Here’s What To Do When She Threatens to Break Up

woman tells a man the relatoinship is over

Of all the nastiest power moves one can resort to, threatening to break up might be the most toxic.

If you have ever been dealing with breakup threats, you know it can be an emotional, even scary moment.

In this article, we deep dive into this manipulative technique that’s sometimes referred to as “holding the relationship hostage”.
You will learn why your partner is threatening to break up, and how you can handle it.

Let’s start.

Why People Threaten to Break Up

Your partner will threaten to break up because of three different reasons:

  1. As a power move (manipulation to achieve a goal or accrue more power)
  2. Because she is naturally confrontational and/or emotionally unstable
  3. Because you or the relationship are not providing for her basic needs

If it’s the first time it happens, you might not be sure which one it is, and that’s exactly what you need to find out.
But first, let’s start by exploring the most common reactions to a break-up threat:

Typical Reactions to Break Up Threats

These are the most common reactions men experience when their women threaten to break up:

#1. The “Why, Why” Begging Reaction

man tries to convince girlfriend to stay

Breakup threats make us emotional.

It’s normal.

Especially the first time you hear a breakup threat it will likely blindside you and you will be lost for words (watch this video of Elon Musk being threatened to see what “blindsided” means).

The great book Crucial Conversations explains indeed that the more we care about something, the more likely it is we will be overridden by emotions.
And the bitterly ironic consequence is that the more we care, the worst we perform (yep, that evolution shaped us to be the best we can be is just but a silly myth).

That being said, this is no excuse not to bring our very best to the table. Some typical reactions of the beggars are (click hyperlinks for video examples):

Terrible because pushback is a natural answer to a push. Basically, you become the one who’s trying to patch it up and she becomes the one convincing you -and herself- that actually breaking up is a great idea

  • Asking “why, why, why”

It’s wrong because, of course, now she is looking for reasons why breaking up is a good idea;

  • Promising change

Communicates that you are indeed at fault and/or not good enough. While that might be the case, most often than not, it’s not what leads your partner to threaten the end of the relationship.

Similar to trying to change her mind, with the added bonus that if there are indeed issues you look clueless.

Here’s an example of a man quickly moving to the upper echelons of beggar-dom as soon as she airs her breakup intentions:

Why Begging is Wrong

This should be obvious, but for the sake of clarity:

  1. You legitimize her threat
  2. You make a very poor showing when you are overridden by emotions and fears

Any of the above examples are indeed communicating that you want the relationship more than she wants it.
Since it’s usually the weaker party that is most desperate to cling to the status quo, it immediately places her above you. And women don’t like being with men who are obviously below them.

Thus, the begging reaction confirms to her she should go ahead and enact her threat, which is exactly what happened in the video example.

#2. The Brinkmanship Game

man tells woman to leave

Similarly to the Beggar, the brinksman wants to keep the relationship.

But he knows that trying to change her mind or getting all emotional is the best way to lose her.

What the Brinksman does, then, to quote Eminem, is that he’ll be nervous on the inside but on the surface, he’ll look calm and ready to drop bombs. And he pretends he will be OK if she goes ahead -possibly better than she will be-.

A well-executed game of brinkmanship shows power and strength.
If well-executed she will “realize” she is the one most invested in the relationship and will quickly turn things around (Kezia recommends this approach).

In the brinkmanship game, the one who shows to be least invested wins.

See an example from The Notebook:

In the video, they are both in love. He walks away first and “needs to think about it”, which drives her crazy.
She chases hard, and notices the only time when he actually walks towards her is when she says it’s over. This video very well explains the power of the first mover when it comes to the hideous games of brinkmanship.

Why It’s Not Optimal

This is not an optimal solution.

To begin with, the brinkmanship game doesn’t just communicate you need the relationship less but also communicates you don’t really care that much about the relationship.

This is what partially happens in the video example, and one of the reasons why she flies into a rage, trying to get a reaction out of him.

But most of all, the biggest drawback of the brinkmanship game, even when you win, it’s exactly that.
It’s all about “winning”.

You “win”.

But great relationships are not zero-sum games, so if you win and she loses it’s still not great for the relationship.
The relationship becomes a combative relationship of continuous power struggle.
And that sucks.
You deserve better than that.
Look at another example of brinkmanship escalation: is this a good relationship?

#3. The Steamroller

The Power steamroller does not accept being pushed into a corner and having to take a step back.

He is afraid of any concessions: for him, concessions are a sign of weakness.

So as soon as the woman airs the possibility of a breakup, he sees red and he charges head-on.
He must win that battle.
And so, to prove he’s the man of the relationship, he tells her to go fu** herself before she can do it.

The Power Steamroller sounds like the most powerful answer.
Probably it’s no coincidence that it’s one of the favorites of most gung-ho “dating coaches” (example) and all the alpha male posturers.

It has a certain pull, I can see that.
Beggars look at the Alpha Steam rollers and think “wow, that guy.. He’s the man”.
Of course, he’s not.

Just to be sure, showing her the door right away can be a fair answer, but you must first make sure of that. 

Why It’s Not Optimal

The Steamroller is far more concerned with “proving” his power than making the right decision.

And therein lies the issue.

When faced with a scary outcome the Steamroller type is defensive. But true confident men are not defensive.

So when the chip falls and it comes to a threat, the steamroller falls into the same bad habits that plagued him the whole relationship long: a focus on himself and ego protection.

The Steamroller never really paid attention and understood her partner, so what are the chances he’ll do so now?

And that’s the final and fatal issue with the Steamroller answer: another great occasion to understand her partner goes to waste.

Example 1: The Godfather

An old-school steam roller type is The Godfather.

Instead of telling her to go fu** herself though, he tells her she can’t leave (typical of abusive men by the way).

Notice the emotionally distant Godfather never really understood his wife. Steamrolling his way into the final showdown only further highlights the huge chasm between him and her, culminating with her saying:

Kate: “I feel no love for you anymore”

Of course, she doesn’t, you can’t love an emotionally distant Steamroller!

If there ever was a chance for them to stay together, treating her like an owned object was the last nail in the coffin:

Example 2: My Story

Years ago an ex-girlfriend of mine in rather heavy distress threatened me that, if X happened (don’t remember what X was), she “wouldn’t control herself” (a veiled hint at possible violence).
Now there are a few things I won’t tolerate in a relationship, and threats and violence are two of them.

I paused, looked at her, and said “if that ever happens, it’s over”.
As she plunged into silence, lowered her head, and looked down, I had won.

But “won” what, exactly?

What a Pyrrhic “victory”, and what an idiot I was.

She had been super sweet until then, what the hell was that?
I had no idea if she was serious, or if she could become abusive in the future.

Or maybe the topic was just too emotional for her that she was not being herself?

The Steamroller in me never found out.

How to find out, then?

Enter, The Cool Detective:

#4. The Cool Detective

And now we finally come to the optimal way of handling it.

As usual, mindsets are key.

The cool detective knows that a break-up threat is a serious infraction in a relationship.
He knows it can be the sign of a major personality flaw and only the first of more problems to come. He knows it means he might be forced to actually end the relationship.

But he knows it can also be something else.
And he wants to find out.

When she threatens to break up the detective breathes in and pauses for a second, looks at her straight in the eyes, and with a slow, neutral voice tone asks her:

Cool Detective: Now, tell me. Why would you ever say that

There aren’t many good examples of this behavior of course, but you can check the Godfather again using a similar technique in a business setting.  It’s the famous senator scene.

Why It’s The Best

When you are faced with a breakup threat you need to make an important decision: whether you want to stay in the relationship or end it.

And to make the best information you need to have all the information you can.
Especially since said information is readily available and staring straight at you.

The Cool Detective, such as remaining calm and asking for more information, is the only reaction that will allow you to probe and dig deeper.
It’s the only answer to a breakup threat that lets you better understand where you stand, where she stands, and what she’s made of.

Douglas Stone explains that in emotionally-laden conversations it’s best to seek to understand first -rather than being understood-.
So make sure you let her talk and express herself freely and safely for as long as it’s needed.

And now let’s see why she would even ever threaten to break up:

Break Up Threats: What They Mean

As we’ve seen at the beginning there are three high-level reasons why she threatens to break up. Let’s review them better:

  • She is naturally confrontational

If she sees the relationship as a power struggle, you are probably better off moving on (see Elon Musk’s relationship as an example).

Talulah Riley: There’s been so many times where I think “alright, I’m gonna get on a plane to England and I’m never gonna see him again

From a power dynamics perspective, confrontational women who often threaten breakups feel superior to you and confident you will yield -or at least that you’ll get scared-.
That means you can probably do better personality-wise (keep reading The Power Moves :).

In case you are also part of that combative attitude, you also need to work on yourself. Check how to fix combative relationships.

  • Personality disorders

Breakup threats are common with borderline personality disorders.
If she also engages in suicide threats, self-harm, and wild emotional swings, then she may be a BPD.

  • It’s a power move

Yes, it can be a nasty power move just to get power.

10 Nasty Games Women Play (Women, Stop These!)

If that’s the case, let her follow through on the breakup. You’re better off alone than with a nasty partner.

But it also might be using the breakup as a bargaining chip to get to something specific -i.e., marriage or children-.

And that might mean either that the relationship is not very important to her or, more likely, that what she is looking for is very important to her.
When that’s the case, either is a poor communicator and has to resort to threats, or you are a bad listener and have not taken note of her needs.

In the last case, you as the man also share part of the blame -or even bear most of the blame-.

Let’s dig deeper:

Break-Up Threats: Are You The Issue?

Now we get into real relationship talk.

Going fully into relationship issues would require a book.
But here are a few common scenarios why your partner might have a point when she threatens to break up:

#1. Mismatch of Needs

  • You are noncommittal about something important to her (marriage, kids, fidelity… )
  • You refuse to give in on a major important topic (making it official, allowing her to sleep in, meet her parents, etc.)

In The Laws of Social Exchanges, we saw that all relationships also have a transactional and self-interested element.
And if you’re not giving something that is critical for your partner, you should really look within yourself and decide.

If you want to stay in the relationship, you must provide for her core needs at the very least (here’s an article to help you decide when it’s best to break up).

And if you cannot, don’t further waste any more of her time.

#2. You’re Not Seeing The Obvious Issue

Men often have a tendency not to see signs of discomfort which women instead believe are pretty obvious.

She might have tried to “explain” to you there was a problem with her behavior, but you failed to understand it. She thinks it’s clear, he thinks she’s bitc*ing around.

Both are frustrated.

Sometimes she might have tried with words, but she starts the talk too strongly and men end up defensive, stonewalling, or escalating.
The result: arguments multiply and issues don’t get solved (example).

#3. Emotional Distance

You are distant, emotionally unavailable, or generally fail to care about her and the relationship (maybe you’re an avoidant and you’re in an anxious/avoidant relationship trap).

She still probably likes you and that’s why she “threatens to break up” instead of just doing it.
Deep down she hopes that threatening to end the relationship will make you realize that you should take care of her a bit more.

In these cases, the “break-up threat” is a communication failure from her side. The threat is actually a cry for help. It reads “care about me” or “show me you care”.
That was exactly the example we saw earlier from The Notebook.

Bad listeners and emotional distance are the situations where the Cool Detective approach helps you the most.
It will help you unearth what’s going on, what’s missing, and what you can do to get back on a positive track.

#4. You’re Being A Dick (Or Acting Low-Value)

Plain and simple.

Of course, there are a hundred different ways a guy can be a dick, including over-the-top jealousy, abusive behavior, or acting too low power and losing all attraction.

Says evolutionary psychologist David Buss:

The final tactic, called resisting control, involves expressing anger at the partner for being too controlling, fighting with the partner to preserve independence and freedom of socializing, and threatening to break up with a partner who is too smothering.

As for the solution to starting to act like a more confident, higher-power man, you know that already: stay on this website or, better yet, go through Power University.

How to Stop Breakup Threats

This is only going to be relevant if you decided to stay in the relationship.

You should only if:

  1. Your girlfriend is not playing power games
  2. Holding the relationship hostage is not her modus operandi and if
  3. You can provide what’s lacking

If you want to keep the relationship, then you might even use the occasion to get better together.

Let’s start:

#1. The Mindset

Your mindset should be to only accept supportive relationships.

Bar violence, threatening to break up is the hallmark of the worst kind of combative relationships and it’s not to be accepted.

You do your part of having a supportive relationship, if your partner doesn’t, then your partner is at fault -and you may end it-.

#2. The Technical Side

The next step is to let her know just that.

After you let her vent and clarified, say something like this:

Look, I hear you, I understand how important it is for you and I’m very glad we clarified and can fix this issue.
Now there’s something else I need to add as well.
I can’t deny that when you came up with a threat, because that’s what you did, I was disappointed. Very disappointed.
As I often tell you, I see relationships as teams, and as a way of adding value to each other. I only want a relationship where we are a team and we both make each other better.
Think about it, have I ever threatened you, or do you think it’s likely I ever would?
The point is, in a great relationship there’s no space for threats. And I expect of you that the next time you’re unhappy you speak to me instead.
Do you understand what I mean?
Do you think you can do that?

It’s very powerful when people seek to raise your level of expectations. She will only admire you that much more after this.

Why You Must Stop Your Own Threats

Threats are generally a bad idea because:

  1. It’s low power to use your biggest leverage too soon because effective should first use high power, clear, and assertive communication
  2. The more you threaten without acting, the more power you lose
  3. It ruins the relationships for both, so not really a leader-like behavior, and especially not an enlightened leader

Of course, some exceptions apply.
But first off, you better learn the general rule first.
And second, you rarely want to threaten the breakup, and more calmly explain why you cannot accept certain behavior within your relationship -and, as well, you generally want to frame it in the positive, rather than with the threat-.

See Power University for more, and read this topic for the threats’ power dynamics.


A breakup threat is a serious offense, and if you are not doing anything wrong it’s acceptable only once.

Sometimes though it happens because she sees no other options with you and/or you are not meeting her basic needs.
How you answer her first threat will set the tone for the rest of your relationship.
And now you have the right tools to answer well.

In a nutshell:

  1. remain calm
  2. ask “why would you say that”
  3. let all the real issues come to the surface
  4. make your call: end it or address the root causes?
  5. If the latter, fix it and let her know from now on only open dialogue and win-win are accepted
  6. keep monitoring

And enjoy a much-improved relationship.


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  1. I’m currently enduring this as well with a man. It’s difficult when they see you as the sole issue (my circumstance) and it’s frustrating being self aware enough to know it’s not the case when the other party is unyielding and unwilling to communicate. I definitely am tired of packing, and repacking my things in between doing all I can to be ‘up to par’. I’m a shell of a person. He thinks leveling and giving in to mutual respect makes him less of a man.
    Though other times he’s not a jerk.
    I think it’s finally wearing on me enough to know I need to actually do something.
    Thankyou for this perspective.

  2. Thank you for the great advice. I’m a woman dealing with this and I know it was written from a man’s perspective but it helped me gain clarity and understanding.

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