Ho Tactics: Book Summary & Review

Ho Tactics is a dating book for women in which author G. L. Lambert teaches how women can trick a man into spending and doting on her.

Bullet Summary

  • Hos provide the joy of life & sexual stimulation without asking for a commitment
  • You only start asking for money when he’s emotionally hooked
  • The ho gives the illusion he’s not buying her, but that she likes him and he supports her

Ho Tactics – Summary

Lambert divides women who complain about not finding a wealthy man into two categories: attractive women and career women. The former think look sufficient, and the latter feel their resumes are enough.
Both camps don’t understand how to excite a man, he says.

Ho Tactics is here to fix that.

Part One: Secrets to Being a Smart Ho

#1 Ho World Order

Lambert says the best and smartest hos get what they want without ever giving sex.

To reach that high level it does take one major skill, and that’s unwavering self-confidence.

#2: Why Men Love Hos

Hos show a strong sexual side but they’re not prostitutes sleeping with everyone.

Hos are easy emotionally, but not sexually.
That, says Lambert, is the big secret most women cannot grasp.

Hos live in the now. They make it fun for their marks. Hos don’t inquire about their relationship status and will joke and tease.

It’s the mix of sexiness, joy, and carefree attitude that takes him by surprise and draws him in.

#3: Being Disciplined Around Dick

Lambert says it’s natural women will feel sexually attracted to their marks.

But a hot must resist sex because once you give sex, your leverage disappears.
To avoid the risk the author refers to the famous scene in “There’s Something About Mery” and suggests you masturbate before the date.

Say Maybe

You must be strategic when saying no.

When he makes a move don’t say “no”.

No breaks rapport and makes him feel rejected. for more-. Tell him “we’ll see” or “wait” instead, send the message it’s in the cards but he needs to keep working on it.
He must believe he will eventually get it.

My Note: Great advice! 
Check my article on how to reject sex without destroying the relationship:

How To Slow Down Sex & Get A Relationship

#4: Pussy Costs

Lambert says that pussy in the last two decades has become easy and lost much of its value.

All courtesy of women who feel they need to have sex to “keep him around”.

My Note:
the author says it’s happened because of men’s manipulative tactics. I am of a different opinion. It has little to do with men’s “manipulations”, which always existed.

Also, read “Games Men Play“:

10 Games Men Play, And How to Handle Them

But in spite of the current trends, your pussy should remain a luxury item if you want to be a top ho.

Here are a few suggestions from Lambert:

  • Don’t tell him he chooses the place or you put the power in his hands
  • First date is not super expensive because it’s a “free sample to get his blood flowing”
  • Date two you start setting the rules: go for elegance -and dress the part-
  • Reward his good behavior. Passionate kiss or playing with his dick in the car
  • Leave him lusty -unattainable desire will drive him crazy-

Obviously, don’t even think of paying for the first date.
Or for any other date afterward.

#5: Treats, Tricks, Sponsors 

Lambert describes the different types of men you’ll be hustling.

The treat will give you nice dinners and dates. The tricks will help with small ticket items such as a purse or a SPA. The sponsor will finance your life.

Does He Pay?

You need to make sure he’s willing to dote on you. Check the book to see the little trick Lambert recommends.

#6: How to Flirt the Ho Way

Lambert says you must approach first.

If needed to be, you must cold approach a stranger.

And when you do it, he will think you’re a slut and he has it easy. Which is great as that makes your job even easier.

How To Approach

Maria spots a potential mark at the Apple store and goes nearby to check a laptop.

And I invite you to get the book for the details.

Lambert’s tips on a successful approach:

  • Stand near: the nearer the higher the arousal
  • Start side by side or at an angle: don’t look too thirsty
  • Use touches: Nudges, light chest smacks, or accidental brushes
  • Think of something sexual as you talk to him
  • Leave early, leave him wanting more

# 7: How to Seduce the Ho Way

Lambert says the ho’s task is to be a fantasy woman.

The main ingredients of a ho are:

  • Listening
  • Being open and non-judgmental
  • Never nagging
  • Get comfortable with him really fast
  • Knows how to be a “filthy whore”

Here is what basic bitches do instead:

  • Wait for him to pick the conversation and just reply
  • Laugh when there’s nothing to laugh about
  • Don’t say anything racy that might rock the boat
  • Closed body language -“don’t rape my body language” in Lambert words-

Ho On A Date

Lambert again uses Maria to describe how the smart ho acts during the date.
I invite you to get the book for more on that, but here’s what I liked most:

First Date

  • She says “are you gonna leave me here all alone” to move him beside her
  • Jokes with the waiter to let mark see men want her
  • Rests her head on his shoulder and asks him to order something “as good as an orgasm”
  • Lets him pay and ask how much she should tip the waiter -if he lets her, it’s a bad sign-
  • Flirts and jokes about going back to his but says she doesn’t do “coffee” with a new man
  • Kiss on the lip when bidding goodbye and looks at him with lusty eyes

Notice that she is submissive but in a very decisive way.
She lets him be a man, but she pushes him to act as such.

And notice she is both warm and sassy at the same time. It’s the mixed-signal hot/cold approach.

The author says the ho hints at powerful sexuality and strong chemistry. She might tease him sometimes and not be afraid of calling him out on shit, but it’s not in a confrontational way.

Ultimately she shows him she’s on her side.

Second Date

Maria is touchier and tells him she dreamed about him.

In the car, she strokes his crotch and tells him he’s doing something crazy to her.
But she doesn’t want to bring her A game before he’s ready, so she must go home -notes she says he is not ready, challenging him-.

Maria rewards good behavior with sexual attention, so she’ll give him mind-blowing phone sex that week –read the book for the details– and goes for an earphones test for the third date.

If the mark started pressuring for sex or showed up without earphones, Maria would drop him.

Dating Techniques

Lambert recommends that you:

  • Do use kisses, but ration them
  • Don’t wait for him to call: call and say you imagined kissing him
  • Stay busy and vague on when to meet next
  • Don’t ask about the next date, but tell him

#8: Getting Nasty with It

Lambert says you must sow your freaky sexual side… But in a subtle way.

He has the power to arouse that side of you, not everyone.
The ho doesn’t get labeled a cock tease because it’s always “just about to happen”.
That’s the feeling that keeps him stringing along.

#9: How to Make Him Fall in Love the Ho Way

Lambert says you need love to get lots of support.

To make him dependent, he says, the ho appeals at the same time to both nobler virtues and animal ones:

  • Protector side (to make him like a rescuer, she tells him she’d be lost without him)
  • Father figure
  • Sexual drives

My Note:
Steve Harvey in Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man says indeed that to love, a man must feel like he can protect her.

Hos leverage their vulnerability.
First, they gain their trust, and then they show their deeper, darker side in need of protection:

The Commitment Conversation

Maria calls him when she’s having a difficult moment and demands to see him.

Over to his place she holds him tight and tells him she likes him but doesn’t want things to get complicated.
Men changed when things got complicated but she wants the two of them to stay fun and great as they are now.


The mark is used for women asking for commitment and here’s this girl who wants the opposite instead.

Then she tells about her life and struggles. She asks his opinion to make him feel important.
And just as they are bonded as bro and sis Maria drops again the sex bomb. She adds she’s going to fuc* the hell out of him anyway.

My Note:
This part was wicked genius. For the details of the moves and conversation get the book.

#10: How to Ask for Gifts, Money, or Favors

Lambert says when you start with your hand out you get scrap change.

You ask when there’s a deep bond and he feels like a protector.
When you ask:

  • Make him feel he’s saving the day
  • Don’t be afraid of being submissive and pleading
  • Make him feel he’s got the power to make you happy again
  • Give him a sense of reciprocity with (valueless) gifts

#11: Revenge Hoing

Lambert, like Kara King of The Power of The Pussy says women are emotional creatures.

But revenge is a waste of time.

#12: Exit Strategy

Lambert says you will exit either when you got everything you want or when you can’t manage to get anything more.

A great exit is to simply fade out and stop calling.
If he realizes all of a sudden he’s been taken advantage of, play offended and make him feel guilty for saying that.

My Note:
I’m surprised Lambert doesn’t suggest telling him how much you loved him and he will always have a place in your heart. Because those seem great strategies to me.

Part Two: The Power of Sex Magic

Part two of Ho Tactics deals with hustling with sex.

#13: You Had Sex  Too Fast… Now What?

Lambert says sex is a mistake.

Check the book to see how to fix it if you’ve done that mistake.

My Note:
I disagree sex is always a mistake. It can work great to keep many men orbiting around and coming back for more.
It works best with men with not many options, many who have fallen hard for you, or men with whom you are having some sort of kinky sex they can’t easily get elsewhere.
Also, read: 

#14: Using Ho Tactics On Your  Ex-Boyfriend

If you want to rope in an ex-boyfriend you need to show you’ve changed. Lambert suggests you:

  • Stroke his ego as to how much he’s improved
  • Show you changed & improved
  • Agitate him by mixing up crazy sex memories… Which you never did with him 🙂
  • And then tell him you still have a weak spot for him
  • After the first date, tell him you’d like to be “friends” (ie.: just fuc*)
  • Only have sex with him after he confesses or shows his feelings

If after two weeks he doesn’t open up or show any feelings, drop him.

#15: Turning Old Pussy into New Money

Lambert says that no matter what women think, they all have sex the same way.

The way you stack yourself apart is:

  • Pre-sex hype: don’t be afraid of hyping and overselling (this is called Pre-Suasion)
  • Do something freaky to give him the idea there’s nothing you won’t do if he keeps you around
  • Scream “you’re about to make me come”
  • After sex make him feel like he took you where nobody else took you
  • Ration out sex: you’re not to be had at any time
  • As he wants to see you more and more: raise the price!

I liked Lambert’s suggestion of building up to it by sending sexy pics on the date you’re planning to have sex.

Then pretend you’re canceling to get a raise out of him.

And remember, it’s about him: one ho even played Xbox after sex to make the mark feel she was one of the guys.

#16: On the Side: Making Her Man Your ATM

Lambert has a whole chapter hustling men in committed relationships.

You never want to replace her mainstay because you have more power than the forbidden fruit on the side.
When she leaves the current wife for you, you become an old pussy.

# 17: How to Online Date… the Ho Way

Lambert is not a big proponent of online hustling, but he still has amazing insights even there.

He says most women going after rich and handsome do it the wrong way, which is:

  • Follow him in the hope he’ll follow back
  • Inbox him as soon as you can

… And then you’re one of the hundreds of groupies.
Much better instead is focusing on people with money who are not under much public limelight.

Online Hustle

You never add him before you speak to him and before you meet you act like it’s going to be a sure lay for him. It’s good stuff, I invite you to get the book for the details.

#18: How to Go From Ho to Housewife

Lambert says it’s possible to go from ho to housewife because ho is a part you play, not part of your DNA.

The author has a beautiful psychological analysis here. He says the ho brings to a midlife crisis man that breath of youth and craziness that he desperately craves.

Their craziness, as Robert Greene explains in The Art of Seduction, is addictive.
Also, read:

Lambert says that if you want commitment, let him know you well in all your greatness and then say at this point in life you need to get serious.

#19: How to Win  the Ho Way

Lambert in his last chapter has an interesting Q&A session with some of the FAQs.
I invite you to get the book to read it.

ho tactics book cover

Real-Life Applications

The whole book is about practical applications. A few pearls of wisdom for me were:

Challenge his manhood
When you challenge his manhood you strongly arouse him. Slightly doubt his power in bed, his ability to please, or his strength to resist you.

Drop Hints Of When You’ll Do It
I found indeed that women dropping hints about sex or “testing him” do make men quite horny.


Sex-Witholding The Main Leverage?
If not having sex is the main leverage, then this is obviously not the book for women who want to keep that spark going for long.
I believe there are many ways to keep a man hooked even while having sex -Cleopatra and Marie Antoinette are just two obvious examples that it’s possible-.

Little Sister
When discussing the protective instincts hos leverage he makes a very valid point, but the “little sister explanation” didn’t convince him. He says every man has (had) a little sister he protects, but I haven’t any.

Black Hood Target 
In the preface, Lambert says career women don’t understand men. But Ho Tactics is not tailored to them. The book targets mostly black women of low income. A career woman can hardly complain her car is being repossessed or call him crying for a bag. And she doesn’t need to be told there are wealthier and better men besides pushers.


Great Resource for Hustling
There aren’t many books on hustling. Ho Tactics is focused purely on hustling without sex, and it’s very good.

Some Great Power Move
The book has some parallels with this website. And it shares some really, really good social power moves.


Ho Tactics is a great resource on how women (can) hook men into spending and financing their lives.

Not only if you want to actually live that style, but also if you want to defend yourself from hos using those tactics.

There are some parts I don’t fully agree with, I wish the book didn’t make “don’t have sex” its centerpiece and there are some elements missing.

However, that being said, G. L. Lambert dispenses lots of genius and deep insights.
I wish you will choose a different road than the ho one, but in any case, Ho Tactics is still a very recommended reading.

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