked her for a reason
  • You specialize and get better with the girls you like

The only reasons you might want to approach girls who are your type is to get some experience, to get socially lubricated, or to bottle up that feeling of not really caring so that you can do the same if you’re feeling nervous.

Deploy Push-Pull Right From the Beginning

Krauser says that if you compliment a girl from the first moment you talk to her, you give away too much of your power.

That’s not how alpha males act, so you want to use push-pull right from the beginning.

For example:

Krauser: Hi. I just have to say something. I just noticed you from over there. You are dressed fucking ridiculous. I love it. It’s very sexy

In that example the push-pull is inverted.

I find this technique interesting, but I don’t think I will be making it my mainstay.
I feel that if you are confident in your value, then you don’t need the “push” or “the neg” right from the start.

More Wisdom

  • Sexualize the convo with random sexual appreciation: Nick Krauser recommends you drop a random sexual hint while talking about random stuff. For example, talk about your day, say “great tits by the way, I like them”, and then keep going
  • During the investment stage, disagree on something small: this will give you an idea on where you stand, and it will highlight you’re not kissing up to her
  • Right after she commits to follow you, do more of the talking: if she follows you, especially if you had to push a little bit, do more of the talking afterward to help her smoothen the transition. In those moments she is thinking “have I done the right thing committing to follow this guy?”. 
    This was a very good point indeed.


On low-value guys following others for what they should also like:

Beta males, chodes, losers (or whatever term you prefer) live their lives according to other peoples’ values (…) They read GQ to be told what’s cool. And they want the girls that society tells them they want. They read the FHM list of 100 sexiest women and don’t laugh out loud when Terri Hatcher and Jennifer Lopez make the list.

On the danger of going after a girl who is not really your type (I was smiling and nodding badly here):

(…) And it will help you avoid the most soul-destroying of situations: getting stuck in a set with a girl you realise you don’t like, while a super-hot girl you do like walks by.

On the clunkiness of pre-canned material:

It’s still possible to open girls with canned material, but then again, it’s possible to eat soup with a fork. 


  • The Alpha/Beta dichotomy and the red pill

The red pill has some great content.
But also some poor information and mindsets which don’t make me the biggest red pill fan.
Nick Krauser is. 
And together with red pill terminology and start contrast between “alpha” -everyone who uses those dichotomies includes himself in the “alpha” category of course- and “betas“. 

And I wasn’t a big fan of how Krauser defines alpha
To make the point that the reader had grown up in a “pussified society”, he says:

You’ve grown up in a pussified society where all of the savagery of nature, red in tooth and claw, has been sanitized out of life.
There’s a good chance you’ve never had a fight in your life (if no-one ended up dead or in hospital then it wasn’t a fight).

I wouldn’t necessarily consider the amount (or lack) of serious fights one has been in as an indicator of “alphaness“.
Being in too many of those might be an indicator of criminal behavior, making it more likely one stays stuck at the bottom of society.

  • The examples of fun-conversation seemed too random and silly at times

Overall, I liked Daygame Nitro and Krauser is an overall good guy to learn from. 

Some of the examples that were supposed to be fun seemed too forced, too random, and too “entertainer” style to me.

For example:

Her: I got it in a little market. I like the wool it’s lovely
Krauser: Wool is for sheep. I like sheep actually. I never quite understood why people are supposed to count sheep when they go to sleep. Do you sleep?
Her: Duh! Yeah.
Krauser: Hahaha. Only Homer Simpson says duh. (…) No, I mean properly sleep like in a deep trance (…)

Her: I don’t really know. Actually, yes! There was one time I got drunk at a party and they hoovered up around me.
Me: Hoover is a proper noun. You should say cleaned, or vacuumed. That’s what my gran says. I love my gran. I sleep like a barbarian. I’ll wake up immediately if danger strikes. Are you dangerous?

Krauser points to his lack of logical reasoning and free associations as a good thing.
I also enjoy thread-cutting and some free associations sometimes, but his examples felt too much jumping around. That it sounds silly doesn’t bother Krauser, who later on says that you should “embrace the retard”.

I disagree with it.
In my opinion, making a girl feel at ease also means letting her know that you can be normal and rational (see: mating intelligence).
Crazy, like true crazy, is scary, and not sexually attractive.


  • The use of Facebook for long-term game

Chase Amante in “How to Make Girls Chase” says that you should never take any social media from a girl. And I always disagreed.
Nick Krauser is the only one who gets it right. He says:

Numbers are a logistics-solving device when you expect to meet each other soon.
Facebook is a logistics-solving device when you expect to stay on each other’s radars until something changes.

I couldn’t agree more. 
Also see one of my earliest articles on how Facebook helped me get laid with a girl I really liked by staying on each other’s radar.

  • Only approach girls you truly find attractive from your core

I loved that simple, yet transformative concept.

Krauser says that girls who tease too much, shit-test too much, or play too many games are girls you need to avoid.
He says:

I know the temptation – “I might as well keep playing to try to fuck her.” No. That will kill your abundance mentality, demolish your inner game, and poison your next ten dates. Just screen the bitch out.

Most of all, I advise screening out the nasty game players:

Daygame Nitro Review

Overall, I liked Daygame Nitro.

I disagreed a bit on the level of “fun” one needs, and how to express high value early on.
But I loved the concept -and the necessity- of learning what type of woman you like and then only going for that type of woman. Nick Krauser was the only one to truly lay out the deep reasons why you should adopt that attitude.

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