The Book of Pook: Summary & Review

the book of pook

The Book of Pook is a collection of forum posts by Pook with much dating advice, self-development tips for men, and several manosphere and Red Pill concepts of intersexual dynamics.

Bullet Summary

  • Focus on yourself and the life you want instead of what people around tell you to get
  • The high standards you have for others, have them for yourself first
  • Never be ashamed of being a man and never be ashamed of your own sexuality

Full Summary

About the Author: “The Book of Pook” is a collection of forum entries published by Pook in the forums of
Pook is a nickname, and nobody knows exactly who the man behind the nickname is. Except for a few tidbits of information, like his job as a DJ, Pook always maintained anonymity.
The “Book of Pook” has not been published by Pook himself, but someone gathered all his posts and put them together.


The Book of Pook shares its wisdom through parable-sounding stories, fancy literary devices, and lots of dialogues.
I will tease out the wisdom here without any of the flowery languages.


Here are some of Pook’s rules on approaching:

  • Make it fun for yourself (when he started doing it fun for himself his interactions improved and he wasn’t afraid anymore)
  • Don’t make her your object of desire before approaching (or it will induce anxiety)
  • If you see her every day, be patient instead of overly aggressive

And finally, what has become a mantra in the community:

  • Rejection is better than regret

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  • As you think, you shall become (also read As a Man Thinketh)
  • The greatest risk is avoiding all risks
  • Control testosterone, don’t be controlled by it (like jerks are)
  • Keep an air of mystery: don’t reveal much of yourself (great for shy and introverted)
  • The high standard you have for a girl must first be applied to yourself
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket: always have a backup
  • Success is a habit
  • Don’t think that getting a girl equates to success, and getting rejected will not equate to failure

Relationship Management

To enjoy a good relationship:

  • Accept and live your masculinity
  • Enjoy her femininity
  • Don’t accept but challenge her indifference
  • Punish disrespect and reward good behavior (basics of operant conditioning)

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Female Mindset

When it comes to the female brain, The Book of Pook says that women:

  • Love being treated like a little girl
  • Love being objectified by men they like
  • Don’t care about philosophy and big mental constructs
  • Use meaningless words: judge them by their actions instead
  • Love being fucked when you have your pleasure in mind (instead of hers)

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Rules of Being a Man

  1. Make your dreams and passions your priority
  2. Don’t walk on eggshells: never apologize for being a man
  3. Strive to win at what you do
  4. Solve problems instead of blaming
  5. Don’t prove yourself to anyone but yourself

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Other Rules

  • Respect is all. Walk away from any signs of disrespect
  • Sexualize your presence, go for women romantically, not as a friend
  • Trust your gut
  • Always believe and act like you are the catch
  • Believing you’re the catch cures neediness and desperation
  • Focus on improving yourself, not getting the girl
  • Improvise and change: don’t be constrained by formulas and routines
  • Think like someone great to become a great someone
  • Make it fun with women, and keep the boring philosophical talk for your friends (or yourself)
  • Imitating the jerk’s behavior won’t work: imitation is suicide, and you gotta find your own way
  • Take care of yourself: look good, workout, eat right, wear nice clothes
  • Don’t give her too much attention (don’t be always available, don’t always text first, be willing to flake)
  • Learn and adopt dominant body language
  • Be ambitious, build your life the way you want it to be

The Book of Pook Quotes

On female hypergamy:

Women would rather share a successful man than be attached to a faithful loser.

One one-itis:

Either go for MANY or go for NONE. If you go for ONE you will become an AFC.

On “good girls”:

The ‘innocent, nice girl’ is often the horniest and likely uninnocent.

On the qualities that women prioritize (see the post on SMV for the science of what women want)

Many women consider your looks, your career, what you can offer them, before your integrity and character.

On female’s practical nature:

Woman’s sole mission is union, either for pleasure or the fruits of children. She cares nothing for your philosophy and all except to either use it to catch interest in a guy or to enthrone herself.

On sexual objectification:

Women, in sex, desire to be treated as an object and relish it.

On mind before anything else:

In order to be successful in the world, you must be successful in your mind.

On focusing on yourself and your own happiness and fulfillment:

“I know how to get laid, make money, get a girlfriend and build a career. And yet why am I not happy?” “Because,” Pook continues, “My entire life has been focusing on everything except me.

The Book of Pook Audiobook

Somebody turned The Book of Pook into an audiobook, also available on Youtube.
However, it’s read by the robot voice.
Give it a try and see if it’s your thing:

Real-Life Applications

  • Put Your Sexual Pleasure First

For a long time, I had focused on the woman’s pleasure first, thinking that “being a good lover” was important.
But the mindset that underpins it is that you must be serving her. This is an important mindset shift for many men. And, often, she will also enjoy it more when you put yourself first.

  • Apply The Standards You Have For Others to Yourself

This is simple yet genius. Having high standards for others but not for oneself is the epitome of entitlement mentality, the mental scourge of our era.

  • Focus on Improving Yourself, Not Getting The Girl

Girls are a consequence for people who make themselves great catches. This is another simple yet profound truth.

  • Don’t Think Getting A Girl Equals Success

If you think that getting a girl means success, you are automatically placing her on a pedestal. And making yourself nervous and uncomfortable throughout the whole interaction and possible relationship.
Define your success in a way that you can better control.


  • God on Mount Sinai Attitude

In many of his posts, Pook projects himself as the wise dispenser of truths, enlightening the world with his words.
That attitude, the attitude of the charismatic leader, is likely to give you lots of followers.
Personally, I don’t like it. I find it jarring, self-serving, and narcissistic. Also, see the “smart alec” under “archetypes of dominance“.

  • Parable-Style & Literary Bloat

I’m an outlier here because most people enjoy the “purple prose” of flowery, ornamental style.
I personally find it convoluted, time-wasting, pompous, and, most of all, often unscientific.
However, we have to admit that when it’s done well, the parable style is effective.
It’s the same technique with which books such as “Who Moved My Cheese“, “Rich Dad Poor Dad“, “12 Rules for Life” and “The Greatest Salesman in The World” have become a classic.
And how many cults have become religions?

  • Imprecise

I feel that, sometimes, pompous talk served to hide some real lack of content.

  • Empty Pep Talks (Such As: “When You Were a Child”)

Some self-help authors like to encourage people by telling them that “they already have it in them” because they used to be just like that when they were children.
Sometimes it’s true that we need to rediscover our inner child. But sometimes it makes no sense.
In “The Book of Pook“, where he says:

I bet when you were a kid, you were a natural Don Juan.
I bet you got all the girls in the sandbox. As a child, you knew how to treat women (..)
Some of these factors include that you….
-KNEW there was MALE and FEMALE.
-Realized girls had cooties and could destroy a guy (…)

Hemmm, no I didn’t, and this makes no sense.
I’m a thousand times better and more knowledgeable now than was I as a child.

  • Generic Advice

The parable style is good for mindsets. But not for specific, deep pointers on how to exactly change, act or behave.


Be a guy, talk like a guy, act like a guy. Do action things.

What are “action things?”. And how exactly are they going to help men? Masturbating also requires action but it might not be very helpful.

  • Sometimes Contradictory

The Book of Pook sometimes seems more intent on coming up with a memorable quote and a beautiful sentence than actually delivering information in a systematic, coherent fashion.

For example:

All men are called to be leaders, even if it is not to guide other men you are meant to guide your own household, protect it, and keep your wife and children from the paths of error, defending your fruits of Nature from the locusts and storms of Time.

Basically, here it tells men to be the provider.
Which is fine. But not compatible with Pook’s own advice of making yourself your main focus.
I don’t disagree with either, but they just don’t sound very compatible.

  • Gamble It All

It’s easy to tell people to “take risks” and usually everyone reading it loves to read it. But encouraging people to “gamble it all” it’s a hollow strong-sounding, but practically weak principle. The best entrepreneurs protect their downside. And as Trump said:

I don’t like gambling, I’d rather own the casino.

  • Sometimes Child-Like Posts 

Sometimes the politicking and status-jockeying that frequently happens on many online boards transpire into Pook’s posts.
For example:

I have been accused and labeled as everything under the sun. What is funny is even when I am truthful about who I am (like in the Feminism on Trial thread), people don’t believe it and think I’m lying! No, I am who I’ve said I am.


Consider a recent example with PowerEgo.
He accused the Pook of being a (oh that term) workaholic and that I was demanding everyone to become a workaholic.

That shouldn’t have made it into the book.
It adds no value, and it’s just one example of status jockeying, social climbing, and alpha male posturing.

It’s also a very defensive attitude and doesn’t show the mental strength of someone who aims at being a spiritual leader of sorts.
Also read: why you must avoid small pond status jockeying.

  • Laws of Nature?

The Book of Pook sometimes refers to “laws of nature” to sound more authoritative.
That fits well with the guru image he wanted to portray, but rarely I found them to be real “laws of nature”.

  • Shallow Social Analysis

Sometimes The Book of Pook diverges into social analyses that are far from deep and enlightening. For example:

Sexuality is rapidly becoming a political and cultural problem, as strange as that may be.
Single women are increasing, birth rates are plunging, more people are becoming infertile, which causes secondary reactions (immigration becomes more pronounced, elderly social programs become threatened, governments spend money on marriage promotion and baby promotion).

Is immigration and “plunging” birth rates really connected to sexuality “rapidly” becoming a political and cultural problem?
I have (lots of) doubts.

  • Feminism Ranting

I’m personally not a big fan of long rants against feminism.
Yes, extremist feminists are not the best people to spend your time with. But they’re also not the best people to spend your time ranting about.


  • Holistic Approach to Life

The very best aspect of The Book of Pook for me is that it invites the readers to apply themselves to build the life of their dreams, take care of themselves, and overall enjoy a good and happy life.
Women should be an addition to that life, and he even considers it a fair choice not to have any women at all in one’s life.

  • Groundbreaking

Pook has been a groundbreaking influence.
He has been a great influence on the MGTOW (men going their own way) movement and on the red pill as well.

  • Misogyny-Free

Overall, I really liked the fact that Pook really seems like a guy free of any misogyny.
He invites people to build their dream life and enjoy women but without any of the ugliest attitudes of some fringes of the manosphere.

  • Pook Sounds Knowledgeable 

Sometimes a few passages made me think that Pook is actually very knowledgeable about seduction and seduction strategies.
For example when he says that beginners should kino and touch a girl, but that very advanced and attractive men can, and probably should go, without touching.
I agree with that. The idea is that when you don’t touch her and there is a lot of attraction, it can work like an erupting volcano when you finally start attacking each other.


The Book of Pook is not an easy book to review.

It’s one of those books that has genius content, but also a lot of BS to wade through.

It’s been a book that has helped change the game, in some ways.
It was the first to tell men to focus on themselves, to stop looking at women like notches around which to base their self-esteem, and to apply high standards to themselves first.
That’s deep stuff.

But it also has a lot of generic content, redundant information, and even sometimes contradictory or counterproductive advice (see my notes).

About the style of writing, one can love “The Book of Pook” for it, or find it annoying.
I’m in the latter category.

I like information straight up, with lots of wisdom, backed by data, experience, or a deep understanding of human nature.
Hopefully, all three are combined.
And that was not the case here.

Overall, I feel that more advanced guys looking for actual dating techniques can skip it.
Otherwise, a good read for beginners.

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