Psychopaths’ Sexual Strategy: Marauders of Sex

 My goal is to be the modern-day version of Genghis Khan.

-A psychopath

We have already discussed dark triad traits in relation to sexual success, and dating strategies.

For a quick overview:

But in this article, we dig deeper into the psychopath’s sexual strategy, using a psychopath’s own words and quotes (sources at the bottom).

wolf attacks Little Red

1. Quantity Over Quality

Says our friend:


I’m going for quantity over quality. My overwhelming quantity will make it impossible for them to fail as a whole. Just a couple need to be semi-successful.

He is referring to “quantity of women/children” VS “quality of good parenting”. But, as we will see, it also refers to the quality of the women.

2. Fuck raw to impregnate women

Here’s a rule of thumb: 

Whenever I hear a guy bragging of not using condoms, I know I’m probably dealing with someone high in psychopathy.

But our psychopath here does so with a precise strategy in mind:

don’t you use a condom?

I don’t use condoms on vacation or with tourist chicks. My plan and goal is to knock them all up.

Psychopaths are undaunted by STDs

How about STDs?

STDs are not that scary.
Nothing pills can’t fix. Even aids got pills you can take.

I didn’t ask about the STDs he could pass to her”, because you should know the answer to that: he doesn’t care.
And actually, to the subcategory of “prideful value-takers“, harming others is a badge of honor. It says they were very effective in living their lives as marauders.

3. Give women fake names

Psychopath: I have aliases yes. 
I tell them I’m a tourist also that lives in Miami or somewhere other than Vegas. Only take cabs and stay in hotel rooms. Exchange no social media. No pictures and give them burner phone number. It’s impossible for them to track me. Even if they tried they would start looking in the wrong place.

Presenting a mask comes naturally to psychopaths anyway. Says the same guy in another conversation:

a psychopath describes how he loves wearing a mask

4. Use condoms with local women

Volunteers our psychopathic friend:

With locals that know my real identity I condom up as much as I can.

Why so? 
Because he does not want to pay child support, of course:

Fuck child support. Literally one of the only reasons I started learning other languages so I can bail the fuck out of the U.S. if some whore tries to get money out of me.


The unfair child support laws benefit women to have as many kids as they can but punish men. I said fuck all that. Nobody controls me. I’m not letting the government control my reproductive rights.
We men have no parental rights and get treated as just cheap sperm banks anyways.

Obviously he sees no opportunity for win-win exchanges in dating and relationships.

4.1. Or… Do anal

Anal for the locals and in their pussy when they are tourist chicks. Because they are flying away. I’ll never see them again.

4.2. If locals get pregnant, persuade them to abort

He has a persuasion system approach to convince women to abort:

I’m not going to tell you my script word for word, but the following is the format that I use that has never failed me when I accidentally knock up a local.
But the key is to get them telling you how having a baby will negatively affect her. They have to feel like it was their choice with no outside influence.

5. Develop contingency plans: move away, restart afresh

In case his abortion persuasive strategy fails, he has contingency plans in place:

I doubt I will ever get caught but that is why I’m learning all these languages. As a contingency. Leave this country and start life in another and continue.
I can move to a country where they can’t get any child support out of me and go off the mother fucking grid.
I’ll move to a country where the U.S has no international agreements to enforce it. That’s why I choose Japan.

His whole thought process is geared around taking as much as possible, while giving as little as possible. 

As Robert Hare said about psychopaths: “they all take far more than they give”.

6. Game foreign women, or let foreigners come to you

woman traveling with bags

So you travel and go meet some of the girls you know?

I don’t travel to them. They travel to me. My hometown is Vegas. They fly in and fly out with my cum still in between their legs back to their home states and countries. It saves a bunch of time and money traveling when they just come to you.

How do you meet these women

Meet them just doing day game and night game. Just normal game. I’m just gaming women that want to let loose on vacation here.

7. Impregnate married women for maximum effect

Bonus if they are married. The husband is automatically assumed the father and put on the cert. even if dna proves him not to be the father.

In this case, the quantity strategy also becomes qualitative, as children grow with a father figure and a provider.

8. Revel in your wins: observe your seeds from afar

Says the psychopath:

I’m really into eugenics and what that could have been and genes. This is a way I can practice from a distance sort of. Love seeing the combinations and wondering what they will look like and become. Watching them develop from a distance on social media on their moms accounts.

9. Scrounge off wealthy women with Mack Game

man chills on couch with socks saying "bring me some whiskey"

Men very high in psychopathy rarely have stable sources of income: it requires too much dedication.

The shortcut for those psychopaths who are attractive, is to find a wealthy woman and scrounge off.

He says:

I use women for financial resources like women do men.
I’m the one that moves in with them, instead of how it usually is with the women moving into the guys place.
Moving in with them rent free is just one of the perks of this game.

Typical value-taker mindset.

I live my life like Ashton Kutcher in the movie Spread.

Just so you know, this is a segment from the movie “Spread”:

Ashton Kutcher can mack on wealthy, high-quality, and mentally healthy women younger than 40. But many others… Difficult.

Isn’t scrounging off low power?

A Reddit user asked the psychopath if his game was less dominant than the “daddy style”, since he is dependent on women.

Since psychopaths have a big ego, that question probably triggered him.
His reply:

There is nothing more dominant then what I do.
You think macking (ie.: male gold digger) is not dominant? I can turn it into literal pimping by just saying some words. You think pimps are not dominant?

Fuck being daddy I’m her lord and savior. I own her very soul. Her life essence.

And ended up his message with a power move:

Power Game is full of contradictions and paradoxes. You need experience to understand all the nuances 

The psychopath also said that he learned how to control relationships from pimps, both in books and in person -one allegedly took him “under his wing”-.

9.1. Switch the tables: become the prize

The psychopath says that part of his game is to act like a “female 10”.

He says:

I’m the one that gets chased, I game in a way that makes her the pursuer. She initiates everything. She wants to fuck me she has to chase me. In a relationship, if she wants my dick she has to use foreplay on me.

Part of his “gaming like a female 10” is to refuse responsibility, make excuses if he is caught with other women, and to create lots of drama (of course, none of that necessarily belong to a “female 10’s behavior”).

10. Start a harem 

Once your game is good, start a harem.

I will eventually have some that I raise my own. Those ones will be my clones and carry on my will. Genetically and philosophy.

So I inquired:

OK, so at a certain point you will also settle down and be a provider, it sounds? 

I’ll have a harem.
Two sister wife’s maybe more. I won’t be the provider. One of them will have bank. I’ll be a father, not a provider. I have too much game to ever settle for a boring-ass commoner relationship. (…) My vision of the perfect family and being the best father I can be. All this game, red pill shit was just a stepping stone.
(…) I also know it’s possible because I have already made it happen multiple times. I just didn’t knock them up because I’m waiting.

I’m sure someone will see some irony in the line “best father I can be”.

11. Turn the harem into a cult -the cult of YOU-

On a Reddit thread, a user said that his goal was to move out of the city, in the wild, living off the land with a woman who met his criteria.

The psychopath replies:

Sounds like a good place for me to start my polygamist/cult compound. I have never actually thought about something like this. 


And of course, the good-old isolation technique (Greene, 2001):

In order to form the cult I want, I do need to isolate all of them. This is a major breakthrough (to live in the wild, Ed.). Can’t believe I never thought of this. I’m going to need to redo my vision board now and move this cult idea I have been planning into motion in a new time slot.

He then even advises another guy:

Start studying cult leaders and using what they did on these women. Run some Jim Jones game on them.

psychopath in pied piper clothes

Nothing gives psychopaths and malignant narcissist a feeling of power like leading a cult

12. Control women with abuse

Psychopaths want total power and control over women. 

One, because it makes them feel good about themselves, and two because a woman under their control can be used -and abused- to better serve his needs.

The techniques he describes are some of the worst, as well as the most notable examples of dark psychology I’ve ever read:

12.1. Screen for women who respond well to punishment

They cry and storm out, go to their cars, anger text me and come back up once they realize it’s only going to get worse for her. That’s the worse a women has ever resisted punishment. They also agree to these punishments beforehand. Otherwise she can’t become my plate.

Another poster, approved by “our” psychopath says:

As soon as she begins to try and be a bitch or power grab, she starts losing my time and attention. Either the plate breaks or the bitch changes her tune.

“Plates that break” are women with higher standards who cut contact. 
Not good for the psychopath.
Psychopaths resent women who are independent and/or resist their total control. They want doormats whom they can control.

12.2. Stick to women who get addicted on abuse

Psychopaths like this one only enter relationships with women who accept abusive behavior.
So it’s true when he says:

Women never call the cops. There are dudes that beat their girlfriends/wife’s for years and they still dont call the cops. Why? Because women like abuse emotionally and physically.

Of course, it’s not true that “women (in general) like abuse”. But some get addicted to it.
Relationship researcher Gottman was shocked to hear from abused women that the best sex they had ever had was right after a beating (Gottman, 2011).
Psychopaths seek and stick with those types of women.

Also read:

12.3. Create emotional whiplash: break them down, build them back up

Y ou need to game like a woman with BPD.

Give women emotional whiplash. You need to break these women down like they are muscles. What happens when you break down muscle over and over? It grows back stronger, that’s what you want to do with your relationships with them.
Breaking these women down and building them back up over and over is how you build a stronger relationship with them each time. It’s how you create “love”.
A women in love will give you everything. Drama to women is emotional heroin.

You do that by creating fake arguments:

In order to do that you need to start fake arguments, that sadly many guys on here (on the red pill community, Ed.) think is stupid. They think gaming like a women is beneath them. They have no idea what they are missing out on.

At the extreme, the “whiplash” is physical beating followed by periods of extreme tenderness.
See an example from Jon Koppenhaver (War Machine):

Narrator: this is known in psychology as “the cycle of abuse”.
In phase 3, after an abusive episode, the abuser will often seek connection. They will act romantic, apologetic, and remorseful. The abused (…) may begin to feel a stronger connection to the abuser, due to the abrupt switch of contrasting emotions. 
When fear and intimidation are directly followed by affection and warmth, the intimate nature of the latter can become significantly intensified. 

It’s worth noticing that Christy Mack, the psychopath’s girlfriend, was also somewhat “off”. And they were “off” in similar ways, from the tattoos, to the snake pets, to growing up in toxic households. Plus, notice her tattoo saying “sick love”.

12.4. Demand the moon, and expect it -or punish them-

She needs to repent. They should put you above all else. Your word is god. Disobedience is harshly punished. She will never blow me off again. I dont give a fuck if her parents are dying, if I request her she better be there.

Does it remind you of Charles Manson?

12.5. Use rewards and punishments

You need to operant condition them with rewards and punishments. You need to be sadistic and have a 50 shades of gray relationship with all of them because it works and they get wetter for you over it. It’s all about results.

I doubt women get technically more “wet”. Sex becomes more of a way of seeking confirmation for the emotional bond, and staving off the fear of abandonment (sex for sexual pleasure and sex for bonding are two different things).

12.6. Leverage your bottom bitch to control others

Remember that he has a “pimp” approach to dating:

My primary is my enforcer. She’s the bottom bitch that keeps my other bitches in line for me so I don’t have to do any work. Most of the times I have my primary dish out punishment on the other plate. My hands are always clean.

If things go south, your primary will defend you:

If she wants to get violent my primary can get violent back on her. (…) She calls the cops I always have a witness that she consented to everything. Again 50 shades type of relationships.

12.7. Once she’s under your spell, use “dread game”

She would rather share me than completely lose me. That scares the fuck out of them and keeps them in line. 

12.8. (Mis)treat them like dogs

One man says he does not sleep well when women stay over.
Says the psychopath:

I had the same problem. My solution was to make them sleep on the ground in a sleeping bag at first. Than I got soft I guess and let them sleep at the foot of the bed perpendicular but my yorkie didn’t like that because that was his spot.


12.9. Use sex for extra-bonding and control

Some psychopaths and abusers use sex as a tool for control (Bancroft, 2002).

Our future sect leader here takes it a noth up, and says he uses sperm as a tool for reward and punishment:

Now I use my literal cum as a reward for positive behavior that benefits me.

And comes inside to heighten the emotional bond and personal control:

Though I prefer to cum in them because it has that extra cocktail of hormones that further bonds them to me.

12.10. Hack their laptops & phones to use their secrets to your advantage

This one was the most unexpected for me:

I personally use it to low key hack and have control of all my plates laptops. I know everything about them. Their browser history, projects they are working on, emails and twitter accounts because lol everybody just leaves everything on auto sign in.

Also iPhones. Even the ones with Face ID omg that shit is horrible. When they are sleeping just open one of their eyes and you get access. If they have an older model just put their thumb on the Touch ID button. A normal password is far safer than biometrics.

How to use that information:

Knowledge is power.
They always wonder how it seems I can read their minds. It’s because I am. Our phones and laptops, social media accounts are a peak at our souls.
Let your imagination run wild as to why having that info on them is so powerful. It’s like the movie what women want when they are around me.

He says he has remote software with which he can switch on their laptop’s camera and microphones remotely, and he learned it from the book “Social Engineering, The Art of Human Hacking“. 

And in another message he explains why it works:

People are narcissistic, they just want to be around other people like themselves. Same hobbies, jobs, interest, background etc.

There is no better way to become their mirror than to hack and find out everything about themselves than use what you find out in conversation with them.

The Psychopath Seeks Immortality

a man walks a staircase towards the sun

Robert Hare (Hare, 1993) hypothesized that psychopaths:

  1. Follow a conscious reproductive strategy of quantity over quality
  2. Seek a way of “living on forever”

In a way, it makes sense: some psychopaths have delusions of omnipotence.
Yet, I was skeptical at first.
Psychopaths are also impulsive, and largely driven by short term pleasures of the here and now.
Hare’s own examples contradicted his hypothesis, with one psychopath literally replying to him “I just like to fuck”.

This suggested me -and still suggests- that the psychopaths’ sexual strategy of casual sex, no commitment, and zero investment is not primarily a conscious decision, but mostly a consequence of the psychopaths’ brain neurology.

But a few psychopaths, like this article illustrates, do indeed consciously plan their sexual strategy.

Let’s go back to our case study.

I’ll die but my genes will forever live on all over this planet. I made this my life purpose.

If there was a actual god it would be very grateful for all the new life I’m creating. In a way I am god. I create new life and the women in my life worship me. That’s how I see it. I’m doing the work of a god.

I even questioned him on the illusion of “forever”:

“Forever” is an illusion.
Your genes will be so diluted in a just a few generations that nothing of “you” will be there. And it’s a fair bet that all species will end, eventually. At latest, when the universe wil end.

And this is the answer:

Everything will end yes. But at least a part of me will still be alive to make it to see the end of our species. Hundreds of thousands of years from now.
I’ll make it to infinite. Till the meteor fucking drops.

Psychopath’s Seduction Techniques & Mindsets

This guy’s post history is a crash course on the mindsets and psychology of psychopaths.

Some more information about him:

  • He writes mostly on Red Pill subreddits

Which could probably tell you something about The Red Pill. Or, at least, about some of the extremes of the red pill.

  • He leverages social circles

On the argument “cold approaches VS social circles“, he prefers social circles:

You’re supposed the build a pipeline of pussy so you don’t need to cold approach. 
I have not cold approached all year. Even before COVID. I simply just hang out and tell plates/females friends to invite more girls they know. The women in my life do all the pussy hunting for me now.

  • He will meet Brad Pitt

“I’m sure I’ll meet brad at some point. At least an introduction. They all hang out at 1 oak out in Cali. Just be apart of a VIP table and you can meet these celebs like nothing”.

This tells you about the grandiose thinking.

  • He hits the gym and injects testosterone

“Than said fuck all this and jumped on the juice ?”

  • He parties a lot

Long after my military career is over I have finally become a morning person. All it took was bars and night clubs closing

  • He does not respect any “bro code”

I never respect the beta bro code under any circumstances.
All the “friends” I would need to uphold this rule around got exiled and purged from my life. They will only hold you back like the crabs they are. Bro code is mate guarding simp shit.

Our bro code with my boys is to share everything and if you manage to steal a girl from one of us it’s cool just explain and detail how you pulled it off so we can all improve our game together.

To which one guy replies “if that’s how you and your friends operate, then you guys are toxic as fuck.”

  • He insists and takes no “no”

I never give up on sets till violence or security is called. It’s a rule I have that has lead to many opportunities like yours.

Reminded me of this guy:

  • He cares nothing about his family

I personally give no fucks about my family. 

Even if I did owe them something wouldn’t give them shit. Funeral costs don’t care. Bury me in the back yard for all I care. Don’t even get me a casket.

Of course, God forbid if he didn’t end up being a cost and burden.

  • He learned seduction and power dynamics for money, resources, and power

I always learned game from day one for money, resources, social status and power. To have a harem has been my end game since day one.


I didn’t get into game for sex I’m after something far greater. Power, control and money.

His self-awareness is quite good. Definitely a high-functioning psychopath.

  • He “plows” through last minute resistances (LMR)

I don’t really get LMR but my rules to deal with it is to plow. If she really doesn’t want to have sex she will kick and claw like an actual victim is the only way I’m stopping.

  • If he’s caught cheating, he denies it

If I get caught with another woman I make excuses that it was not my fault, I can’t be held responsible, it just happened, just like women do to men.

And of course, never take responsibility or face the consequences of your actions.

Manipulative Psychopaths, Or Willing Women?

Let’s resist accusing this guy for a second.

I know, it’s hard, but hang with me for a second.

You see, beyond some of the psychopath’s most reprehensible words and actions, we must also come to this other conclusion: it’s more than likely that some women slept with him knowing what she was getting.

I don’t believe for a second that all women are stupid and duped. Instead, some women willingly enter that transaction. Or, at least, they kinda know what they’re getting, know it’s not good for them, but kinda go for it anyway.

woman in red dances with a werewolf

There are indeed studies suggesting that women pick dad-types for long-term mating, but prefer cads for short-term mating and when they’re at their most fertile (Aitken et al., 2013).
After all, the psychopath’s sexual strategy is just the extreme and more abusive form of lover style

In evolutionary psychology terms, we are talking about “dads VS cads”.
Such as:

  • Dads are men who invest: your typical family man. They enter long-term, committed relationships, provides, and helps raise children. 
  • Cads are men who do not invest: your typical playboy/fuckboy. He focuses more on short-term sex, and less on long-term and committed relationships.

In vernacular seduction, these two categories are sometimes referred to as:

Finally, consider that some women don’t have endless options.
And when she cannot secure a high-quality man who is willing to commit, she might be better off with an attractive psychopath than with the meek beta males available to her.
This, in a way, also means that while most women have good reasons to hate psychopaths, it also means that it’s women who are enabling psychopaths to procreate.

Not All Cads (& Psychopaths) Are Successful

Attention though:

Psychopathy predisposes men towards a cad strategy, but it does not guarantee that the psychopath will turn out to be a successful cad.
Psychopaths seek short-term gratifications and do not develop feelings, but psychopathy does not make men attractive in and on itself. And it does not guarantee a high sexual market value.
Check out again this article on the myths of psychopath’s game.

Just as an example, take clinical psychopath James Fallon: he is manipulative, feels no bond and emotional attachment to his children, engages in binge-drinking and eating, but says that he never cheated (Fallon, 2013). 
And I do believe him:

The Cons of The Psychopath’s Strategy

Psychopaths tend to be egotistic and grandiose, so they’d never admit going for lower SMV women.

However, when we tease out information on the psychopath’s predatory sexual strategy, that’s exactly what we seem to get:

  • Academic research: academic research supports that dark triad men, especially for short-term dating, drop their standards more than neurotypical men do (Jonason et al., 2011)
  • Victims who chronicled their misadventures with psychopaths
    they were often either not very high sexual market value (Brown, 2008), inexperienced (MacKenzie, 2015), or mentally troubled (Norwood, 1985)
  • The dynamics of the sexual marketplace: it’s simple. High-quality women can get total package men. Why would they accept a leecher? Only if they have some mental issue they’d take that deal
  • Personal experience: I met more than one man high in psychopathy. Some had a high notch count, but I have yet to meet one who was going after, or who successfully dates women I liked or respected

Let’s go back to the psychopath from this article.
This is what he says about the cocktail waitresses in Vegas:

They also mostly have degrees and are very smart women, but don’t pursue that because why would they? Whatever their degree/career pays is way less than simply being a hot woman who can pour a drink.

That is the typical tendency of inflating the value of those we date.
But I agree more with this other guy who replied:

Lol no. I’ve worked that industry. Sometimes, I’d meet a girl working her way through college, but that was rare. Most were not “very smart women”.
Most stable men don’t want a girl who makes her money by wearing skimpy outfits and flirting with every slob that walks in the door.
These women are trading a normal/healthy long-term partner, and the option of a respectable career path or station in life, for a source of short term riches that dries up by the time they’re 40, if they’re lucky.
Idk who this guy (the psychopath, Ed.) talked to, but if they told him they had student loans they needed paying off, it’s because they were trying to sucker him for a fat donation.

Lessons Learned For Women

armed little red against wolf


Smart women can learn some lessons from this post.

  • Always demand a condom: unless you’re planning to get pregnant, never, ever let anyone enter you without a condom
  • If you’re attracted to abusive men, seek therapy: you can start by checking out “Women Who Love Too Much” and “how to quit a toxic relationship
  • Beware of men who insist upon your first “no”: yes, some of them might be high-value guys who are more on the dominant side, but some of them are psychopaths. Tread carefully
  • Run from men who push too hard for sex: up to you what you think is “too hard”, but use it as an important indicator of his mental makeup
  • “Operant conditioning” is a red flag: men who seek to mold your behavior in selfish ways are probably not trying to develop a win-win relationship
  • Abuse is unacceptable: yes, it’s sometimes hard to leave. But you know as they say: in front of abuse “fuck excuses”

More resources:


We reviewed the sexual strategy of psychopaths. 

Particularly, we reviewed the sexual strategy of a high-functioning,  Machiavellian, power craving, psychopath. And we detailed his manipulative and abusive techniques.

In short, the strategy: 

  1. Quantity of women & children over quality
  2. Impregnate & bail, and always refuse to help with the children 
  3. Control women with abusive techniques

All quotes are from a Reddit user who is obviously high in psychopathy.
The quotes might be extrapolated or abbreviated for ease of comprehension, but they’re all verbatim, and all reflect the psychopath’s intentions and mindsets.
I also asked him questions, and you can see the discussion here. If canceled, this is one snapshot from that interaction:

text snapshop of a psychopath disclosing his sexual strategy
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