Dating For Men: Start Here

This post provides an overview of dating strategies, techniques, and mindsets for men.

Basics of Dating Theory

It’s just two articles to get a quick overview of dating power dynamics:

  • Sexual Dynamics 101: this article provides an overview of the power dynamics of the sexual market place
  • Sexual market value: here you will learn what men and women seek and value in a mate -based on 20% experience and 80% science-

Those two form the foundations to understand the theoretical and scientific side of dating.

Basics of Dating

Most women prefer men to be more powerful, more dominant, and higher status than they are.

These articles provide with an overview of dating power dynamics, a foundational aspect of effective dating:

These three articles provide you with the foundations on how to be the type of leader women want:

Dating Strategies

We have two camps on dating advice:

  1. PUA and “niche” seduction blogs, usually selling the “lover style of seduction”, faster and with less commitment and investment
  2. Mainstream dating advice (and women themselves), tailored towards the provider style, with more personal investment, commitment and, often, a slower lead up to sex

Rarely either will admit that the other strategy might work out better.

Mainstream culture cannot embrace the lover type because the lover type is inherently bad news for society itself, and that makes sense (it would be bad for society if no men ever invested).
And seduction websites cannot embrace the provider type or they’d be out of ebooks and courses to sell (yes, the same selfish reason).

This website is different because we maintain that which one works best truly depends on your environment, your personality, and her background and personality.

So the real question is:

Which one is best for you?

So start an overview first:

Lovers & Providers

  • It’s more about quality than role: most of all, it’s not about being a lover, a boyfriend candidate, or even a friend. It’s about the quality. Focus on quality first and foremost.

Then move to this one:

  • Lover or provider: lover and provider are two different strategies, and one is not always superior to the other. This article shows you which one works best for you, and when.

How to Meet Women

Once you understand the basic principles of dating and you worked on yourself to be a high-value men…

… Then it’s all about meeting more women.

Get a more balanced view of the different ways to meet women:

  • Cold approach VS social circle: the short of it is that you’re better off with an intelligent mix of all strategies. How much of each depends on your situation and your environment

Dating Strategies

And then upgrade to these:

  • Straight-line seduction: a seduction model based on efficiency
  • Dating strategies: There are countless dating products, some of which are very good, too. This list does not replace all those good products but focuses on strategies that have been proven and confirmed as being effective for the majority of men
  • Types of seducers: just like any good product seeks a good market niche, so does your dating results improve when you know your sexual market positioning
  • Sexual market value hacks: there is so much more you can do to improve your dating life than simply learning game and approaching more. As a matter of fact, learning game might not even be the quickest and most effective thing you can do. Sexual market value hacks might provide you with the quickest bang for the buck.

There are also countless legit reviews of dating products on this website (quick warning: in at least one instance a popular online website for dating product reviews behaved as an affiliate scam).
You can start with this list of:

This is it for an overview.
To reach a good level in your dating effectiveness, you don’t need tons of material. You need great material, and then work on it.

And if you want to go straight for what works best, with step-by-step actionable advice and plenty of real-life examples, then see Seduction University:

Seduction University

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