David Tian Invincible: Review & Summary

invincincible by david tian reviewed on ipad

Invincible is a dating product for men by David Tian.
It consists of ad-hoc videos, recordings of live seminars, guided meditations, and a few examples from movies as well.

invincincible by david tian reviewed on ipad

What I liked

I liked a lot of things from David Tian’s Invincible program.
Some of them:

Focus on Fundamentals

I liked a lot that David Tian stresses the fundamental which goes well beyond dating. Basics such as:

  • Women won’t make you happy (but a life purpose will)
  • Whatever you feed your mind will shape you
  • You need a greater goal than getting women

Dispelling Some Seduction Myths

He says a few key tenets that seem to have been lost in much of the seduction circles:

  • Being friends is not the end of the seduction but can often be the beginning (true)
  • Getting introduced first is much better than cold approaches (true in many instances)

Value / Investment / Beliavability

David Tian explains that attraction is a mix of value, investment (compliance), and what he calls “beliavability” (whether she believes your sincerity).

What I found interesting though is that Tian says that your attraction level is given by the lowest level of any of the three.
I’m not convinced about that, to be honest, I think it doesn’t make sense that a billionaire who’s getting huge compliance will be thrown away just because he doesn’t seem too “beliavable”.
But I could maybe agree that the lowest level in each has a bigger weight than the simple average.

I also agree with him that most players stumble in the beliavability area and, while they think that being a player is always an advantage, that’s actually not the case for men who want to date high-quality women.

This is one of the reasons why pick-up artists like Todd Valentine get a lot of shit-tets: they seem fake.

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Body language

Again, the author stresses what matters most: the fundamentals.

I think David Tian has a good grasp of body language.
He says that when you enter a club you should not look around as that makes you look insecure.
Stop instead, then look around. But when you walk, don’t look around.

I don’t fully agree, you can walk around a little bit and if you’re a cool guy you should probably catch some eye contact from the gals. Smile a bit, then look straight again.
I often do it with great effects, and I’m not even attractive, I just carry myself well.

Overall great overview of body language, though.
Another two great tips:

  • Chin slightly up as you walk
  • Mirror her angle: if she angles away and you face her head it’s low value

Also, read:

Eye Contact

Blink as little as possible.
And then a great power move: the sticky eyes, something also Leil Lowndes talks about.
When you want to move eye contact away from someone, start moving your head first but keep your eyes on them for a second.
Then move your gaze away as well.

Conversation: Focus On Positives

Cut off the negative threads and expand the good ones.
If someone makes you a compliment don’t let them get away with something generic.
But ask instead “what did you like about it”, which will make them invest more in you.
Very good advice there.

Date Moving to Several Different Locations

I like the idea of picking a few date locations that progressively move toward your place. So it makes it easier to end up there.

Spend no more than an hour and a half on each place.
The more you move, change, and experience together, the more it will feel like you know each other for a long.

Great stuff there.

At Home

Keep the music and dim light on the way out so your place is ready for the pull.
Love the tip, will start implementing it.

Then tell them where’s the bathroom right away as you go in.

I prefer instead to go to the bathroom myself before we leave and let her go as well.
Because it can beak the atmosphere if she goes to the bathroom as soon as she’s in your house.
A few other great ideas:

  • Put on a foreign movie with beautiful landscapes
  • Know the movie so you know when to make your move
  • Don’t give her what she wants if she’s not giving you what you want. For example, if she wants to make out but not have sex, then don’t make out.
  • Create contrasts: be passionate and heated when making out but boring and factual in conversation.

Take care of your voice

But what I really, really liked most was David Tian’s introduction to speaking and voice tonality.
He introduces and the mellow way he can manage to speak is really fascinating.

Voice is important, check out my review of Roger Love.

What I Liked Less

Some things I like a bit less. For example:

1. Texting Advice

Tian proposes ping texts which are better than Kezia’s texts, but still, I don’t like the idea of the ping texts.

Read more on texts:

2. Exercises for Masculine Energy

Tian had a few exercises to build masculine energy which entailed listening to rap music and switching from calm to aggressive, for example by imagining an intruder at home.

They were not my cup of tea but could work well for you.

3. Longish

I had Invincible sometimes in the background just listening to the audio and other times to fill some gaps.
And it took me a long time to finish.
In my opinion, some fat could have been cut out and made a bit leaner and meaner.

4. Overlap With Other Sources

Tian says one of his mentors was Sebastian, which was also Chase Amante’s mentor (read here: How to Make Girls Chase).

So there’s some overlap with the value and investment part. But that’s fine: valid content which correctly describes reality will always overlap when we’re talking about the same topics.

Where I found the overlap a bit too strong is with Tony Robbins and programs such as Personal Power II and Robert Greene’s The Art of Seduction.
Tian is very open about the overlap with Robbins but I haven’t heard about Greene.
That was a bit befuddling for me since it was a sizable portion of the course.
“The Art of Seduction” is an awesome book though, so it won’t hurt you to listen to that part.

Dating Skills Review Controversy

I was taking a look at other reviews of David Tian.

And stumbled upon this comment on Reddit:

reddit user says dating skills review forges reviews

Well, I had to test it out.
So I left an overall positive review for “Invincible“, and also mentioned what I liked less.
Indeed, the review was never published in Dating Skills Review.

Also, read:

Real-Life Applications

Train, don’t learn
You need to apply what you learn or you will forget and you’re only wasting time. Learning is the first step, it gets you to the staircase. Then you need to start walking.
Consuming the content is useless. Training the content is what makes the difference.
True that.

Wear glasses if…
… you have big cheekbones. When there’s space between your glasses and your face, it doesn’t look good.
I thought this was a smell detail but really genius. I had never thought about it that way and it’s very true. Indeed Tian has a good sense of style.


So, what’s the final verdict?


I liked Invincible and my review of David Tian as a trainer would be equally positive.

He markets his academic credentials and Ph.D. a bit too aggressively, also considering it’s in Asian languages and culture, not in any people or psychology-related field.

Yet, Tian shows a good understanding of psychology and of dating and Dating Power Dynamics.

I particularly liked he addresses most of the basics.

I would have personally liked Invincible to be a bit shorter and give proper credit to Robert Greene, but that might be just me.
Overall, thumbs up.

After having gone through more courses and resources, and after having researched a bit more, I downgraded the product.

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  1. Thanks for the detailed review. Overall do you recommend it? I am sure the program is nice, but do you really think, it worths 297$ ? Tbh, I find it a little expensive.

    1. Hey MM, that’s a tough question for me to tell you “yes or no” since, as you say, the investment is substantial.
      I liked the course, and I would have liked it even more if stripped down of all the Art of Seduction material and Tony Robbins stuff. A bit shorter, with maybe more examples. But still, the content is good.

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